[Story] Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)

Title: Trapped by the Mafia (COMPLETED)
Author: Domi Sotto
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Action
Tags: dark love, mafia, obsession, adventure, dark, danger, crime, contemporary, dungeon, escape, hot, humor, italian, love, lust, Rich, thriller (excluded a non tag)
Main Lead: Female
Status: Complete
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 3 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 14
Number of Chapters: 82
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: August 4, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 26, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Tapas
Number of Views: 20.1K
Number of Reviews: N/A
I am shocked into silence. A stranger’s kiss shouldn’t feel like this, floating me away from reality, all ills that plague me instantly forgotten. Nothing matters but the scratching of his growing beard and chapped lips, then the deeper invasion of my own parched mouth. Beyond the ground zero of lips meeting lips, all the dormant, shriveled things in my body burst into spring bloom.
When Bryn Williams is coerced into a screaming-orange Lamborghini, and driven across LA at a breakneck speed by Matteo “the Trigger” Scali, she is forced to take a closer look at her life.
It all happened so fast. 
One moment she was totally slacking at her florist job, daydreaming of becoming an urban exploring social media star, and messing up an order. And in the next, a dangerously rich, cynical and handsome hitman of the Tangorello Crime Family is ‘fixing’ things. Usually when someone screws up a big money account, they just get fired—but not Bryn. 
Bryn can only dream about being fired as a result!
Heck, she’d take Matteo’s crazy driving and shots fired over being locked in a decrepit CIA secret facility with him. The site is stuck in the grim times when sex, torture and psychedelics were used on the unwitting victims to discover the way to control human mind. In short, the place any urban explorer should be willing to sell their soul to discover.
The catch is that to live the dream, Bryn and Matteo have to live first. And, maybe, learn to love.



Story Post Last Updated: November 28, 2020


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