[Story] Mask of the Villainess Queen

Title: Mask of the Villainess Queen
Author: maiddict
Genre(s): Sci-Fi Romance
Tags: Revenge, Modern, Action, First Love, Strong Female Lead, tsundere, Face Slap, Light Comedy, Doting Husband Club
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB 1   ||   TQ 2   SV 1 || Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 32
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: October 4, 2020
Date of Last Update: October 23, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 127K
Number of Reviews: 39
The successor of a high-tech military equipment business tycoon wanted to be an actress?! 
Velina, the granddaughter of a conglomerate in Jet City. That woman traveled the world to study martial arts only to be the successor of her grandfather’s company! 
But one day she stirred up her family when she said… 
“Eyang, I want to be an actress!” 
Velina then became an actress known as ‘Nana’. 
Nobody knew her true identity as a rich girl, but…
Who was this man who wanted to be her sponsor? 
Daniel was an introverted man with a terminal-stage of being a ‘tsundere’.
A childhood friend who had been gone a long time ago…
One day, he wanted to make Velina as the exclusive new icon of his giant companies, the Garibaldi Conglomerate.
Sounded fun, huh? Not really… 
Velina was famous as a good-for-nothing, useless heiress who could only have fun?!!
Rumor had it that this girl played the hearts of boys… because she had lots of handsome, well-established men right at the grasp of her fingertip! 
Eh, Velina was accused of trying to kill the president??
“If I’m the sponsor, it’s called love!” – Daniel, A High-level Tsundere.  
Could Daniel win Velina’s heart?
What trials would hit Velina’s career as an actress? 
Could she survive? 
Read-only… what’s the title again?


rebelabelle: Coming here to support the author!!! 
I’ve read the Indonesian version and i like it so much!!! 
I like Velina’s character, who always bite people a few folds more if they dare to touch her, hahaha!!! 
Daniel is also a super sweet guy even tho he sometimes speak as he wants. 
good luck in global!

Story Post Last Updated: October 24, 2020


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