[Story] Peerless Doctor: The Rise of a Phoenix

Title: Peerless Doctor: The Rise of a Phoenix (formerly Peerless Doctor: Dare to Declare War on Her Heart)
Author: chonnie
Genre(s): Romance Fiction
Tags: Cultivation, Action, strong female lead, Martial Arts, Face Smacking, Beast Companions, Power Couple, Pill Refining, Strong Friendships
Main Lead: Female
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 3 || TQ 3 SV 3 || Overall: 13
Number of Chapters: 32
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: High
Date of First Release: February 24, 2019
Date of Last Update: May 9, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 298.4K
Number of Reviews: 38
Before Yun Da Xia lost consciousness, her last coherent thoughts were of avenging her fallen master. 
When she wakes, she has been stripped of the world she once knew and the power that allowed her to soar high. Thrust into court conspiracies, petty schemes, and tyrannical sects; she must find a way to survive.
Ridiculed and relegated to fodder by many; Yun Da Xia can only raise a brow when they finally regret and make desperate attempts to seduce her to their sides. 
The fun of leading them by their tails is a way to pass the time before she collects the blood debt she is owed. 
❈ ❈ ❈
A wicked smile that could enchant both men and women beamed at her. 
She felt her face flush. It was not from a young maiden’s endearing infatuation, rather, it was from the urge to strangle a man in cold blood.
“Impossible. Speak less nonsense.” Her usually calm voice was steeped in irritation.
Dark eyes twinkled in delight, “Impossible and nonsensical? Yun Da Xia, I will prove you wrong. You are already the woman in my heart, so I will work hard for you to see me as the man in yours. Furthermore,”
He booped her nose, “You are the only one I want as the mother of my children. I want a lot, future wife, so I’ll have to trouble you.”


ellesalvador: I love the story.. very interesting! It has a balance of wonderful storyline, fantasy and action. Hope it will continue to update and wont left us hanging

Rxel: Very interesting! I love the imagery and vivid descriptions that the author uses. It gives a very smooth flow when reading the story. I can imagine the scenes when reading very clearly, almost as if I was on the side with the MC.
Hope to see more! Eagerly awaiting updates 😆😆

Ning_linghua: This story is like a breath of fresh air. It’s not like the typical transmigration plot where the FL is abused, have a jealous and little miss lotus sisters. I’m confused at first but since this story- I noticed is slow in progression in the plot- I’m getting hooked in to this. The synopsis is intriguing also, I hope you’ll update more if you can and give us the sweet pleasure that a nice story gives to the readers.

Dani_Rose_8: I chose this story to read on a whim because I enjoy reading reincarnation/transmutation novels and I’m so glad I started reading it. The story development is the perfect balance and makes it hard to put down your phone because I want to know what happens next instead of getting a full night of sleep.

dusty_angel: Wow, amazing writing! It’s so rare to find an original novel on WN with such good grammar. The writing style is beautiful with only a few slip ups here and there.
The first chapter was very intense and compelling. I want to learn more about the MC. I’m still kinda lost about the world the MC has transmigrated to, but it is very similar to other transmigration novels. If you like cultivation, transmigration, romance, and face-slapping novels, this is the place for you!

Veronica8: Pretty cool story with some realism added to cultivation. This story isn’t so much about leveling up, rather something of a discovery journey at this stage. I’m not really clear on the story’s purpose or stakes, but this is a slow burner that gradually reveals as it goes. It’s all good. The key characters are nicely written. Aside from grammar slips, the storytelling is easy with a good reading flow. I didn’t have to back track.
Looking forward to seeing how the story continues to unfold.

Chryiss: Writing, Updates, World: 5 
Story, Character: 4 
Although the story is slowly building up to something big, it hasn’t yet reached that gripping point which really hooks readers at least plot-wise. This has many of the same events familiar to transmigration stories, but what makes this stand out is its writing of it. Beautiful writing with good detail, vocabulary, and description. It’s not any plain, old, typical webnovel quality, but stylistic writing of the Author’s. 
MC’s are hard to make well, and I have a good impression of this one. The FL isn’t weak nor arrogant/brash. The Prince, while short on his encounter, also doesn’t come off as completely annoying or power hungry. The rest of the characters have yet to make a substantial impact or come across distinctively, but this is only the beginning, and I think we will have that very soon. 
This story is still building its foundations, and it has done it very well. At this point, the most enjoyable point would be the writing which immerses one into the world and story. But I imagine soon, the plot and character development also will really shine. Great work!

XOMatsumaeohana: This is part of a review swap valid as of Chapter 13 – 
Writing Quality: This is my second review swap with thus author, and I have to say I’m impressed with how much the writing quality has gotten better. The flaws I detected in the previous novel are non existence here. The author has beautifully written, described the events well which helps create a picture in the readers mind. (5/5)
Update: 5/5 – Stable
Story Development and World Background: I like the current pace of the story. Although some people may think the build up is slow, I feel like the current pace works. I will give word background 5 stars too, the transition from the opening to the second chapter flowed well.
Character Design: The female lead isn’t your typical average lead. I like how calm and collected her character is, and yet at the same time you can tell she isn’t a pushover. You can tell that she’s thinking for herself; and not hesitating with her actions or decisions (something typically found in most stories). As for the arrogant prince, I’m a bit curious about him 🤔🤔 Did he really have no feelings for the previous owner of the body?

Story Post Last Updated: October 18, 2020


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