[Story] Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant

Title: Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant
Author: David_Tieku
Genre(s): Realistic Fiction
Tags: Reincarnation, Showbiz, Celebrities, Business, poor to rich, Romance, Comedy, Modern
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Complete Volumes
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 241
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: May 19, 2018
Date of Last Update: September 6, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 4M
Number of Reviews: 276
Zhang Xiaohua was a washed-up artist who tragically passed away in a car accident after heroically saving a child’s life. After his death, Zhang Xiaohua’s soul was transmigrated into a parallel universe where the entertainment industry has become sluggish.
With a group of small musicians, memories and just his wits about him, he is forced to create something for himself in his new environment, working hard to sustain himself and his mother, while also trying to regain control of his father’s company.
Follow his journey as he attempts to become a world-class entertainment mogul and conquer the entertainment world by storm.


Piablaire: Honestly, this story is so good, even without the existance of system. And yeah there is no harem. Thanks god. The story develope more around how to build entertaiment empire.The MC is not shamless character also not too op. Still intact with reality. Good job author.

AndrewReise: Excellent novel. Occasional typos, but they don’t interfere with the reader’s ability to enjoy the novel. If I had to compare it, I’d compare it to IRAS. However, unlike IRAS, the MC is likeable, there is no broken system, and it seems focused on music and the entertainment industry rather than random bs like hacking and math and so on. Personally I really enjoyed it.

Kingoftheland: Found this book not too long ago and so far its pretty good, lots of face smacking moments,hahaha.
MC actually focuses on his plans for the most part unlike most other business stories. I like that you get to see the step by step process on how he does things. Anyway keep up the good work, your in my library now!

Linkanator: It started off good, but author already started using repetitive plot afterwards, where mc falls for the same situation twice. The story could have been better if the author hadn’t tried to also include the dumbest friends for mc who can’t even use common sense

Hundred_Lilies: Normally I drop novels with MCs that are complete jerks and have a hateful personality, but somehow it works for this MC.
He’s not exactly someone you’d want to be friends with, his arrogance knows no limits, but he’s not completely a lost cause and he does knows kindness. Maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t had the need to kick him to the curb yet.
Anyway, this novel is actually good and is faithful to the idea of a genius music producer. I’d recommend you to give it a try.

Cosmic_cutie: I really like the story. I don’t really like the main character personality,but the story itself is amazing. It’s quite a bit like I Really am A Superstar in which the MC is not a creative person,but a master forget as the things he forges don’t exist in the current world yet. He also has a similar attitude and personality,but without the diehard nationalism. The only thing I don’t understand is the title. He was reborn and is going to be an entertainment giant,but the title makes it seem as if he was one in his last life.

Eslyna: I got recommended to this book getting told it is similar to ‘God of Music’ and ‘Top Management’, so my expectations were high. Sadly it wasnt as good as I though it would be. There aren’t any other novels about celebrity management though so I countinued to read it. Not saying the book is bad, just not considered a ‘gem’. The book really only got good once the maid’s daughter came home as everything before that was a little predictable and felt a bit flat reading as the MC (and characters) had lots a plot holes like forgetting about his mom forever and not even checking or questioning about her. If you are looking for a company on entertainment I’d recommend reading this as it would be a unique experience, if you are looking for a celeb view aspect though I’d read the other ones before you go here. There were also some typos every chapter, but won’t really bother anyone except the start since it had more misspells like a word replaced with something else. Also this is not* a general audience* as it soes have topics about R-18 references and even some smapl scenes. I’ll continue reading as it is starting to get more interesting once I got 100+ chapters

samzee: Pretty lackluster story. It’s similar to most/all ‘business’ development or showbiz story except its an original and somewhat worst. It also follow some of the ‘cliche’ of similar such story except in some cases, it’s not as great.
They is definite a lack of details, the stupidity of the world & ‘under-development’ seem to heavily favor the MC and his song writing ability. At some points, it get ridiculous that I can’t see to suspend my disbelief to read it but skim through it. The world never heard of copyright strikes for music. I just can’t fathom at all….
They are sometime a ‘bromance’ that happens but that is rare, and happens maybe 4 times in the entire 90 chapters. It only seem to occur so we don’t forget the MC is pretty much a total control freak, almost entirely unlikable with an easily forgettable cast and in general, an total ass. You know what I mean with the Faye Wong-type character down the road. The amount of problems & pain she went through (and how the author wrote it) doesn’t seem too odd with the amount of contents written of how much she damage the company.
For sure, the writing is okay as I can’t tell, the updates seem to be happening often enough. The story development, character design and world background are lackluster as hell. I just don’t like it.

Blame_Your_Fate: The premise is quite solid, a very interesting take on reincarnation.
At first I was very excited to explore this new world with a different entertainment scene and see how the MC tackles it. But then he very quickly adjusts to his new life, just happens to have relevant skills to run a business, and knows the right people to make it happen. Not just that, but because the hero so quickly puts his plan together it soon devolves into the usual face-smacking.
I personally found it hard to stay invested because the clichés just keep on coming, and the characters aren’t strong enough to make me care. There’s a really cool novel here, it just feels buried under things you see in a lot of other webnovels. But if you like face-smacking and reincarnation you’ll probably like this. Don’t let me stop you from giving this a shot, I just wish this original novel had more original things.

xcvvv: Gonna drop this here, since this novel is a little too highly rated for its own good. I read to around chapter 13, and I can say with confidence that if you don’t read this novel then you won’t be missing anything out. Use of tense is non existent, point of view can change within the same paragraph, and on mobile it’s quite obnoxious seeing multiple links at the top that don’t contribute to the chapter at all, and in my opinion raises expectations for the novel to only be destroyed by the chapters. The author places a “group edit” link on the chapters that doesn’t help the novel at all, you might as well give the novel to some children at a school playground and they’ll give you the same as what is in the official. I don’t know if it’s a matter of too many people trying to edit, or a matter of unproficient people adding in mistakes multiple times. I saw a few people commenting; “keep reading it will get better” and I have ask, why write so poorly in the first place? You want us to read the chapter it gets better, then come back to reading the start of the novel? You don’t eat a pile of poo and expect it to get better as you chew. I was expecting a good piece from the ratings and the comments, and I was expecting a novel similar to IRAS – due to people comparing this novel to it. However, my expectations have been grounded multiple times throughout the novel. I wouldn’t usually be so harsh with a novel review that I know the author would read, but I am led to believe that due to a few readers the author is ignorant of his own writing prowess. I had read IRAS to around chapter 530, and it was bearable because it was written well and I continued to read past the racism of it because of the quality it was written in, but this novel is only being compared because it shares a similar plot. I find it appalling that a good piece of writing – albeit with its flaws – is being compared to an *******’s first piece. I would suggest the author learn proper English grammar rather than pasting a group doc link that even an illiterate can contribute towards, and the author would accept the suggestion with open arms.
I am still confused why this novel is rated so high.

DeliciousFoodEater: So this is just a wuick review for more chapters basically, but I’ll just add my opinion and suggestions. So base on the chapters that I have read(until ch. 46), it is going pretty good.
1. Great grammar – I can barely spot any mistakes in grammar until ch. 46
2. Realistic Characters – So the characters in this story has a certain depth to them and has some background of their own, in other words they’re not like Passerby 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C
3. Good Writting Style – From what I have read, the author’s writting is comparable to professional writtersa and is very to understand.
4. Simple but Clear Worldbuilding – The world building is decent, but still has flaws(ex. The other source of entertainment like games, sports, and etc. should be more advanced as the entertainment is industry is backwards right? So I think it should not be exactly the same). Overall it’s ****** and easy to understand as it is just a bit in the future and the situation is the same except for the entertainment industry.
1. The MC’s First Life is Just Blank – Until ch. 46 I only noticed a few hints of details regarding his first life and although I think that is not really extremely important to the story, but it helps us to understand the MC and why he became like that.
2. The MC’s Personality Might Annoy Some People – From an incident in the hotel manager underestimating him and he fights back by humiliating the manager(the standard plot). In this event he may seem annoying to people as some people see him as too petty(personally I think what he did isn’t right, however it is the manager’s fault for stepping on his dignity first and probably did it many times as well). Inially the MC just wated to treat his friends to a meal.
3. Some Character’s Personality Might Seriously Annoy You – So some characters in this story, especially a CERTAIN FAMILY AND A CERTAIN SINGER’S personality would seriosly make you mad like I was UGHHHHHHH!!!=&=¥×#*@£. I was soooo fkin FRUSTRATED. …[Suggestions omitted]

Saarlink: TLDR: Fun genre but many better works out there that do the same but better. Read this if you are out of everything else.
I love this kind of novel. Top Management and God of Music are probably my two favorite in this genre. This novel has some of the things I really love but it also slips on most of what I think make these kinds of books great.
While there are villains in this genre, normally there is an overwhelming cast of decent people who are interesting and dynamic, men and women. Here women get the roles of either a villain or a doormat. The mother, the housekeeper, and the female employee are all good examples of lifeless characters. The main character while interesting at times is also a completely horrible person on a regular basis. He has no problems treating others really badly and requires absolute obedience from everyone around him, this is after his reincarnation so not the fault of his past self.
The world feels like it only exists to support the main character. The only differences between our world and this world are differences that make the MC able to be great. To give a super minor example to avoid spoilers, piracy is apparently not a thing because that would inconvience the main character (officially because music is so bad that everyone pays for it to support local artists?). Every obstacle to the main character’s rise is basically hand waved away in this fashion. This leads to a lack of both tension and served to constantly pull me out of the story as I questioned how a world could possibly work like that.
There is likewise what seems to be a lack of understanding of how the music industry works, you don’t just do one take of a song for a recording for example. I like reading these novels to learn new things about how an industry works that I know little about. Yes I am criticizing the author for not knowing things I am shaky on too but go read the books I mentioned at the start or, if you are addicted to this site for some reason, Superstars of Tomorrow and you will know what I mean.
There are also numerous cases where the formatting seem funky. Most of a sentence will just be gone. I managed to figure out what was missing every time but it was jarring. The grammar and spelling are far from perfect but they are more than functional and easy to read.
I wanted to love this book. I thank the author for his efforts and wish him the best. I will at least try his next work but this one is lacking on too many points for me to continue.

Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020

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