[Story] True Space Mage

Title: True Space Mage
Author: 2someawsome
Genre(s): Magical Realism
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 1   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 127
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: June 22, 2018
Date of Last Update: October 3, 2018
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 2M
Number of Reviews: 120
This is about Aaron who was reincarnated. But unlike other reincarnated heroes, our protaganist isnt blessed with an op ability. Come journey with Aaron as he grows up, learns new abilities, face difficulties and finds new ways to use power which always existed. Come and watch him become a true space mage.
This book is more focussed on story telling rather than the mindless adventures of a young master. Give it a little time to grow into you.


Dosithee: Ok. Grammar and general writing skills not great. Dialogue and characters need a lot of work. Good start for author, defenatly lots of potential, this just isn’t there yet. Characters are empty without any traits or quirks.

ManOfAnts: Great book in terms of world building and realistic characters, there are some big issues with spelling and grammar as well as the characters lack of imagination to the point where the readers feel embarrassed for him. Worth a read purely because of the world building

Jeimuzu: The story might be a bit of a slow starter for some people. But this story has some “magic” that keeps you reading. After the main character starts to lose his innocence (meeting the thunder king), the story’s action picks up more and becomes a much more griping read. My advice is to stick with it, as the author is improving every chapter, an editor to get rid of the grammatical errors would improve the reading experience though.

Archena: This is the best original i have read so far, and i read a lot. The fast few chapters are short and mc & the world may seem lifeless, robotic. But after joining the academy everything turned out to be so much great. There is no cliche what you will find in other novels. The only regret i can find author rushed things in the academy life. But now he have slow down the pace. and thats great. we want to enjoy the world he lives in, not only to know what he does. I just hope there won’t be a harem or one young master after another popping out of nowhere.

JiangZhenChen: Just came across this. Easy, enjoyable read. No real quibbles with the grammar, and it is nice not to read “You’re courting death!” every other chapter… Characters aren’t developed too deeply yet, but info is added a bit at a time. I don’t feel left out on a limb as to why something was done, and the explanation of the magic system is interesting, especially with the developments later on as he begins to travel. This is another twist on turning the ‘support‘ capability into something more extensive, since mages aren’t supposed to be able to engage in close combat.

Alien_blade: This a great novel that stays away from cliches and yet still keeps its charm. Our MC isn’t a typical transmigrator that gets the world handed to him through some cheat. There is actual character growth you see a boy from a civilized world adjust to his new circumstances becoming a man in the process. There is not that much action at the start but for good reasons. All I can say is I look forward to the story and so should you.

Weimi: There aren’t that many fillers. Some people may see it as such but after I’ve read through everything, it would actually play a big role to the overall plot of the story. Fantastic setting. Though I can’t say the setting’s a hundred percent original, it is well thought of and the author’s way of seeing and explaining things definitely gave it a fresh feeling. There are some(only some not that much) mistakes on the grammar and spelling but not a big deal to be honest. I would definitely recommend this novel to my friends. Thank you for your hard work, author-san!

PeacefulUser: This is a very fun story, and it feels very fluid. People’s reactions are not stressed or exaggerated, and they seem natural. In the beginning the chapters are short, but then they become of an ideal size. The magic style also captures the attention of readers, and the magic-science measure seems right. I personally think the story is a bit rushed, the early childhood and early stages should have greater focus and different viewpoints, but in fact it is only my opinion and can vary between different people. I understand why it feels a little lonely since it does not fit any age group correctly, but the way you describe it seems that it has no contact with other humans in history beyond the guards, teacher and librarian. In fact just to include more dialogues in the chapters would solve a part of this problem, but in general the story is incredible. Keep up the good work and if you can be careful what I suggested

Lynwood: The best feature of this story so far is that the author attempts to stick to their promise of not having an over powered main character. Unfortunately, luck is over used as a medium of plot development and it undermines character development.
From the position of spelling and grammar, the author leaves much to be desired. There are a great number of repeated mistakes. The author employs a limited vocabulary. This word choice becomes repetitive and stagnates the author’s communication about both the world setting and the characters.
The story has good potential. It is mildly amusing and has a few charming moments. The author’s world building has a great deal of untapped potential. I am particularly interested in reading how the world-spanning conspiracies unfold and how the author chooses to reveal more of the world through the competing influences of the factions at play.
All in all, this is a light read. It is mildly enjoyable. It has a great deal of potential and could be improved by folds with steps taken to overcome its weaknesses in writing quality.

kwrobes: This is perhaps one of the best written stories on this site where… surprise!!! … the main character is not a violent apathetic murderer. He’s killed only a couple humans at this point in time. The entire point of the magic system seems to be well-designed and at least somewhat thought out. I enjoy the fact that he’s a space mage because I also can’t necessarily think of op applications of his power which leaves less plotholes. I’ll admit it’s less dramatic than most things you’ll find here but I find it’s more realistic when it is dramatic, with a more subtle tone to it. I have to say I’m incredibly impressed by this story and writing even though I see toxic comments complaining on almost every chapter.
I especially enjoy these recent story lines where the main character is researching in a reasonable fashion.
I do however, have one complaint. The main character, before being reborn, finished an applied maths degree. One line in particular bugs me, when he’s surprised that maths have applications. Like what the hell did he study if not that.
Outside of the fact that I have the perspective of a mathematician, I quite enjoyed this novel and the writing.

Etube: This review is written at just over a hundred chapters, but this is one of my favorite things I have read in that (little?) length. The magic system (big surprise that there’s magic, given the title) is well thought out and intriguing, and allows for clear increases in power due to raw strength, but also leaves room for great strength through application and technique.
As a transmigration novel (spolier from Ch1, I guess?), it does a great job of integrating past experiences and knowledge in a coherent way that gives the main character a unique spark in the world, but does not make him overpowered.
MC’s quest for knowledge, sparked by his interest in magic, leads him into an engaging life that consistently leaves me, and the other readers, thirsting for more.
One potential shortcoming of this novel is that many characters seem to show up, then be left behind. I say “potential” because if the story develops in such a way that they meet again, it would lead to some very dynamic and fascinating situations. But at the current point in the novel, the characters currently around MC seem to be solidifying as the author begins to delve deeper into MC’s relationships with the other characters.

Bornoo: I just finished this story but i really wanted to give a short review and thoughts.
First of all i love this new idea of this story line. There are no cliches and the story itself seems well thought through.
However, what is miss is an improved writing quality. There are so many typos in it, which kind of lessen the fun of reading. The naming of the characters was really(!) wierd at the beginning where basically everyone sounded the same and even the names were mixed at one point. Every speach also felt kind of dry. At first it was really hard to read because of that and the world building and character design. I think important story was lost in the first 30ish chapters where it was just boom, boom, boom finished with school and everthing else. I would have loved to hear more about his live as a student and some side stories which are unrelated/partly related to the main story. it would help to sympathise with the main character.

What can i say i still read the whole thing and i like it. The quality improved alot over the 100 chapter! Story wise it is also picking up speed so continiue with the good work but please re-check the chapter for spelling errors!

trekt: Good novel
+ for World Background
( The author created a believable world that I hope gets even better as the story progresses, the idea of a magic system is at best mediocre, but it is getting a big plus for the consistency which is no small feat and the author can be quite proud of it.)
– for Character Design
( The protagonist is not that bad. I personally liked that you tried to give him some depth, but in the end he is like a bad side character, we know almost nothing about him and most of the character traits you tried to give him get forgotten after 5 chapters.
The side characters are all just not good , we have no rival , an antagonist that just appears in the middle of the story and a love interest that couldnt be more unimportant.
For real if I had to decide if the love interest or that random weaponsmith had to die , well you know who I would choose.)
I can also see that you improve yourself with every chapter written, the second arc is way better then the first and I really think you got talent.
Keep writing.

GM_Serafin: True Space Mage is a rather refreshing story among all the copy-pasted web novels around. It tries to build its own unique world with lots of layers and mysteries, and it establishes a logical magic system that still allows endless possibilities. Truly a breath of fresh air if you’re used to novels that keep reusing the same few settings over and over again.
The main character, Aaron, also feels much more like a human than most protagonists. Despite his reincarnation advantages, there are always challenges waiting for him. He hesitates, makes mistakes, falls into slum**, and struggles against inner demons; through all of this, however, he slowly grows as a person and a mage.
Sadly, while the ideas might be good, the actual writing… isn’t. I’m not just talking about the technical aspects, the grammar, and whatnot (though a proofreader is definitely needed as well), but the overall plot and character development. It doesn’t feel like the author has much of a plan, which ends up seriously harming the novel. It’s what makes Aaron simultaneously one of the best and worst things about the story.
As I said previously, Aaron’s humanity makes him a compelling character, but only when the writer knows what they’re doing. The problem here is that it’s hard to get a good grasp on his character. He repeats mistakes even though he should have gotten over them already; he is supposed to be smart, but keeps getting dumbed down so that the plot moves in certain ways; he improves dramatically in many aspects, but still makes newbie blunders; his motivations are sometimes fuzzy and hard to understand.
Many of these problems could be improved with forethought and planning. If say, character X (readers will know who I’m talking about) will be important in the future, then take some time to establish their relationship with Aaron; don’t just suddenly add some drama involving X when neither the reader nor the main character has much reason to care about them. Maybe it makes sense in theory, but you need to *show* us these things, not just *tell* them. Give them more scenes, more characterization.
Also, you need to give some thought to the main character’s progression if you want to avoid testing the reader’s patience. If he failed, learned his lesson, and became stronger, then move on. Don’t keep retreading old ground unless you can add something genuinely new and interesting. Writing realistic, deeply flawed protagonists takes some serious writing skills, especially in a web novel, which we often read for easily digestible stories. So I would advise anyone to start ******.
All in all, it could still be an enjoyable read for people who enjoy magic and worldbuilding. That’s mostly what kept me hooked, at least. But the writing has much to improve and could hugely benefit from an editor, since the actual story falls short from what it could have been.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020

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