[Story] Return of the Tower Conqueror

Title: Return of the Tower Conqueror
Author: theReamedOne
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama
Tags: Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Dungeon, High Fantasy, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Reincarnation, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Audience:(contains Gore, Profanity, Sexual Content)
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 79
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: August 21, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 11, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Royal Road
Number of Views: 532K
Number of Reviews: 49
August 8th, 2026 — the day seven mysterious Towers appeared around the Earth, changing the life on it forever. Cain had already lived through it once, experienced the irreversible changes that the world underwent seemingly overnight. Now, for him it is twenty-five years later, while for others it is still three months before the Towers are to appear. Having stolen the Timecube and used it to reverse back the timeline, Cain is now back before it all began — with the sole difference of already knowing what will happen.
Nobody had managed to discover the mystery behind the Towers even twenty-five years after their appearance, but with the fresh start and advantage, Cain plans to unearth the story behind them, and whoever, or whatever, put them on Earth.


Stylemys: The story had potential at the start, but it rapidly petered out for me. While there are certainly some aspects of the story I enjoy, they’re utterly dwarfed by the glaring flaws. Every single person in the story seems like a caricature. The dialogue feels exactly the same no matter who is talking to who. Probably the worst part is the new billionaire best friend inexplicably enters the timeline who repeatedly and absurdly acts as Dues Ex Machina personified. The constant “banter” with everyone gets old really fast too.

Pip the Penguin: Oftentimes in second chance stories like this one the main character is some hardened badass out to conquer all that stands before them, carving their name in history with fire and blood. Not so this time. This book tells the story of the returner Cain, someone who went back in time on purpose; and not just to become stronger or something like that. Instead he came back to support his daughter and ex-wife. While this fiction has the classic OP bells and whistles so common to the genre it excells where I feel so many others in its place have failed, human interaction. His daughter is cute, and doesn’t just exist for the sole purpose of motivating a revenge plot, and the rest of the cast also have very human interactions with both the power given to them by the tower and the dangers within. All in all I’d say it’s a very good take on the second chance genre and highly reccomend giving it a shot.

Dicordum: So after reading all currently available chapters (51 chapters) ive come to realize a few things, first off, the author never stops talking about how weak the MC is, not only that, he gives the MC opportunity after opportunity to get stronger then just doesnt go through with it, the author also doesnt respond the the comments in his chapters that give constructive criticism and grammar corrections, he ignores the readers advice and continues to push the MC towards being a side character, so in conclusion, if you like MCs who are completely passive and don’t do anything, never getting any better, and have a weak mindset, this is the story for you, however if your a normal person who enjoys when the MC acts like an actual main character then you need to leave because you will under no circumstances get that with this god awful excuse of a book

ParadoxicallyInsane: The concept of getting a redo has been done but this one is interesting because the protagonist isn’t the traditional gung-ho i’m going to save the world type of person.  This made it an interesting twist to see a normal, (in this case despicable) guy try to better his own life.  However, I can’t stand the protagonist.  He has the chance to come back three months before it hits the fan and he does nothing except go into debt, sleep with a random girl in a bar, drink and smoke.  The only thing he does is move to a different city and wait.  The day comes where it all goes south and guess what, he is still just as out of shape and pathetic as he was three months prior. The fact that he just so happens to run into a billionaire who can solve all his problems is the only reason he has any success.  
In summary, I enjoyed the premise, I enjoyed the concept of the towers, I enjoyed the realism that the protagonist doesn’t have perfect recall for everything that happened in the past/future.  I just find the character completely unlikeable, his ONLY redeeming quality is his competance in magic use but it’s not enough to make up for everything else.

TooHardToRead: First: unusual but worth a read.
The story is about the usual reincarnated stuff. Like he has memories but still has his old body and now changes the things turn.
Here we are not really sure what the end goal is but probably survival and completely climbing said tower.
Unclear is how he changed himself. He has 3 months as a preparation time. But does exactly nothing. Other than a chance encounter which leads to solving quite a few problems further down the road.
The system would need a bit of work. And the mentioned ‘ shop’ didn’t have an entrance yet.
The story is filled with plotholes and forgotten prizes , Characters vanish faster than they turn up and the basic conversation theme is: the MC is a dump ass.
In retrospect I am really not sure why I kept reading – it has this flow to things that just keeps you in. 
But. This story really opened my eyes in terms of conversation. They feel natural and a bit staged. But more because of how good the flow is and not about how much information is given.

alcelaphinae: it is like reading kind of dungeon adventure. Dialogs are very good, enjoyable. But there is almost nothing except dialogs. There seems big mysteries like timedude, conquaring towers etc. but with the pace of the story, it will take time to unravel these things so my point is;
there is noting happening except dialogs and show-off item statuses.
where is world-building? Goverment movements against towers? Riots? we only see some of them in TV which characters sloppily describes ’cause MC cant wait to joke so as a reader i couldnt find myself in this novel’s world except in-tower scenes.
Another thing is there are pretty solid critics in comments but author seems dont give a shit.
For example there was a thing some thugs tried to attack mc’s ex-wife and other team member while we dont know offenser’s motivation, are they want to kill? or just rob them? or want to rape? we dont know which mc and his teammates dont know either but they are heal them, giving them items, being buddies and then farewell each other? what is this? picnic? it is describes as tower is dangerous, people are crazy with superpowers and then this tinkerbell sutiation happens and wanted to drop story at that chapter which very criticized in comments but author didnt give shit about it.

McWufflelpuff: TLDR: The story is well written, the main characters story gets you involved and the whole idea of the setting is interesting enough to make me wait for every chapter. BUT: The MCs inner “discussions” or “thoughts” are the fucking worst and kill every enjoyment of the scene with a rusty chainsaw. Just deleting this sentences would make this a better Story. Some Polishing on the characters and scrubbing the cliche of the characters with a steel brush would make it amazing!
I really like the MCs motivation and the way he achieved it. The story is a good and fluent read, the grammar is, as far as i can rate it as a non-native speaker, flawless. Whileas there are classic LitRPG elements its not one of a thousand storys telling the same over and over again.
The characters are… meh. Some Elements are funny, some are trash and the dialogues could be better. It feels like a mix of badly written hollywood characters and the crappy wuxia characters who make every logical brain bleed and cry out in anguish.
The overall quality of the story is worth the cringe, it made me laugh several times and i want to know how it keeps going. There are definitly better stories out there, but there are many, many worse stories and having the courage to write and publish a story should always be apreciated.

[omitted other reviews due to length and enough content shown above]

Story Post Last Updated: November 11, 2020


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