[Story] Daughter of Fire

Title: Daughter of Fire
Author: Suri Sabri
Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure (Romance/Erotica, speculative additional genre)
Audience: R-18
Main Lead: Female
Status: Complete, with likely sequel
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 40
Chapter Length: Long
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release:(unknown)
Date of Last Update: August, 2020 (estimation based on comments)
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Inkitt
Number of Views: N/A
Number of Reviews: 187
A girl whose powers are drawn from legends must play a role in an upcoming war that links her to a dark King who she deeply loathes. After all, fire burns brighter in the darkness. Lydia Voltaire only longed for one thing; to complete her training and become the ancient, powerful wizard she was born to be. But there is only one problem…well, two problems actually. First, no matter how hard her guardian, Lucius Voltaire, trains her; she still remains weak. And the second, there’s the little matter of being destined to the King of Imarnia. Lydia understood nothing of it. All she knew, is that when she turns eighteen she is to be delivered to King Gabriel. And all the while she must remain a virgin until he comes and claims her. Both Lydia and the King detest their written fate and wish to be ridden of it, but the will of the Gods is final. With the looming threat of a war and a prophecy that links Lydia to it, she isn’t sure of what she’s getting herself into. Old enemies are rising, allies are being made, new powers are being discovered, and Lydia finds herself being in the center of it all. The only way she can ensure the end of the war is to trust the King she deeply loathes, but will it be too little too late?


Tifa: The plot is so intriguing that it was terribly difficult to put it down. I do think everyone was too hard on the King, expecting him to be perfect from the beginning but I loved his character and the development he had.

Amanda Lynch: I do like the world building, but some things seem a little rushed and unpolished. Too much is forced, but the characters are mostly believable, and fairly well rounded.

Ciara: I really liked this book. The plot, storyline, and suspense were all great. There is a lot of unnecessary detail, but its worth the read. Im excited for the sequel

Rachel: This is a very excellent plot. The writer could use some more proof reading to perhaps fix some grammatical errors, but the plot had me sucked in from the beginning.

Kelly Maxwell: I loved the characters, the way how these two had such hatred and dislike towards each other but the fact that they not only fell in love with each other but they genuinely like and respected each other

kani: This story is written in the style of the best published fantasy writers. I was captivated by it since the first chapter. The characters are lively and written well. The plot was never dull and it always advanced. The slow burn was also nice to read. The story also made me very emotional which I love to experience because it just shows how amazing the story is. Overall well done and highly recommended.

gabriellemorrid53: I loved the emotions that were conveyed. I love the entire plot. To me it wasn’t like any typical book that was completed in one go. It made me want to know more of its contents. I loved the fact that although the characters had purpose, there were obstacles for them to reach it(although their purpose hasn’t yet been fulfilled). I would recommend this book to those who love the supernatural. I chose those because the book deserved it.

Tahmeen TamAnna: A perfect balance of romance, sexual intersections, fantasy, comedy, strong female lead. It wasn’t cringy, over dramatic or illogical (although it’s a fantasy so as logical as fantasys can get) & a book you must finish once you start reading it. The one thing I wanted though was more of the point of view of the male lead & his emotional evaluations. Hopefully we’ll find it in the sequel. Can’t wait for the next one…

SereneStoryteller: Overall, this was a fantastic book to read. The characters were likeable, and the plot was solid and unique. There are some minor technical answers sprinkled throughout, but there are no major issues. Strong and somewhat chaotic main characters are my favorite, so I’m a bit biased towards liking Lydia. Nonetheless, if you like heavy fantasy, magic, a variety of character personalities, and romance with a dash of humor and drama, you’ll like this novel.

Reading_Addict: I loved the characters of this book – most of them are dynamic and full of flaws. Lydia goes from being a bit naïve to a person who is more in touch with herself. Gabriel recognizes his faults and takes responsibility for them. Even her grandpa starts to come around. Then you have characters like Lux, Lis, and Aero that you can’t help but love. Great plot and interesting story line with new concepts – I haven’t read a fantasy story like this one before.

Story Post Last Updated: November 24, 2020


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