[Story] Tales of the Supremes

Title: Tales of the Supremes
Author: MyCharacterLeads
Genre(s): Fantasy
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female
Status: Hiatus/Dropped, Deleted (possibly being rewritten)
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 1   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 2   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 3 (formerly 62)
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: December 1, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 29, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 23
7 beings blessed by the heaven known as “the Supremes” where fated to fight against the King of the underworld.
One Supreme was forcefully sent away via a channel opening due to the war. When she opened her eyes, she was in her 14-year-old body. What would she do, knowing the war that will breakthrough 100 years later!?
The journey of Tala, a guardian, will begin once more!


Primate: A great work. Your world background is excellent and the storyline is perfect. What I like mist is your characters especially Tala. Not everybody can make a female MC work. A very good novel.

mockingbird81: Writing quality: good, just a few typos and tenses but generally good.
Updates; You were able to keep up.
story development: very nice, sometimes progression.
character design: I love it. I know what tala and araw are. I know where Butuan is. Good job.

Copy_Paste_Ninja: Read up to chapter 15. The novel is good.
Tala is nice, good Mc and her personality is well described.
The Grammar is good, but the writing of the author could improve a little bit. Sometimes you use a lot of words when we need a short phrase.
I will read the rest of the story later, but so far so good.

cloudgugu: First of all, a round of applause to the author for all the characters’ names and an awesome storyline. The writing quality was good. Not sure bout the grammr part and so will not touch on that. However, there were few unsuitable word choice (couldn’t remember which, but will posts ’em in the comment section in the future) . But, the meaning is still clear. Readers can just ignore them and still able to enjoy the whole story.
Story development was excellent. I am looking forward to Tala’s adventure to the human world (is this a spoiler?) Character design was superb! I really love all their names. The specific traits they have were well written and well explained. Overall, this is a book that caught your attention by its uniqueness in term of storyline and character wise.

XOMatsumaeohana: Review Swap Valid for Chapter 13
Writing Quality: The writing quality is decent, the story flows very well. Aside from a few grammar mistakes here and there. Which can be fixed by an editor or using writing programmes like grammarly. 🤔 though I do want to ask what’s with the random brackets
Example –> Chapter 13 (trouble that they themselves did)
Story Development: In terms of pace, the start chapters went by quickly and there were a few occasions where I had to go back to re-read. But I’ve always liked face pace started stories – helps get rid of any confusion or questions that arises. Looking forward to seeing how the FL deals with the changes in her new life.
Character Design: There’s a lot of characters introduced in the begining chapters. Other than the FL the others background information haven’t been explored yet. The FL Tala appears weak at the start of the novel, because of the memories of her past life. Her anguish and pain from her past life help build up her character in this new life.
World Background: I had to re-read to make sure I read the transition properly. Even though it’s a new world, some aspects of the old world still remain.

dusty_angel: Lovely story concept! I’m so used to transmigration novels, so a time-traveling novel is quite fresh!
Writing: 4/5
The grammar is fairly good. I’ve noticed very few mistakes in this aspect. The writing itself could use some polishing though. Some phrases could be worded better to create a smoother flow. One thing I want to point out is to keep the verb tenses consistent throughout the story. Sometimes the author switches from past tense to present tense in the same sentence. During the dialogues, the author should use the present tense. During the explaining and text, the author should use the past tense. Despite this mistake though, the author manages to make the story easy to understand. It’s just a bit difficult to read.
Stability of Updates: 5/5
Not much to complain here. Viola!
Story Development: 4/5
The plot is interesting, but may feel a bit rushed at times. It is good to get the plot moving, but I would love some more explanation about the world and people. I would also love to know what about the future the MC knows.
Character Design: 4/5
I love the character interactions, especially between the Vice-Heads. However, the characters could use some elaboration and imagery though. Like, there are many characters, and therefore, many names. The author doesn’t provide any information on their appearances, so I can’t get a picture of the characters in my head. Sometimes I get lost in the dialogues.
World Background: 4/5
Interesting world, I must say! Unlike the characters, there are more details describing the setting, but again, it could use more elaboration. It’s good that the author isn’t using the textbook dump method to build the world though.
Overall, the story is a good pick. The writing just needs some proofreading and editing and the characters just needs to be described more. Keep up the good work!

chonnie: I’ve read this novel up to Chapter 11. Here are my thoughts.
Writing Quality:
There are a few errors when it comes to this. Maybe the author can have a friend proofread or edit for them before posting. There are times where there are missing quotation marks, which makes it difficult to understand what he/she is trying to portray. Maybe downloading the grammarly plugin will help since I’m pretty reliant on that now for spelling errors or missing commas. Another thing, the dialogue for some characters don’t necessarily seem to fit them? That might just be me though, but their speech does not play into my idea of how they’d interact with each other (of course, i write mostly about settings in the past. so the dialouge i’m used to writing is a little more formal).
Stability of Updates:
No complaints here really.
Story Development:
There are times when I found it pretty fast, but also times when I found it a little dragging. Especially during the introduction of the heads, etc. I wasn’t super invested into that. I was more invested during the periods of Tala’s battle scenes or when she’s interacting with her peers. If author can recreate the engaging quality of those scenes, it would benefit the book quite well.
Story Development:
This was affected quite a bit by the writing quality. There were some parts that were fine, which let me totally understand what was happening. Unfortunately, there were some parts I had to skim because I couldn’t really understand. I understand the overall premise of everything that’s happening so far. I found myself feeling more invested during the initial chapters (although, the later chapters were a lot more polished in terms of editing). I think author will eventually find the best mix to help out with the flow. Overall, there was a sense of intrigue that I felt when I was reading through the story.
Character Design:
I can understand where Tala gets her arrogance/confidence from (reincarnation does that). Taking into account her past life, she still acts like a kid. I’m not sure how I feel about that, since she’s already choosing to make big moves so early in the story. I’m kind of turned off and on about it at the same time? I think I prefer Adasa’s character compared to Tala. There may be a childishness to him because he’s like about fourteen as well, but he seems to be pretty mature and level headed for now. Yes, he has the stints against Tala but that’s excusable to me because he is a child. Hopefully, the other characters to be featured will be further developed as well! I’m interested in seeing how the relationships with the different guardian classes and heads move the story. I’m also excited to see how Tala’s fate plays into everything since she gave up her golden light source to Adasa which doesn’t seem like she’s done before (we’ll see, I guess).
aLSO can we just— rivals to lovers, anyone?? Please???
World Building:
A little bit info-dumpy, but I dot the gist of it. I hope it’s delved into more. The most significant aspect I liked was of the Narra Tree and I liked the part of the guardians’ births most. It was the most different piece I got about the storyline, and I hope to see similar to that effect in the future.
Best of luck to the author! I’m keeping your novel in my library and hope to see it flourish!

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020


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