[Story] Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time

Title: Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time
Author: jikanyotomare (formerly climbersitsme)
Genre(s): Historical Romance
Tags: Revenge, fantasy, Martial Arts, War and Military, Time Travel, Kingdom Building, Scheme and Conspiracy
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Complete
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1 CDD 1 SWB 1 || TQ 2 SV 1 || Overall: 6
Number of Chapters: 549
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: December 26, 2018
Date of Last Update: July 31, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 2M
Number of Reviews: 176
Late At Night-
“Cancel your engagement with my stepsister and marry me” Senja said brazenly.
Xiao Tianyou looked at the little girl in front of him with amusement, “But, why should I marry you?”
Senja tilted her head to one side and smirked coquettishly, “Because I am smart and beautiful. Moreover, I know how to find Gong Xu”
“Why do you think I care about this Gong Xu guy?” He asked with a cold voice.
“Of course, you care! He was the one who killed your wife.”
Xiao Tianyou glared at her with menacing eyes. His thin lips shut tight before he spoke in a low and hoarse voice. “Are you threatening me?!”
“I wouldn’t dare!” She feigned fear and continued, “Let’s call this ‘relationship with benefit’.”

She was a cunning and haughty professional thief from modern era. Together with her three brothers, she stole whatever ‘requested’. However, Senja was sent back to ancient time by an elderly woman to find someone named Yun. Only by finding him could she come back to her era.
Once she arrived there, people from the kingdom’s army claiming that she was a daughter of a formidable clan of spies who had been kidnapped for a year.
How could that be??
She was sure that she hadn’t occupied someone else’s body, so how could she have become a brilliant divine girl with virtuous conduct and noble demeanor, who had also saved the country?
Resolve this by feigning amnesia then… hee-hee…
So, she can fake a memory loss, but can she keep up to HER reputation?! Especially since their personalities are poles apart!
Then there’s the overprotective grandfather of hers who has forbidden her from stepping out of the manor lest she be kidnapped again!
Grr..………How can she start looking for this Yun guy if she can’t go outside?
There’s just one way!
Marry the military commander a.k.a, the Second Prince, Xiao Tianyou.
Argh!!!…….. he is the fiancé of her vicious stepsister!!
A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Everything is going against me!


2loveu: If you don’t want to read a spoiled, glutton and a good-for-nothing female protagonist skip this one and find another. You’ll be dissapointed if you do

July9: Very good story, I really enjoyed reading it. I like the plot and characters especially bickering and jokes. :)I would appreciate a little bit more romance but that is only my selfish wish, otherwise the story is perfect

Leonix17: Wow this is really a good story. It’s different from other reincarnation stories. This is the first I have read which have past and future both person alive. It is really interesting. With lots of mysteries and drama.

Ram111: I really like this novel. Story progresses quite nicely and FL is hilarious. ML too is really my type. However the grammar does bother me sometimes. It will be one of the best novels if author could correct that.

MissJeba: i love this book because the FL does not reincarnation to return to old times. There are two persons have similar face and different hair colour. I love ML because he doting FL so much. They way he love her make me feel bufferfly in my stomach

chrisyap98: Dear author, I really love your story. Please keep it up. The story is refreshing and the character is really good. Especially the background of the story, it’s really good. Not some annoying CEO or some super spoilt female lead. The really loves the development of this story. 😘

anesu_mautsa: By far the best thing i have read on this app. Story plot ws so captivating tht its so easy to overlook th grammar mistakes. All characters had life.. They were not just background characters and the way the author managed to tie it all up together is simply amazing. Thank u for gracing my eyes w this beautiful story

Tonukurio: This is a really good story if you can ignore the poor English. Once you get used to the style of English (at least the author is consistent in her grammatical mistakes, etc), it takes on a voice and style of its own. I wish someone would volunteer to help her edit and rewrite everything for better reading comfort. I would volunteer, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time at the moment.

deepikajeeva: A fresh, one of a kind book that shouldnt be missed. A strong bond of brotherhood, undying love that is ready to cross ANY borders, one sided love without resenting, tragedy, comedy, friendship and etc.. This book has everything which can certainly make you love every characters in it. It made me laugh.. made me cry my tears out !! Actually ive read it thrice (and ive no intention of stopping).. Ive never wrote a book review before..this one made me do it 😁
So my fellow readers just add it.. Its worth it..

AmberOfLightW: A very interesting story the FL is great she not perfect and not afraid to speak her thought towards the ML. It amazing that she expert in fighting but make the effort to figure out how to survive when she put herself in a bad situation.😊😊😊

This story is interesting hope to find out hidden secrets so also wonder will her brothers play a part in the story. A
So the FL she good at what does but she has a lot of flaws which is great because she not a super women. I do hope become deceiving her enemies. As for the male lead his development is fine ther will more about him as well as little son. I like the grandfather he is overall protective.

TheaWin: I really love the story plot. It doesn’t have the usual cliches plot that I have really gotten tired of reading. Everything in this book is really more than good except one, the female lead character. It is more of my preference in which I find her whiny and spoiled attitude so hateful. Just feel like sometime her actions cause the situations to worsen. I’m not a writer so I don’t know if all female leads are supposed to be loved. And I just cannot like that female lead character. So, it’s a 4 star for me in regard to the character design. Also, it would be really nice to put a heads-up in the sypnosis that the “Story of Dusk” kind come before this book. Now, after reading this first, I’m finding it very reluctant to read the Story of Dusk now. Anyway, good job, Author Jikanyotomare!

Maia777: This is a great story! I love transmigration, rebirth and time travel stories that have strong FL’s. This is a time travel story. The FL has special “powers”, but they are more realistic then some other insane cheats that you read in other novels.
Writers truly have an amazing gift. To have such a great imagination and then to be able to share their story with us…we are so lucky. It’s funny how you can have so many different opinions…someone didn’t like the fact the ML already had a child…someone else thought the FL was whiny…others might go crazy due to grammatical errors. I just love how the FL is so funny and witty. The grammar doesn’t bother me because it’s such a good story and I appreciate the effort the author has put in to writing it. Best of all, the novel is complete and we don’t have to wait for updates!!!

kojimamiharu: This might be a bit long 🤓
The FL is not someone you meet in other webnovels. She has realistic character and cute straightforward demeanor you’ll see in today’s society, and this is considered a unique mixture between ancient chinese background (i suppose) and millenials story. I can’t help laughing about Senja’s action and also Tianyao’s (i hope i wrote in right) reaction.
• You’ll find the novel is easy to read despite of minor grammar error (it does’nt bother me at all though)
• The scenes are flowing, the way author describes everything really turns me on to read more and more and more. I can easily imagine what kind of scene is happening in every chapter which is kind of rare to find in this webnovel universe.
• Although some details is not quite fit, the way author let the story goes is worthy to be appraised, he/she’s able to draw our intention to the book. It’s a nice talent i think
• I haven’t finished reading this book, since I’m such a low-budget student, so everything I can do is just log in everyday, and (force my self to) satisfy my daily supply of Senja and Tianyao little by little. But i can assure you, the SS price is totally reasonable. Approximately around 3-6SS per chapter, and you won’t be dissapointed in each purchases.
• Finally to conclude this review; YOU WILL LOVE IT! It’s been a while since I lost my interest in reading webnovel’s ebook after Ning Xi’s and duo buns ended, but this novel DEFINITELY draws my attention and amazement. Can’t wait to finish it!
That’s all from me, giving you a hug from Indonesia, thor ❤ Hope I can read your other masterpieces ❤❤❤

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 96. 
We have some kind of black ops female who’s transported to another world, or possibly our own history. It’s quite unclear which. After transport she gains the ability to forcefully hypnotize people. 
The setting she arrives in is an ancient military force with a rather unclear empire attached to it, and I mean in in that order. 
The initial setting is a beseiged fortress which is on the verge of being overrun while the main character is worried about having her timely bath and a decent meal. In the end it does get overrun. 
Worry not, the cavalry arrives like in some old B-western movie and the fortress is saved. 
For absolutely no reaon at all the entire cast is relocated to some diffuse elsewhere since a fortress worth attacking apparently isn’t worth manning after a succesful defence. 
The second arc of the story is an endless infodump delivered in the form of dialogue while the reader slowly is fed hints that this might also be a reverse harem. 
The last twenty chapters published this far revolves around some assassination attempt which devolves into a prison break. 
Did I mention that this story is labelled as romance? 
Now for the stars. 
Writing: Two stars. The English used is subpar to the degree that it acts as an efficient wall preventing the reader from accessing the story. Tenses are all over the place, and while there seems to be a point of view I honestly can’t guess which. Third person anyway. Words are ususally spelled correctly, which would have been fine if they were actually the words that were supposed to go into that slot in the sentence. 
Updates: Five stars. Solid. 
Story: Three stars. Well, there’s a plot going somewhere. It’s thoroughly broken by multiple chapters of infodumping inserted randomly, and there’s very little logical coherence between arcs. But it’s still definitely going somewhere. 
Characters: Two stars. They have names, which is good. Apart from the main characters I desperately need those names, or I would have no idea about who’s doing what. Our female main character is the only one with a personality. 
World: Four stars. In this case it’s actually not praise. There’s huge and massive amounts of world background, and it all comes as endless dialogues hiding the infodumps. Well over a fourth of the content is world background, and it’s delivered with the elegance of a gorilla going berserk in a high class restaurant. But, in the end, there’s lots and lots and lots of world background. 
Lastly, this story desperately needs an editor, and given the 96 chapters published I’m not convinced about the romance label.

Story Post Last Updated: October 18, 2020


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