[Story] Iridescent Spirit

Title: Iridescent Spirit (former name, deleted/dropped title)
Author: 90751052 (formerly nothingisit4me, possibly deleted)
Genre(s): LGBT+ (formerly Fantasy)
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Deleted
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 3   SWB [–]   || TQ 3   SV [–]   ||  Overall: N/A (three factors from original assessment system)
Number of Chapters: 0 (formerly 70)
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: January 10, 2019
Date of Last Update: March 20, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 323.3 K
Number of Reviews: 33
While on a field trip, Jae Farley exploded along with eleven girls. However, what was waiting for them wasn’t heaven nor hell, but an alternative universe filled with magic and fantastical races. Stuck in bodies of children, forced to become modified into different races, encountering strange summoned heroes, and swept by the conflicts of countries at war with demon lords.
How will the twelve otherworlders, whose fates are connected with each other, fare in such a chaotic, war-barren world?


NatsumeRikka: Have nothing to say but-
Love this story.
Character are cute.
Interesting story line.
Smooth words.
Unexpected twists.
Most importantly- REINCARNATION
If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a fan of reincarnation stories. In ****** words, this novel is one of the best examples of a reincarnation novel. What are u waiting for?! Read it.

mykillangelLAW: Nice adventure for a body of a 12 years old but had the mindset of a teens which is supposedly they were in their world before they have died tragically…. I can’t wait to see how they fully evolved on their respective species today… Although the only guy character shows his awesome power that could adapt the 11 creatures of his friends… Nice replication of ability and great regeneration of body… Hoping to read more of the following chapters…

Lovelywuju17: Love the bad puns, it just simply my cup of tea. The story was interesting and I want to read it more, so I’ll just review it in this chapter. The character interaction was funny and cute. I like that the author wrote every each ending in the chapter so it triggers the reader for the next chapter. I love magic so that’s plus!
Great job for the story so far 😀

UnliMegane: Wild megane-ojisan, dropping in for a review!
This is a group isekai story gone horribly wrong (in a good way… for the readers at least). Man, these young-adults-in-kid-bodies sure went through a lot. And the story doesn’t skimp on the gory details either. Maybe not for everyone, but it does have enough to hook readers into this stuff.
Grammar is great. The story development is good, and it has a diverse cast. Keep it up.

ChessityFlames: The story is great overall but i feel that there can be room for improvement in terms of writing quality and character development as there has not been much emphasis on that. Story development can be improved more in the fact that there can be more emphasis on the different races and species as well. However in the grand scheme of things i think the story deserves at least a 4.

Flarencess: I was going into this expecting it to be a rather typical reincarnation fantasy story, but boy was I wrong.
Let me just say that i’m impressed by the amount of characters the author is able to juggle so easily from the first chapter! And there is nothing more I love in my fantasy read than a rich cast of diverse and interesting characters!
I look forward to reading more, seeing how the author uploads regularly and daily!

Lizabelle88: Wow! Fantastic fantasy novel! This novel will introduce you to a world so vastly different from ours, the likes of enchanted forest, magical characters, beast and above all I find the modified children’s experiences & adventures very amusing and hilarious. The author got a brilliant wide imagination. I spotted some few mistakes though, but, overall it’s an entertaining read, I finished reading all the existing chapters and added it to my library. Good job Author! Keep it up!

SouthToiletWizard: Transmigration human experimentation and triangulation… Ehh I don’t know but it rhymes right?
A very well written work from a technical standpoint. Grammar and punctuation are pretty much flawless.
The characters are diverse and each one is interesting. There are laughs and tragedy to be found early on just be sure you are actually reading chapter 1 and not the shorts yours truly made that mistake. If you read the shorts after you have read a little further into the book it may not be so bad. Certain characters are very memorable.

Chryiss: Read this off my mobile and finished chapter 11. Your writing is good! It’s polished and has nice descriptions of the world. The plot keeps moving, so it’s keeps me on my toes. My only real qualm is there too many characters are introduced in the beginning. Building up the party slower one at a time would be easier for me to keep track of whose who. On another note, their interactions remind my slightly of Harry Potters gang lol. Also, Altwidus is an awesome name haha!
Will read more later in the morn. 🙂

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter six.
Reincarnatation fantasy in another world. So far so cliché. A full dozen sent into fantasy land made me blink. All of them dropping from just shy of twenty years old into kindergarten bodies made me blink twice.
And then there was the gory part. Let’s just say the kids were changed — by people who’d make Doctor Frankensten wonder if they were sane.
And that’s about it. There’s a short arc where they escape from abuse, live through initial training in safety and embark upon their first adventure.
The story is written in mutiple third person point of view in past tense.
So for the stars.
Writing: Shaky English, undisciplined use of tenses, some pure errors and quite a few odd constructions which, while grammatically correct still are non-standard English, detracts from the reading experience. Three stars.
Updates. Six chapters. Too little to use as reference. Still no reason to complain. Five stars.
Story. The beginning runs its course as expected. The delivery is somewhat uneven from a pacing poing of view. Four stars.
Characters. There’s a bloody dozen of them, plus supporting cast, and several of them already have distinct personalities. Five stars.
World. Made for the story. Looks fine this far, but it’s still very early in the story. I’ll hand out the full five stars for now.

MystenNxir: This is a really interesting story and is written very well. The story itself has great pacing and the mix between suspense and complaisant comedy is wonderful. I look forward to more every time I read a chapter. Since the updates are quite stable, there’s no need to bite my nails and wait weeks for another chapter like a certain different novel (*ahem*anyone reads Versatile Mage {the novel} too?*ahem*).
There are 12 main characters which can make things more confusing as each name just seems foreign (especially since the lesser that a character talk or appears, the harder it is to remember them) when they come up. The characters themselves are actually really diverse and distinct in their own way but they can get slowly forgotten since not all of them get a lot of screen time.
Heck, Layla talks less than Ialantha did (you’ll understand when you read up to the Elf Arc).
My suggestion for the characters, make a list somewhere so that the readers can be reminded of what and who is this and that. Like, it took me some time to remember who Layla is when her name was mentioned (chapter 29? 30? Forgot which) until the previous description comes to mind and I knew she was the ******** (gotta censor to keep it spoiler free). A list, maybe in an auxiliary chapter or in the end of a chapter can help at least a bit. It’s not necessary though since the readers will eventually just remember and get used to everything but it will certainly be easier for new (or returning) readers.
The world is well made with clear distinctions whuch in turn makes it feel all the more real. “The humans are here, beasts are there, demons over there and there,” makes all the difference compared to a more reckless world building like “humans are in the village, merman in the sea, demons outside the continent and elves in a forest” since there’s a mental map that a reader can place regions on unlike the second example. Great work on that btw, not a lot of authors put enough distinction between regions when world building after all.
All in all, good story, lots of interesting characters, great world building and stable updates. Worth reading especially if you’re patient enough to follow the author’s writing until the end. Also props on the great author-reader interactions in the comments. Makes you feel closer to the person who created this wonderful story. ^w^

Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020


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