[Story] Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Title: Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two
Author: treebark
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, GameLit, LitRPG, Male Lead, Portal Fantasy, Isekai
Audience:(contains Gore, Profanity)
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 46
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: August 12, 2020
Date of Last Update: November 10, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Royal Road
Number of Views: 334K
Number of Reviews: 28
Milo, 30, has everything going for him—with the exception of a paying job, girlfriend, or anything resembling an active social life.  None of that is about to change, but he will be transported—copied?—to another dimension where the rules are pretty different, so that’s…something. 
Join Milo as he bids farewell to his sister’s spare bedroom and says hello to the magical world of Altabar, where he’ll encounter scary monsters with lame names, meet new friends, and learn where not to pee. 


Half Life: In Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two the author references the classic comedy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy several times. Whether intentional or unintentional, I think Hitchhiker’s Guide is a good comparison for the style of writing here. The humor found here is largely in the way the situations twist in unexpectedly absurd and often surprisingly mundane ways. While it is most definitely funny, the type of humor may not work for all audiences.
The writing style is streamlined and straightforward with very little waste. Written utilizing a clear storytelling style that is highly accessible and easy to read. Grammar is also sound, with only a few minor errors I noticed.
It is worth emphasizing that this is a LitRPG. For the vast majority of the story so far, the main character is utterly alone. There is also almost no world-building, beyond the vaguest of hints. The result is a heavy focus on Milo (the main character) exploring the “game” system. And, while I found Milo to be a reasonably interesting character, the star of the show here is the clever uses of the atypical (and snarky) system.
Going forward, I hope to see more characters and/or world-building introduced.

Ziggy: The title and description of this story had me reluctant to give it a shot. Seemed to give a vibe similar to other stories on this site that are.. less than stellar. But I gave it a go and it’s a pleasant surprise.
The MC is doing something I particularly enjoy in a litrpg/isekai story and actively questioning the system and what’s going on. Trying things and seeing what works, doing the best he can in a crappy situation. The MC isn’t suddenly crazy powerful and godlike and has to actually struggle, and the “system” in place seems mostly logical and engaging which is always important to litrpg.
There have been one or two minor hiccups. MC reacted to some mind-shattering pain in the first few chapters a little too level-headed, and the last two chaps have been an alternate POV without there seeming to be much need for it with the content we’re shown. But the MC seems to react much more naturally to pain in subsequent chapters, and I’m sure the alternate POV lacking much justification is just the growing pains of an author learning to write them well; given we had one POV chapter that was pretty well done earlier on.
I’m fairly picky and I’m enjoying the story thus far. I’d say give it 12 chapters and you’ll know if you dig it or not.

preadandedit: I enjoyed reading this at first because I thought the MC was really relatable and the scenarios that he found himself in were interesting. I mean, losing a hand immediately and then having to survive with the stuff from five feet around you is pretty interesting. 
The characters, as few as there are, are also pretty interesting. Backlebutt is an… interesting name, and I can’t wait for more to pop up. 
The dungeon itself is pretty interesting, seems to have a lot of cultural taboo and significance. I think it’s the make or break part of the story because it will define so much of the characters actions and the world building of the story itself. If you’re reading this author, a little light on when they can get out of the Depths or some of Backlebutt’s culture would go a long way to fleshing out the story and propping it up for the long haul.
That was all well and good, but the extra special flavor in this story is the Munchkinry, capitol M because there’s a difference. My favorite part of D&D and other magic systems is when you can twist the rules into a more awesome outcome, and this author definitely gets it. I came for the survival and stayed for the mischief. Welcome to Munchkinland.

hawlol: “Shut up, brain!” is a phrase the MC tells himself that summarizes the writing pattern in this novel.
The story is standard isekai, but more mature, with a LitRPG system, monsters and dungeons.
The writing style is what turned me down. Mostly the abuse of internal monologues by the MC. They are too constant, too big, and useless to the story. It draws the pacing to a crawl and takes lot of the enjoyment away.
Reading a full chapter of why a skill is better than the other and how it works, the MC grinding and testing each parameter of the skill in a long winded manner is tiresome and takes us away from the tension of the plot. Seeing the previously weak MC suddenly use said skill and a quick summary of why it works would have a far better effect with a surprise and not costing so much.
I can honestly say I read about 50% of most chapters, just by skipping the internal monologues and system pondering, while not losing any meaningful information.
If I waited for 3 days only to read a full chapter of instrospection, I’d have dropped out sooner.
Now, I can’t even score story and characters properly because there wasn’t enough of it to evaluate, even 30+ chapters in. Worldbuilding? There’s none. Only a forest, a dungeon, and a native dweler in said dungeon that can’t communicate with the MC.
Character motivations? goals? only staying alive so far, because barely anything has happened.
The character instrospections weren’t useful for anything other than system talks or to justify why he knows how to do x or y, or to tell the character’s emotions instead of showing them. In short, all things the author should stay away from.
So, If you decide to go in, I’d advise whenever the MC starts talking to himself, skip the whole thing. The story becomes shorter, but better for it.

Has the potential to be another great fic on royalroad.
The writing is great and the story somehow feels new and refreshing despite a familiar and easily accessible litRPG setting and premise. Grammar is great and there aren’t the clunky sentences and misspelled words that stop you from immersing yourself in some other fictions.
Characters and litRPG:
The characters are enjoyable to read and the author uses shifts in POV well to keep events exciting and give the classic incredulous external perspective on the MC. The MC is not overly munchkin-y but still makes smart decisions and carefully thinks about his progression, and the litRPG elements are notably present but don’t dominate the story.
It’s still early days but the shape of the story is already present and I’m eager to read more and find out what will happen. MC transmigrates to a litRPG fantasy world and falls into an instanced dungeon with a fantasy native, and now has to proceed through it. Classic problems around communication and not understanding each other are interesting and enjoyable, but are resolved before they reach tedium. 
The title and blurb didn’t make this seem like it would be as amazing as it is, but within a few chapters you will be hooked, trust me. Just try it out!
Overall, LOVE IT!

[omitted other reviews due to length and enough content shown above]

Story Post Last Updated: November 11, 2020


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