[Story] Fluff

Title: Fluff
Author: RavensDagger
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama
Tags: Sci-fi, Female Lead, LitRPG, School Life, Secret Identity, Slice of Life, Super Heroes, Villainous Lead
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 41
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: September 16, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 11, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Royal Road
Number of Views: 210K
Number of Reviews: 13
Every year, on the same day, people across the world awaken new powers. They take the first step on the path to becoming Super Heroes… or Villains.
Emily Wright wants nothing to do with any of that. All she wants is to get her degree and maybe learn to deal with her anxiety so that she can have an entire conversation with a stranger without panicking.
She did not plan to awaken with the power to summon little sisters, or to learn that she’s been marked as a Villain. Will she be able to turn things around, or will she drown in a sea of super villainy and cuddles?


Novenix: To those who haven’t read this. Read it.
I’ve tried to keep this spoiler-free, but I may miss a few things. Stay with me here.
To those who are slightly put off by the ‘bland protagonist’, please don’t fall for other people’s bs. The main character is by no means bland nor is she ignorant, she’s perfect for this story.
Imagine the opposite of Emily as the protagonist, the story wouldn’t work out, her personality and ‘blandness’ helps her fit in and considering her situation I’m really enjoying the sisters and life their giving Emily. This is a story, it has developments.
Emily will not be the same in the end as she is in the beginning and all those saying ‘bland character’ or ‘she doesn’t influence or react to the world’… have you not been reading whats happening?Spoiler
Perhaps that’s what missing so far, the reactions are too small or everyone isn’t sitting back with their mouths wide open. But honestly, I’d be happy if the story didn’t have everyone instantly know who Emily is.
So all in all read it. It’s a breath of fresh air the author is so well-known for.
5/5 Stars.

Kap: Okay so others have said it and I don’t disagree. The MC could use work. An anxious freaking out MC is great when the series is constant action. Slice of life makes it a little whiny and annoying. That said its EARLY days and barley been a week in story. I’m currently giving MC benefit of doubt in hope of character growth as story progresses. 
that said. side characters. Teddy is an adorably innocent little sister. All she wants out of life is to sleep, eat, and help the MC become a great villain. Although I do think Communist Bear jokes will get old VERY quickly. The other characters feel like they have their own personalities and aren’t just a series of tropes. I would give MC two stars and Side characters four.
I really like the world concept. I am a bit of a sucker for game like story and this idea for super hero style is new. I’d love to see what ends up done with it. Only issue I have so far with the world is how little we’ve seen of it. MC wants nothing to do with what’s been built so there’s likely going to be a lot forced situations in the future.
all in all. The story itself has room to grow and some potential I hope to see realized.

Inslayer: A great start, but hopefully the main character can improve enough to fit the great flow of the novel.
Consider everything other than character score 5 stars.
“Our” MC want’s a quiet life, though a wrong choice and underutilizing her superpower leads her into becoming more villain like than a hero.
At first it was justified, being carefull, by ignoring it ever happened, hoping that everything will go as she thinks, which is realistic, but grew boring quickly at the same time.
She doesn’t influence the world, she doesn’t even react to it, when events happen, her reaction is ignore it till it’s too late.
Evident by the fact half her problems are caused by her minion’s missunderstandings and the other half by her ignorance.
Side characters have more personality than her. They do stuff and influence the world around them, they interact with other people on their own.
Sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they are funny.
Meanwhile everything MC has done was out of necessity.
Even in the job she took, there were work stuff there, but our MC doesn’t even talk to anyone, doesn’t interact, or form opinions, she just grinds her quest, the stuff which had 1 line, are now forgotten, even though so many interesting interactions could have happened. 
Anyways she later bumps into another side character and it’s where we see a hint of MC being interesting, she showed anger, she choose to be intimidating, even when being in an open space, she took the risk, ordered Teddy to transform, a missunderstanding occured and it ended up with MC having another minion. It was a hint of character development. She took a risk on her own.
It doesn’t help that we see the world more from the lens of Teddy, than MC.
Or the fact that MC lives in denial. She is slowly improving her character, but for now she’s not saying much (Both metaphorically and literally).
Edit: Just cause she’s a lil ball of anxiety, doesn’t mean you will always have to be in denial.

LimitNacho: In Short:
A strong start to a young woman’s journey of self-discovery as she goes to college and gains superpowers. There is visible character development, even in the early chapters, and interesting side characters that help the protagonist come out of her shell in unexpected ways. Even though this story is still pretty new, it has both signs of greatness and RavensDagger’s reputation to back it up. Give it a shot!
In Long:
So far, the mood has been bouncing between lighthearted and stressful. This seems to mirror the emotions of the protagonist, Emily. The mood thankfully doesn’t influence the flow of the story too much, and there is only minimal amouts of sitting and sulking as Emily is pulled into motion by the world around her. I wouldn’t agree that the story is all about “cute girls doing cute things,” but the cute moments stand out enough that they are actually cute and don’t drag on.
This story so far revolves around Emily and her character development as she goes into the world and out of her comfort zone. This journey of self-reflection is clearly well thought out and is executed logically.
It is unclear where the story will go after she embraces her situation fully, but this is a new story, so that is expected.
Clear and concise, while still maintaining emotion.
Even in these first few chapters, there is visible character development in how Emily deals with social situations, especially under stress. Through her interactions with both other characters and with herself, she displays a depth usually unexpected from protagonists with shy, anxious demeanors.
The side characters are written so that they have clear effects on Emily’s mentality, and that shows through her thoughts in ways that even surprise Emily herself.
This is shaping up to be a great story even in its early chapters. Emily’s character development is central to the mood and the story, and is executed well enough that it holds up. Give it a shot!

todd: Another RavensDagger story was all it took to get me started and I have to say this, like the others, is well worth it. The base of the story is an extremely anxious young girl who’s just stepping off into the frighteningly independent world of college, finds that step to be a great deal larger when she wakes up as a villain. Straightforward base, but when she had given up on even dreams of hero-hood due to crippling social anxiety, it sets the ground for a more interesting dynamic than just “mislabeled hero”. Her summoned little sister wants to help, in her own naive and morally unfettered way, while the MC (Emily) wants nothing more than to try and work her way towards a positive moral alignment. It makes for a great pair with more than a few entertaining misunderstandings.
Style: Very well written. It doesn’t have the same snarky punch as Stray Cat Strut or the bubbling cheer of Cinnamon Bun, but the story flows well and manages to make the anxious speech and mannerisms of the MC go down smoothly. Overall, the way it’s written creates a sense of the world largely overlooking Emily, which is a perfect start for the easily panicked heroi… Villain.
Story: Another great light litrpg, set in a normal modern-day world where the only divergence is that September 15th each year awakens a certain number of Masks as the system assigns a morality that it believes the individual would be the happiest living within. Masks can choose to live anonymously or to keep the little status title active over their head and live in the open. While it’s written as a comedy, the underpinnings of the world are similar in a sense to stories like Worm, without all the blood and horror splashing around. Emily didn’t want to be a hero, but being forced to choose, she’d much rather be a hero than a villain. It sets up endearing misunderstandings, as her own anxious nerves are interpreted as suppressed anger during interrogations. As the story progresses, it becomes somewhat clear that setting her as a villain was done in order to make Emily engage with the world and overcome her fears, as remaining within her shell would require accepting her state as a villain. In short, the story is funny and bears a heartwarming thread of opening up to the world with nothing more than a friend at her side.
Grammar: Not much to say here, since it’s by and large perfect. No problems that I saw.
Characters: The heart of every RavensDagger story, the characters are stellar. Emily starts off as an exceptionally shy introvert, terrified of standard social interaction with everyone except her parents and afraid of what others might think. It fits that her power summons a completely non-judgemental little sister, Teddy, who serves as a buffer and backup between Emily and the world at large. It’s worth noting that the character development is quite a bit more subtle than the rest of Raven’s stories. In 23 chapters, Emily goes from being terrified of a dorm meet-and-greet, to building herself up in order to meet with other masks, finding local work, and confronting (with fear) other criminals. It’s a slow burn, but bit by bit she’s stepping outside of her shell. Teddy on the other hand is a completely unflappable companion, who’s interests fall exclusively under the umbrellas of food, sleep, and supporting Emily. Entertainingly, her first “mugging” was of a Communist Manifesto that she’s been consistently reading, which the MC has failed to pick up on. The rest of the characters are equally solid, if not as consistently present, and present a real sense of individuals just living their lives.
Overall, this makes for another great tale out of the mind and fingers of RavensDagger, one that has a much greater foundation in the coming-of-age idea than the others. It’s funny, full of heart, and opens with a lot of room for the protagonist to grow into. Anxious main characters are much harder to pull off than bold, but when done well, the satisfaction in seeing them grow into themselves makes it well worth the time invested. I look forward to seeing where the author takes us and easily recommend it for an unconventional superhero read.

[omitted other reviews due to length and enough content shown above]

Story Post Last Updated: November 11, 2020


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