[Story] The Way of the Sword (BL)

Title: The Way of the Sword (BL)
Author: Take_the_Moon
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Tags: BL, LGBT, Romance, Animal
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2 CDD 2 SWB 2 || TQ 3 SV 2 || Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 160
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: March 12, 2019
Date of Last Update: September 17, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 61
Zemin Yan is an orphan who lived on the streets, until the day that the Celestial Sword Sect makes large-scale recruitment in which even the beggars were analyzed in the Qin Empire.
He who lived in an isolated village had managed to pass through the most difficult examination of the sect, but even so, his talent was the only medium. At best his prospect was to reach the intermediate-level Aurore Core realm. 
Zemin Yan was happy with this prospect, after all, he was just a humble mumper, over time, he learns to read and write, he even grew a little taller, but his physique was delicate and flexible, not pretending that he was a martial practitioner, thus generating mockery on the part of his colleagues even a strong bullying.
However, Zemin Yan didn’t care and always went ahead with optimism, until the moment that was allocated to be assistant of the greater cultivator of the young generation of Celestial Sword Sect.
Zhong Liang is the supreme talent of the Heavenly Sword, he is tall, handsome and powerful, he is the dream of all women and the goal of all the boys. He is loved and appreciated by all but remains with his cold character and his expressionless face.
Because of his Swordless Dao, Zhong Liang was getting colder, indifferent, and cruel, so his Master, fearful that he would turn to the demonic cultivator, decides to put three young disciples to serve him and keep him company, whether in missions outside the sect or even in as servants of this great prodigy.
The Master of Zhong Liang wanted him to develop some kind of bond that would prevent him from getting lost in the path of the Dao of the Swordless Thrill.
Unfortunately, Zhong Liang doesn’t agree with his master’s vision and astounds all the young disciples, only one remains he is as firm as a sword stuck in the ground, this disciple is Zemin Yan. 
“Senior Zhong, do you want grapes or apples?” Asked Zemin Yan with his typical silly smile.
Zhong Liang didn’t respond and continued training with his sword, he just ignored the existence of this young disciple.
“So it’s going to be grapes,” Zemin Yan said without even letting his mood fall, he had already grown accustomed to the lack of response from his senior disciple.
When Zemin Yan came back to call Zhong Liang for dinner the grapes were far from visible, which left Zemin Yan with a silly and contented smile for the rest of the night.


Reaper067: Great story and enjoyable to read a complete page turner and well planed plot and characters entices you from the very beginning the story not rushed and is overall a good novel.

CopyPasteNinja: Good world building, very detailed scenes and characters. Keep the good job. I particularly prefer more straight foward texts, but there is a lot of people out there that will enjoy this novel. 🙂

CherryMxTx: Do love how this story is unraveling itself!
Just some few grammatical mistakes along the way especially concerning the pronouns used for genders. Have a bit of trouble understanding the plot but love the development.

ChocoLatte: The story is fun to read and all. But the pace is so slow that you’ll die even before the novel ends. LOL. It’s already in 140 and his age is still the same. 
I kid you not. As fun as the novel is, the pacing kills. I don’t mind long novels, but the MC is aging way too slowly.

Traci_Dawn: This book is exceptionally beautiful. The steady pace to key moments is refreshing compared to most literature similar to this. It’s not rushed nor botched up from lack of effort and carelessness. The interactions between the characters gives great personality to their concept. The planning and thought put into this story shows how much the author appreciates good literature and considers the readers feelings for the novel. I’m recommending this book, not because I like it, but because I believe you will love it like I do.

SSewS: This story has a nice pace to it. The first few chapters have been updated to correct grammatical errors, but most of it is just an initial translation – so the sentences can be strange. That being said, it is does not detract from the story too much. I am enjoying the characters as well as the world. The author gives enough background information so you can follow along with the technical aspects. I also like that you get tidbits of the other characters’ thought processes.

Tina_Bozjak: I like the story and the plot, but there are to many details and descriptions. I would perfer if the descriptions would be reveald gradualy as the story develops. Sometimes author uses almost all chapter for descriptions. I know that author see those decriptions important and I think that too, but its hard to rememmber everything. It makes my head spin so I skiped those parts of the storry.
Anyway, Story is great and I recomend it to give it a try and read it. You will not be disapointed. 😍

tribel_531: I really like the characters, there is lots of variety. The direction the story is heading is also good, it is well rounded, you can tell the author thought a lot about the world and how it works.
However the story development itself is very slow and sometimes feels stagnant. Also there is lots of information, that I believe is not needed, and it ends up sometimes taking up a lot of the chapter. I know the author probably wants us to understand what is happening and how everything works. But if the author could give us the basics and develop it though out the story or implement it within the story (instead of massive paragraphs of info) the story would flow more smoothly.

PeachyPearl: What I like about the novel was that the chapters were long and very well arranged felt like some typical chinese drama with a lot more details. I liked that. Just that there were some glitches here and there that broke the flow a bit but since I like such fantasies and stuffs I read it anyway. 
One more thing, since the chapters are long, if read on a mobile, it gets tiring and long paras in the initial chapters makes it confusing at times. Work on that. 
Over all I liked the novel and those who like fantasies and fights, can definitely give it go. Keep it up author.

niharikabhol: The main character Song Yan is depicted quite nicely. The starting pace is a bit slow so that might cause some people to lose interest. But you need to stick through as the story moves at a gentle pace.
The research work done for writing the part is good. But they’re are to many details sometimes and it is easy to forget. So maybe you can introduce some detail in one chapter and few stuff related to it rather than giving all the details at once.
But overall as the genre is quite different and the ground work is extremely good, I will give it full points for innovative thinking.
Keep up the good work author. 😊

ReaderOfLife: The premise of an OP, MC that is equal to or greater than the ML is refreshing. In so many BL story the MC would basically be a weak innocence uke or a clever strategist, that is brain over bronze. So all the heavy lifting would fall on the seme ML; which while entertaining would get tiring after a while. So it great to have an MC, that is not going to hug the golden thigh, but themselves is one. When reading the synopsis, I thought it would be a weak, but strong hearted MC, slowly warming the heart of the ML. And basically acting as a damsel in distress for the ML to save.

dusty_angel: Overall, the story itself was good. The world-building was very in depth and thorough. It weaved nicely with the plot at the beginning. The character interactions were also interesting to read. 
However, with good things, there are always bad things. The writing could use more editing and proofreading. There were several cases of awkward wording and redundancy. Some sentences were very lengthy and the grammar could be improved. The one thing I want to point out are the commas; there are too much of them! For example: 
“This happened hundreds of years ago, now all the heroes are already dead and humanity does not even remember them, only the sects keep the teachings of the heroes, but now a new war if the next, so the sects are hunting talents in all the lands from the great imperial capital to the most humble of the villages, the sects are also not distinguishing status, from an important prince to a poor beggar for participating in the selection of the sect.” 
This is all one sentence, connected by many, many commas. Several of these clauses could be separated by periods to complete a whole thought instead. However, the author did mention that he/she has not edited some of the chapters, so I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Other than this, the story itself is pretty good. Keep writing, author-san!

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020


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