[Story] Against The Heavens

Title: Against The Heavens
Author: ShiranuiShukumei
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Tags: Power Couple, Loyal Lover, Cultivation, Beast Companion, Action, Strong Female Lead, Gods, Strong Male Lead, Ruthless Male Lead
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 3   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 12
Number of Chapters: 28 (for rewrite? originally was 109)
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: September 6, 2018
Date of Last Update: September 28, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel, Royal Road
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 2 (originally 34)
“Through time and space, through life and death, I will chase after you. I will face the whole world just so that I can grab your hand once more!”
These were the last words Li Yang spoke to Fang Ying, planting a soft and gentle kiss on her lips as a rain of attacks landed on their bodies, ending their lives. But Li Yang meant those words, so when he was given the chance to reincarnate and chase after her, he accepted without hesitation.
In their last life, they had been hunted by the world and killed. He would not allow that scenario to repeat itself, no matter what he would have to do- He would firmly grasp that soft hand and never let go of it. If the heavens decided that they were forbidden from being with each other, he would carve open the heavens and force it to kneel to him.


BansheePanda: Where has this been all my life!? Truly, this is what eastern fantasy should be. There are a lot of the common tropes used here, but they are well done and not constantly thrown in your face. Also, animal companions. 😆

kni8_mayor: Top Guns – Death – Reincarnation – Special Powers + Top Gun Powers – Fight against the world – love through time n space
Heck of a story if you ask me… Afterall happy wife happy life, angry wife stone cold miserable life… Seems like authors personal touch from his personal experience for the couple came into play…

AngelLight21: Love this story i and it has a nice development what made me started reading it is the romance on how devoted the mc is. Its a nice change of pace from all the harem stories out there and it is also the exact type of story i been searching for. In my opinion this has the potential to be better than most of those other cultivation stories out there.

uryx: Read up to 48 on RoyalRoad so I’m glad to see the author making a move to a platform where they can possibly gain slight income. The story is well written with little to no spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Some areas where there’s plot holes, can’t exactly remember which chapters their in but they don’t really influence the quality of the story as they may be filled with future information. All in all I believe this story is one you should read and add to your library.

g_3: For me this story is one of the best in this site.
The reasons being:
1. The story is engaging and doesn’t leave the reader bored and end up skimming (at least in my case)
2. Although it is a reincarnation story, the mc wasn’t too over powered in his last life which gives room for character development
3. The mc is actually loyal to the heroine unlike the usual horny bastard mc that just accepts every woman who comes his way
4. The story is also moving at a good pace and doesn’t seem too rushed or too boring
5. Mc also doesn’t seem too op though he is stronger compared to the rest on the same realm, he doesn’t really have any cheat like powers other than the treasures he regained from his past life
Overall, this story is really worth the read.

The book Against the Heavens is the third book written by ShiranuiShurumei out of four. All four books are outstanding in their own way and I am up to the latest chapter on three of them; The Demon’s Gate not having being started as of yet due to time constraints. Each one is unique and has its own cultivation system. Apart from the author’s preference for Lightning and Poison Qi (which are quite rare for main characters so I am fine with it) which is present in the three that I have read, the elements/Qi types tend to be diverse.
I can not describe how blissful it is to read a web novel with this level of English. I don’t think I have found a single flaw that is worse than a mistype and even those are usually fixed within a day. Not just this, the style of writing of this author is amazingly well suited to the eastern fantasy genre. He doesn’t delve too far into details and will skim over unnecessary details if it is the better option. He also doesn’t pull a CocoonedCow (MW+TMW author) and fill his chapters with useless details or drag out events more than they should be. Each chapter is pretty much guaranteed not to be useless (unlike TMW lol). Therefore this gets a 5/5 as ShiranuiShurumei is one of the best original authors I have read in regards to writing skill. The other one thats on Webnovel is quite well known also.
Normally, if an author did the chapter release rate that this author does then I would probably make it a (3/5). However, this monster of an original author is writing three books which are each completely unique and at different strengths of characters at the same time. All three worlds are also very different (as far as I am aware) with the two I have read being a tribal-village type (this one) and with MoHW being a towncentric one. For an original author who also has a life (again, as far as I am aware) with a job then this is pretty ridiculous having a 2+2+2 chapter a week release rate (2 chaps a week each book). This instantly puts him up to (4/5). Do note: CocoonedCow, a proffessional author only has a release rate of 6chaps/week and that is of just one book. And the only person that has ever received a (5/5) from me in this section is KevinAscending but that monster has uploaded 50 chapters in a week as an original author before iirc.
The story is only just now starting to really pick up as of chapter 70. Therefore I am giving this section a (4/5) due to the potential the story currently has; which is quite high btw.
Yay, finally a main character who isn’t a carbon copy of Lin Ming, Yi Yun, Huang Xiaolong, Qin Lie, Qin Wentian or the worst of all….. Chu Feng (like the review if you get this). Okay, maybe I was being a bit mean adding in Lin Ming and Qin Lie… They are great characters I admit, but you don’t know the pain of encountering the same types of characters again and again and again. Usually the original author does them badly too. Therefore, imagine how blessed I felt to read actual unique characters that weren’t carbon copies. Instant (5/5)!
There are three things that ShiranuiShurumei does amazingly; 1. Cultivation Systems that aren’t generic (except for The Godless One but his actual powers were pretty unique and the following two made up for this generic system).
2. Character Designs and making the characters’ personalities actually valid. The characters are some bloodthirsty monster for nothing and their personalities were all reasonable for our knowledge of their experiences.
3. World Background. This author does this incredibly well in every way. You see, a world background is like cooking a dish at a restaurant. You can’t give them too much because they wont have room for the rest of the meal (he doesn’t give too much background), you can’t make the different meals clash with each other because it might have bad consequences later on (he doesn’t give the story plot holes and inconstistancies) and the meals all need to taste good and addicting (he makes the actual background interesting as well so we keep reading).
The author does all three of those and he does them admirably. Therefore, (5/5).
Hell yes. Definitely recommend all of the author’s works and the 4th one I was talking about (The Godless One) is on RRL on pause atm. To be rewritten and continued once one of the author’s current three works is completed (Demon’s Gate I believe is closest to finished).

Story Post Last Updated: October 5, 2020


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