[Story] I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

Title: I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
Author: LynneSuzuran
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Reincarnation, Comedy, Fluff, Heart Warming, Slice-of-Life
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 216
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: April 13, 2018
Date of Last Update: August 12, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 75
A duke’s daughter wanted nothing in her life but the sweet nothingness of death, as she felt like her life served no purpose. Her wish was granted when she was killed in an unfortunate accident, yet in a sudden turn of events, she was forced to reincarnate.
As fate has it, she was reborn in her original world, but not directly after her death. As she is living her new life, she tries to forget the pain of her old life. But, what exactly is behind her reincarnation? Will she be able to live her new life to the fullest?
This is a slow-paced life journey of a reincarnated girl who’s trying to find the meaning behind her past life and reincarnation.


NPC_Daddy: It is good, one of the rare ones that focuses more on Japanese style writing on here. It is slow paced, but very nice and light hearted type of reading with many fluffy feelings. It is a nice read, definitely recommend.

VengefulCapricorn: Amazing! The perfect amount of suspense, magic, and adventure. Never too wordy, it’s straight to the point that makes it easy to understand the story’s world and will keep you up all night and day reading more!

EliteCreature: A unique blend of heartwarming and yet a reasonable rational world with many realistic personalities. I wish that there were more stories like this, but I will be satisfied with having just this.

QueenoftheFuzzyBug: This is such a great story! Very well written and the characters are entertaining. I have to like the reincarnation genre, but it’s rare to find ones that focus on character growth instead of over-clocked powers and revenge. Author, keep up the good work!

fran127: I’m really enjoying this story! It’s got a fairly slow pace, but the world building is solid. The reincarnation of the MC is different to other ones I’ve read, and it’s nice to see an MC not focussed on revenge.
Looking forward to future updates ~

wiggin5421: This story is fantastic. The main character faces actual inner struggle and has character arcs. It makes the main character really easy to empathize with. I have been having a lot of fun reading it. I am always a bit disappointed when one of the novels in my library gets an update and its not this one.

Egypt: The story starts out a bit boring and cringey, but throughout the chapters the plot started to pick up bit by bit. The speed of the story was quite slow tho. I especially liked Lyra or Reinst’s and Luca’s character development, I hope there is more development for the other characters. There are quite a few books who only focus on the main characters development and completely forget about the side characters.

Anachan: The story is just awesome,It’s funny but also serious at times. The story is kinda slow paced but that’s very good, cause we can accompany Lyra as she grows up and make some blunders … I hope she can overcome all her past traumas and dive deeper into Dark magic, I really wanna see the development paths of this kind of nasty magic attribute, personally I think it has boundless possibilities. Well, keep the good work author, I really love this novel❤️❤️❤️

Ejclever: The not so typical reincarnation story. It revolves around family love and self improvement. It will teach you that sometimes, what you assume to be “bad” is a treasure to somebody. It emphasize family bond and how important that there is a parent who will guide you while growing up. Every chapter is an exciting bunch of presents and no dull moments. This is really a gem and I encourage everyone to try and read😬

IrisIce: I enjoyed the story very much however the main MC kind of ticks me off. I understand she has an aversion to dark magic but she’s in a new life where she grew up with parents who loved her who didn’t hate her or ignore her she’s only taking inconsiderate her first life she’s not even considering her parents for this next life. I understand that she would probably should get into dark magic it later on in the story, but right now it’s kind of pisses me off.

Shewie: Warning: Because I rate books on whether there are any FLAWS, this book gets a full 5 stars. I’ve only read 13 chapters so far and while there is little plot so far, I find the grammar and writing fluent high in quality. There’s a dash of humor although I’m not going to be bold enough to say that it is a comedy. One issue is that there is an info dump a few chapters in. Several times as a matter of fact, about the magic of the world and family history and a few more. Other than that, a good story so far.

b1izzard: Story and characters are well designed. The events are not rushed and not too slow. The writer is very creative in her writing and makes the story emotional at times. The main character is somewhat relatable and she is very unique. Her inner thoughts makes me laugh. As for the stability of updates, it is good but there isn’t a schedule and minimum amount of chapters per week. If she could focus on writing, I believe that her stories will be updated more and more frequently. The world background is slowly being introduced. The author focuses on the MC and her family at the moment, so the world background is a little bit lacking but with more chapters, I think the author can solve this problem. 😊

marcoo: This is the best SoL novel I read!
The world building and connecting the emotions of the various family members of the MC in combination with the growth of the character is amazing!
It is a really unique novel and the first novel I give a complete 5 stars and totally mean it.
Because it is absolutely captivating!
Keep up the good work, and when it comes to the major events in the future, please try to keep the MC with a healthy and positive mindset, because her past life already was quite depressing enough.
Thank you for the consideration.

VicL: A hidden gem among originals, quite well-written. While the language and prose could be better, the sheer heart and emotional value in the story itself is worth keeping this one in my library.
The world-setting is remarkably detailed even from early on, and the systems involved are more complex than I’d expected. At this early point of the story where I’m at, there’s not a lot of talk about the characters around the MC, yet despite the brevity, there’s already a strong showing of what is at the hearts of these people.
Although the start might seem a bit slow, I appreciate the style, the quirkiness, and the personalities of the characters that show through the writing. My applause to the start of a much more wholesome story on webnovel than most, and to hoping it would do well.

SpicyChickenNo1: This has pretty good background story before her reincarnation. I like MC before her reincarnation. Her dark sadness because of her mother neglect her, and about her brothers.
Author way of story telling is like a JN author, so some people who`s part of JN haters, might not enjoy it
Plot move like a snail, so you might get bored and use your skill (fast-skip-reading) to keep going. If some story is not necessarily important, than you should have make it just 3 or 4 chapter. I use this skill when I reach MC family holiday arc aka Super-Boring-Arc
Overall, even thou I didn`t particularly enjoy this, and I hate how slow paced and how inefficient word in each chapter that author use, (Author couldn`t keep us on edge for every chapter) but the story concept and character design is pretty good, so i expect more quality reading in the future

Servantshrub: The story is just phenomenal: serious yet in another sense comedic
The author uniquely twists the desire of death and pain into one of life and healing; although I am not sure how long this feeling will last because sometimes there will be a problem that wants to ruin that character’s happiness
The mixture of different ideals and culture provides the reader with a good sense of imagery, why her first mother did not love her, or the need for a male heir; that which correlated with problems in the real world
I like the variation that the author chooses for her magic, and I think it is wonderfully interesting.
I would love if I could read more story, and I believe the author-sama will continue to surprise me!
P.S this is not the final review, because change is near every corner!

InfinitelyYours: **Review from Chapter 1 to 26** This novel is about Reinst who hated her life because her family is disappointed by her gender, weak mana, and dark attribute. In short, no one loves her so she just decided to become a cell donor to at least be helpful after she dies. Coincidentally, she dies later on that same day by a… meteorite (sponsored by God’s idiocy).
Reinst then reincarnated 7 years later as Lyra. She finally experiences the wonderful love of a family but she still has her fears because of her past life. She also gets troubled as she meets people she knew as Reinst especially her half-brother who got suspicious of her.
I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate! (phew) is another reincarnation cliché novel but it has its own twists. It’s really interesting and has its humor. I recommend readers trying this!
I’m only having problems with info-dumps. The info-dumps are either (1) unnecessary, it’s not really important to the plot (2) necessary but it’s like a storm that points out all the infos in one shot. I might need the info given out but I don’t need it now nor everything of it all at once. For example: the infos about different races.
Apart from that, the author is doing really great! I’m looking forward to the chapters and your improvement! Good luck and have fun! (^_^)/

Andrain: This is the story of a girl that is playing the best ‘2-pair’ (Certainly not the best, but far from the worst) hand that was dealt to her considering she wasn’t allowed to fold.
With a loving family and seemingly ordinary blessing, this reincarnation into the same world, but very different house shows undeniable heart. The world building is one of the strongest aspects of this novel. You are taken for the same ride as the young girl we follow through all the twist, turns, and delightful misunderstandings that we can all enjoy while smiling wryly while knowing all the major crises (At least in her childhood) are adorable little bumps in the road.
One cannot help but wonder how our main character, her brother, and her entire family will continue to grow even at this early stage. The pacing of the story is indeed extremely slow, but why would you need high adventure when to a child, offending that brat of a Prince is just as major as facing a hundred foes?
As for the author’s style, ‘developing’ is the best term. One can easily see the tweaks and adjustments made to the style as the author goes. There is clearly room for improvement, but since the author is going without an editor (I assume) these things will only improve with time, practice, and carefully thought out criticism from the reader base. That’s not to say it’s bad, on the contrary, especially when making the thoughts of a little girl come alive in your head, I can almost see the manga pages draw themselves in many places.
I commend the author for the stability in their updates and am looking forward to reading this story more and more, which I hope can be taken as my highest of praise. My only advice is keep writing and keep honing yourself. You have a gift for story telling, so please tell your story.

bubblemilktea: I read only until C15 because my interest was caught by the ads more than the story.
Overall, it was okay I guess…
If I have to describe it using food as a metaphor, it’s like eating a peanut butter jelly chocolate cookies and cream doughnut and when I took a bite, it actually has mozzarella filling, and I can’t even laugh because the atmosphere feels like it’ll be inappropriate to laugh. In theory, should taste good because everyone loves each topping and it looks so cute on the menu but I cannot take more than a bite, not because of the over sweetness but because each bite is as filling as a pound cake.
I may not make any sense but maybe someone else can relate to me?
I still think I need to appreciate the effort that the author has put in…
I can tell that the author is a very young but she had put a lot of thought into creating this story…
Dear author,
Since I hate it when people say I need to improve or ‘it can be better’ but not saying anything specific, so I’ll give my opinion in details. Yes, I am judging your work but it’s not because I want to defame your work, it’s because I think you have potential. Not everyone has the guts to post their work and let so many people judge it, especially someone so young. Moreover, the commitment of not dropping mid-way is just amazing.
Firstly, I think it will be better if there’s less information dump in the story since it is disturbing the pace in my opinion. I know that some information is essential for world building but I hope you can release them gradually rather than describing all of it at the start of the story especially when the pacing is supposed to be slow and story itself, light.
Secondly, it’ll be better if there is less attention to describing details such as appearance and focus more on interactions. Furthermore, I believe if you give more examples in the character set, it’ll be more natural. For example, rather than forcing the character by saying the father is ‘oyabaka’ right off the bat, you can write more about the father dotting the girl in her daily interaction.
Moreover, I feel the main character is not very relatable and come off as a rebellious 13 yo that hates everyone. I mean she was not abused or starved but she still prefer death? I feel that you’ve tried to make her more likeable by making her character ‘kind’ (i.e. by donating her cells) but I still feel that she is not very relatable. I think it is better to make the character consistent, is she a pessimist that just want to die or is she a ‘mother mary’ that likes to help everyone?
I can tell that the author was trying to put a lot of tasty ‘toppings’ in the story and try to differentiate the story from mainstream reincarnation stories. However, I think if she can focus on one thing and add other ‘ingredients’ as supplements, it will improve the story development and have a clearer direction.

For example, focus on characters interactions and make the readers fall in love with the characters (for example, Gintama, etc) or focus on world building and make the readers want to live in that world (for example, the moonlight sculptor, the king’s avatar, etc).

I hope I can give a constructive review since I think it is astonishing for someone so young to be able to write something like this. I might be wrong but it’s just my opinion as one of your readers.

FlowerOverTheDoge: I have read this novel for a bit and stopped at around chapter eight which for me is a pretty much long enough read to start doing a short review regarding my thoughts of how good this novel is.
Here are my ratings:
Writing Quality: 4/5
(I’m not pretty confident when it comes to English. But, I know for myself that my level of English is barely or more than enough to rate and judge the author’s writing quality.)
The writing quality is pretty good and there really isn’t much of a problem in regards to grammar and spellings in the story itself. But in my opinion the author could’ve done much, MUCH better when it comes to how he went ahead in portraying the thoughts of the characters and how the world works in first person perspective. If you don’t know what I mean, you could just try reading this novel and compare it to other novels with first person perspective like “Death March” and “These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy” and you would notice just how big of a difference it is when it comes to the level of writings.
To be honest, I didn’t really want to read this novel as I have read a lot of japanese novels with the same cliche settings in names. But since this is written in Qidian, I thought that the writing quality might be better than those typical isekai or reincarnation japanese web/light novels as novels here are more mature in portrayal than the ‘humorous’ and kinda’ childish way of writings in japanese web/light novels. So, I tried reading it and alas! I’ve been betrayed!
Anyways, I could’ve rated this even lower like 3/5 or maybe even worse, 2/5, which, isn’t really much of an exaggeration. But considering that the author might be new or maybe someone who’ve written a lot of stories but still remains subpar in his/her writing skills, I rated it 4/5 instead.
(If there are any grammar mistakes and spelling errors, please don’t mind it as the English subject isn’t really my speciality as well as my mother language.)
Stability of Updates: 5/5
I’m not really updated to this novel and it’s been lying around collecting dusts in my library for so long so I don’t really know much about the stability of it’s updates. But considering that it already has a lot of chapters even though the original novels are still new to qidian international, about a month or so, 55+ chapters is a lot already so I rated it 5/5.
Story Development: 2/5
I may be a bit biased but when I first read the novel title as well as it’s description, I have already rated this novel in my head as 4/5 because it’s so damn cliche! I haven’t even read it yet and I already rated the story development as 4/5. Hahaha! But, wait, what about AFTER I read a bit of the story? Hehehe. See that 2/5 rating? That’s just how bad the story development is. If you were to start reading the first few chapters you would notice how irrelevant those few chapters are to the story. Those few chapters don’t even contribute to the story at all! It’s so dumb in my opinion. The author could’ve just skipped those parts and go straight into the girl’s childhood and then start introducing the world and the chapters.
Character Design: 2/5
Character design? Oh, I thought that I was meant to be rating the author’s character reflextion in the story. Seriously, author, go to a psychiatrist and try fixing your mental stability as from what I could see, the suicidal and no-sense-of-worth trait of the main character seems to stem from the reflection of your thoughts instead. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t really that depressed and suicidal in life but instead loves thinking of dark stuff like depression and suicide but still you could’ve written the character just like how you like it to be, a gloomy and childish character because you know what? I’m pretty much speechless in regards to your writing style and gloomy type of main character because they just don’t go well with one another. It’s like, the more I read it, the more I could imagine you, the author, writing the depressed and suicidal thoughts of your character whilst smiling. Did you just imagine what I said? See? IT JUST DOESN’T ADD UP! The whole writing style doesn’t suit the settings of the character at all. You said that she hails in a well-off family and that she received training in etiquette and combat as well as being raised in an environment in which she isn’t accepted but from what I could see the character itself doesn’t seem to have any signs of maturity from being raised in that sort of environment at all. I know that she’s a kid but even a kid would be shaped into a proper, thoughtful and mature person when raised in a strict household. This is a really bad portrayal of character so this really deserves a 2/5.
World Background: 2/5
There’s not much or no world background at all in this novel. There might be if you were to read even further than 10 chapters but the world would still look blank in your mind if you were to think about it because everytime the author talks about the background of the world, at most he just tells us where the main-character came from, what family she’s in, and the likes. As for magic skills, elements, levels, and stuff? Hahaha. Everything in the story seems vague and hazy in my mind. You know the feeling of waking up after having a good dream? You might remember it but as for the exact details, everything is hazy and incoherent. Also there’s the advanced medical knowledge and the likes in the story. At around chapter one to four, the main character talks about cell donors and blood types and stuff so I started imagining that the era in that world is the modern era but with nobles and royalties and the likes BUT then the picture of the story world in my mind crumbled when I reached chapter after a couple or more chapters because the author or the main character suddenly told us, the readers, that she was riding in a carriage and that the road is shaky so the road could be made of soil which just ruined my mood. I mean look here! There’s a god damn health check-up, a hospital, cell donors, blood types A and B and more. But then, the author just told me that they are riding a carriage and that the road is bumpy?! It was already cemented in the first few chapters that the world is setted in the modern era with advanced medical knowledge and the likes! And you know what from just these few reasons I already know that the power building, world settings, level of civillization and stuff in this novel would be messed up. Also, even if there is magic in that world, that still doesn’t give one a reason to just suddenly dump advanced medical healthcare in a medieval world. I know that novels with settings like these means that there’s stuff such as healing magic(which for me is dumb) as well as clean magic, disinfect magic, and whatever you could think of related to magic. It still doesn’t have a reason for hospitals to suddenly exist as just like modern technology, the human body is complex as well. If you are gonna give tell us that there’s hospitals with health care that’s has a level high enough to do procedures at the cellular level then the civillization should be modernly advanced as well. The mother is pregnant and she’s about to give birth. Is she supposed to ride a carriage and be delivered into the hospital or not? Before she’s even delivered the baby would’ve been born already. Hahaha.
Anyways. Thank you for reading my review! I might’ve been a bit too straight forward in criticizing this novel but still you could still give it a try. Nobody is stopping you. Though, I think this type of novel doesn’t really suit me as I’m more into novels with proper world background and a complex and acceptable explanations when it comes to how stuff works because I’m pretty much a no-nonsense person after reading a lot of chinese web novels.

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020


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