[Story] Transition and Restart

Title: Transition and Restart
Author: StenDuring
Genre(s): Teen
Tags: isekai, Slice of Life, romance, school, light novel, drama, High school, tokyo, sweden, Japan
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus, Completed Volumes
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 10
Number of Chapters: 463
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: January 4, 2019
Date of Last Update: July 4, 2020
VB Reviewed? Yes
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 61
If you were transported from this world to another almost identical.
If you were transported from your life to your teenage self.
If you had to restart your life again.
Would you, or would you cling to your memories?
This is a Japanese manga/anime -style slice of life high school romance with a splash of sci-fi. Ensemble cast, so if you only want one main character this is not for you.


Blue_Rhapsody: Part of a review swap:
My first impressions are:
Clean and advanced writing.
Characters each have distinct personalities.
Well planned out plot line.
Beginning is a bit lackluster, I found it but difficult to continue reading.
Over all a cute story about Japanese students.
Slice of life: this is not a genre for for everyone, better for older audiences.

MajestyGloxinia: This story is really a great read!
The start is befuddling but in a good way! Story improvement is great, The plot is so intriguing and one of a kind! The writing quality is really descriptive and keeps you captivated. The character design is heavenly as well!
It was worth to read from confusion then sudden clarity. I will keep reading this, but for now, here are my thoughts about the story!

fantasy_land: The writing style is great. Initially I had trouble understanding it, but after reading two three times, I became more acquainted with it. Also, would like to mention this is first kind of a novel I have read and highly impressed by it. The plot and character development is good, the way they transition and the talks just hooks the reader. 5 star for all.

ChessityFlames: The author has done a somewhat good job on the writing style, however, the start was a bit iffy and pretty confusing. The story development seems fine with some lacking parts of proper exposition. Character development seem to follow Japanese trope with the authors unique take on it. World background as of now is pretty shallow but acceptable for now.

GrumpyNeighbor: What I love mostly lies in the realistic portrayal of everyone’s emotional struggles. Anyone felt out of place in school because they think they were wiser than other kids would find this relatable.
I have a weakness for teleported characters, so I find the plot intriguing although the slice of life element is what really draws me into this story.
I kept re-reading the first chapters because I always forget who’s who. Somehow I feel that it would be easier to understand this story if it is in comic form than in web novel since I am so bad with names. I found some characters memorable, others not so.
This novel is the kind of story that I can’t read while doing two million other things –it’s bad for multi-tasking. I feel like the story has several layers and I can’t help but read between the lines and pay attention to what I’m reading. I’m still trying to find the perfect time to catch up on this story, hopefully soon.

Lelinly: Before I started reading this novel, I expected something like ‘Relife’.
At first, I got what I expected but when I readed more the story started to betrayed my expectation.
The author claimed that he was inspired by light novel but the story had so many elements that you can’t find in light novel (I think most don’t use those plot because it will make the reader want to drop their novel).
To those who expect a lighthearted romance novel commonly find on this site, I don’t recommend this novel
I recommend this novel to those who want a unique romance novel in a bad and good way

xincerely: Very interesting story so far, will definitely continue to read on! The writing style was a bit confusing for me, especially the first chapter’s dialogues — I had to reread it a couple of times to understand what they were saying. But after a few more chapters, I slowly became adapted to the reading!
I love the inner monologue and the fact that the readers get a glimpse on what the characters are thinking, I think it makes us connect to them a lot more! 😀
The character designs was also phenomenal and really great, each of them has their own unique sense of personality!
The updates are very stable (a lot of chapters and its only the first month!) so kudos to you, author-san! ^~^
Definitely adding this to my library~

Charlotte8: I think your individual chapters work very well, but put together into a narrative, they’re a bit disjunct. As several of your other reviewers have said, even with the intro, keeping track of what is going on where with whom in what world is challenging. When so many reviews say the same thing, it’s probably time to take a second look at how you’re structuring the story.
However, the concept of getting to go back and do it over–that’s universal and cuts to the core of human nature. I haven’t read it to the end, but if you haven’t already, working in a chapter or two about their lives when they’re fifty and regretful would underscore why they want to go back so very badly.
I also like the recurring sakura blossoms. They’re a very well thought out touch.

TheVirginPervert: OK, first of all, this novel didn’t give me the feeling a ‘light novel’ would give, but it gave me the feeling an actual novel would give. I’m sure you’ll understand what that means. As for the story, you’ll have to bear with the first chapters to get familiarized with the circumstances the main characters are in and then some chapters later, you’ll be really engaged by their relationships and their crossed love targets. Added to my library, hoping to find out how their relationships will develop.

VVee_35: It’s a well progressing story. I haven’t finished reading all 70 plus chapters yet and I struggled to understand the first three to four chapters but once I figured it out the rest of the novel moves along. It’s definitely very unique and different compared to what I’ve read and seen here. Which makes it good. I am no grammar expert but I’m very impressed with how well it’s written so far. That’s why even though it’s part of a review swap I’m keeping it in my library because it’s one of the stories I find interesting and admire the writing technique. The character’s are interesting especially Urufu (hope I spelled that right). Author consistently releases chapters and the way he describes the world by not turning it into an info dump is good. I also think the author has a skill at writing believable dialogue between characters.

Lizabelle88: The story is unique and interesting, several characters were already introduce. It’s Yukio and Urufu-kun dou that caught my interest the most. Then a fifty years old CEO in a teenage body, that would be Urufu aka Ulf? Correct me if am wrong. Or maybe I got confused, lol. Anyways, it’s my first time reading a manga based story. I finished reading ’till 11 chapters. Am curios about the Club. Anyways, writing quality is excellent. Flow of the story is well structured, character design is flawless, world background is well established. Am sure SciFi lovers and manga, anime lovers will flocked to this novel and devour it in no time. As for me, it’s interesting and a different kind of read since am used to romance fiction genre. All in all, the story is well written. The Author can introduced you to a different world, which I find entertaining. You got the talent! Keep it up Author.

UnliMegane: Hey there. Megane-kun here for a review. First, I think the concept is real cool. It’s also quite unique. It’s both a coming of age story and yet not. It may read like your typical adolescent drama, but there’s a twist. And unraveling the mystery behind that twist could be one of the main draws of the novel.
Some less patient readers may have a tendency to opt out after the first few chapters though. It’s a story set in different timelines between parallel worlds, but people who don’t actually bother to read the intro first would find themselves a bit confused in the beginning. I’m actually not one to talk myself, since I overdid the flashbacks in my own work to 🙂 Once it gets going though, things get more interesting, and the events flow more smoothly.
Overall, once you get past the mildly beffudling beginning, you’d find a story which may be right up your alley if you’re in to Japanese LNs with this type of genre. I’m not really a ‘romance and **** drama’ kind of guy, but I’m curious about the underlying mystery behind the transitions.
P.S. I still think Christina should be Kurisutina, even if it would remind you of another character from Steins Gate lol

Veronica8: Back to front. Front to back. In between. This is pretty much the feeling I had when I read the story. I think the title is fitting. The beginning chapters took some curve balling to understand what was going on. I realised after some rereads, the story began at an absolute present time. It jumped to a past of a character POV.
The chapters following track through the earlier lives of the six key characters. This is an ensemble story, so there are 6 x MC to get to know.
I’m going to be honest, I found navigating through each six was sometimes a bit of a rough read. The many chopping and changing of time periods and perspectives disjointed the story flow for me that learning the characters didn’t come quite naturally. I had to reread over earlier chapters to have it all sink in. It does become more structured towards the end.
I was impressed with the character writing within chapters. Their perspectives were honest and real that I saw different relatable sides to a personality. It was top quality.
I also felt this story was more slice of life with sci-fi themes than a romance fiction. It did have slow building romance between characters.
I think this story is unique and original to what is on this site. The writing of characters is gold.
Keep writing and thanks for sharing.

BaiQiuyue: Transition and Restart, a very intriguing concept described in various ways. Although this novel is under romance, I think it would fare better and show it’s true potential under a different genre. Maybe magical realism or Sci-fi? As you’ve noticed, the audience for romance fiction on webnovel leans more towards female lead cultivators, reincarnation for revenge and love between a CEO and entertainer. For example, for manga, this story would probably be published under shounen romance, rather than shoujo romance.
The plot is, as most readers stated, a little confusing to follow at first. But this isn’t a big deal as long as you catch the reader’s attention. Which you did very well in chapter 1. This makes a reader curious in wanting to know what happens next and compels them to read further. And the further they go, the more the reader comprehends. There are many published novels who have a rough start but slowly gains a large reader base when things pick up.
The characters are well fleshed out. You have a good way of connecting a reader to the character, which is something I always look for in a novel. Their dialogue, actions and the details that accompany them have a reason to it. But, I recommend adding a brief definition of Japanese terms for readers who do not know them.
Your writing style is unique, but sometimes the dialogue can be a bit ‘stiff’ when a character tries to explain things. I noticed this mostly at the beginning. Maybe this is why the story is confusing at first. I do enjoy the rhythm and pace of the story. It has a proper mix of short and long sentences, as well as a good balance of text and dialogue.
Overall, I enjoyed reading up to Chapter 31, but as I pointed out earlier, this will do really well under a different genre

Scarlettbunny: Honestly speaking, for me it is hard to find a novel on here that can get a perfect score. So ladies and gentlemen, I present one of those rare novels. Especially with next to nothing in grammatical errors. It flows beautifully that you can easily get absorbed.
It took me a bit to realize I was reading the auxiliary chapters and not the actual story but it serves its purpose. You get every character and the world in one go. It keep fresh in your mind at the very beginning without really compromising the story itself. You still get descriptive scenes and more character information as you go but it’s a nice change from going into a chapter that’s jammed with description and no story or vice versa.
Characters, you get to very distinct nationalities in play. As everyone is very used to Asia backgrounds it’s rare to see English characters and even rarer to so characters from anywhere else in the world. So to see Swedish characters and to outright say they are from Sweden is truly a joy. Next, to throw in an older soul into a different nationality teenage body but not from a different world, just a different time. *Muah* kisses to you imagination.
Overall an outstanding read that will stick in your memories. One of the best ones I have read so far in to the fall season. Will definitely by keeping this little gem in my library to find out the conclusion. Great job.

Chryiss: Overall, this is written well with no glaring mistakes or typos. It’s descriptive enough to make dialogues interesting, and the humor of the characters is a nice touch. The physical settings don’t need a lot of description because it’s basically just a school.
The characters aren’t delved into completely, but that’s probably part of the mystery as well as probably due to only having 30 (where I stopped) chapters to introduce many characters.
Ryu, Noriko, Christina, Kyoko, Yukio, Ulf.
These seem to be the main group plus maybe principal Nakagawa.
This isn’t that many characters, but all the name variations made it rather confusing, and it took a while to get used to and sort out who was who.
The little clues can be easily missed as this isn’t simple leisurely reading. I had to focus to catch the hints and piece together the plot and connection of the two worlds. I can imagine without careful reading and digesting, the story could be rather confusing (seeing the comments) due to the mysteriousness of it.
My only real suggestion, or just idea rather, is to put the 2040 chaps into one or even cut some of them. A few of them in the middle of the 2016 chapters didn’t shed much light or add to much (or maybe I missed out on the importance completely) to the plot. At least, I didn’t see how they flowed/connected to the 2016 events. It just felt like they cut in the middle of the story events in 2016 where most of my understanding was pieced together from the early happenings in the 2040 or transit station events.
I love a good mystery, and this certainly has me guessing and theorizing. I’m personally not all that wild on the school theme since I’ve seen plenty of those variations.
Good work, keep at it! (:

Anya_Nesh: Have you ever thought about starting your life again but 20-50 years younger? And what would have happened with your current life?
The idea of this story gives us a lot of questions to think about. At the same time, the slice of life narrative style allows us to immerse ourselves in the story very deep.
Writing Quality. Five stars. The author’s writing skills are on a high level. I really like the way he describes charactes; metaphors and epithets are just great. ‘Like, for example, the clown Wakayama Ryu, who had a mobile personal harem swooning for him wherever he went.’
Oh, such a treat for my eyes! Good job!
Stability of Updates. Five stars. No questions.
Story Development. Four stars. Hmmm, the story is obviously very interesting. I’m really eager to know what will be next. But sometimes it was a bit hard for me to get what exactly was going on.
Maybe, it’s because I’m not a native English speaker and I still have a very looong way in this language.
Chapter 9 was a little confusing for me where we have a conversation between Ulf and his legal guardian. I think I got the main idea but it took me two times to reread this chapter. But maybe it’s just because of my English level, who knows.
Character Design. Five Stars. Their inner thoughts, their behaviour – everything is fine.
World Background. Five stars. No questions.
To sum up, I can’t tell that it’s an easy reading, and because of that you should be really involved in the process. That’s why I don’t think it would be a good idea to read this novel somewhere on the way. But when you have enough time to sit and let yourself immerse into this world, you will definitely get a lot of pleasure.
Thanks Author and keep updating!
Because this novel in my library now ^_^

MC_Dakki: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 19.
First off, there are minor grammar mistakes but that’s what they are – minor. Nothing that breaks the story or anything like that.
There were also a few chapters wherein I had to reread a couple of times just for me to understand what was happening and who was saying what to whom. Again, nothing too major.
For the story and the telling, it reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s style. It focuses on the slice of life and the characters’ reactions to the environment more than the setting itself.
I was initially confused why some chapters were short, but it was explained later on that it was for the year 2040 chapters so it did make sense. The chapters are lengthy enough to contribute to the story, but not long enough for you to be bored.
Writing quality is 4 because there were some confusing chapters that I had to focus more and reread a couple of times. However the flow has improved in the later chapters.
Stability of updates is 5, daily updates says it all.
Story development is 5. Like I said above, it heavily reminds me of Haruki Murakami which is one of my favorite authors.
Character design is 5 because the characters are believable. You won’t expect most of the main characters to be witty, however they have transmigrated to their younger years so it does make sense.
World background is 5. It mainly depicts the year 2040 and their interactions at school, however the focus of this story is the characters.

chonnie: This review is part of a review swap. Hopefully this can help you in your writing!
I was interested in the story, but never fully invested. I think I had a hard time comprehending the switching between worlds. I had to go back and forth between chapters to reference things. Overall, the novel is not bad. It just wasn’t my cup of tea because its not in the genre I’m fond of. If you’re into a slice of life, modern setting high school novel, you’ll definitely like this (for reference, i like fantasy books set in the olden days)!
Stars °
Writing: 4
There were times I felt like the writing was a little too ‘frugal,’ then there were times I felt like it was too much. Don’t get me wrong, this is a standout in terms of quality compared to other books. However, there were times that I wanted a little bit more detail to paint a better picture. Not necessarily to tell me everything, because the author is clearly trying to add a level of mystery to everything, but to understand enough to feel. This ties into CD which I’ll go into next.
CD: 4
They were there and they made me laugh, but I didn’t feel very connected to them. Maybe if I had read a few more chapters, but as of right now I feel like there was a more tell than show when it came to the characters. Their personalities were fairly distinct, so I had no real issue on remembering who was who. There was definitely a feeling of the developing bond between all of them.
SOU: 5
No issues here. I just added it into my library a few days ago and I’ve seen it update a few times already. Good job!
SD: 4
The way the story was introduced was interesting. The confusion when reading the beginning definitely adds a certain level of interest. Switching back and forth between time periods was good at keeping a sort of ‘suspense’ (thats not the word i want to use but ive been thinking for about 5 minutes now and i cant find the right word).
WB: 5
Confusing as it may be, I was interested. I wanted to know what was going on and that to me made the world much more valuable. I’ll be binge reading from time to time because I want to understand the elements of the worlds and how things got from point A to point B.
I hope this helped you in some way. Thank you for helping me!!

Fiona_Singer: A rather interesting multicultural work, like a Shinkai Makoto production with a Swedish scriptwriter, you can sense the intertwined elements of Japanese and Swedish culture almost everywhere: not only just the content, where the comparisons of the two cultures have repeatedly occured, but also in writing style and character design, too. Thus I’m wildly guessing the author has a similar background like Ulf :D, or at least has an amazingly deep understanding of both countries.
The language used is not really “authentic, native English”–not saying that it’s bad or wrong, just not quite the mainstream American/British style of using words and organizing sentences, like it’s written by a person who’s from non-english-speaking European countries but well-educated in this language (Don’t know why I get this feeling, sheer intuition XD Not necessarily right), adding a unique, personal characteristic to the whole text, especially when it’s organized about a story happened in Japan, which just makes it some-what exotic, even.
Might be why some people find it a little bit obscure and hard to read, but to me it distinguishes this novel from the mainstream of both Asian works(which referred to Webnovel stuff and Japanese light novels) and English fictions(Again meaning American/British style). I like this kind of feeling, personally, for I REALLY HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE MAINSTREAM BULXXHIT. I always think literature should be more inclusive in this area, doesn’t matter if it’s not the right or orthodoxy or popular way. My ass.
The plots and characters won’t be that original if you know a lot about Japanese anime and light novels, but’s it’s fairly well written. For my taste it’s progressing in a rather slow pace, however, and because the author has two story lines with big time gap in between, readers will need to really quiet their minds down to appreciate the work properly, because it’s not something you can digest like fast-food fiction.
As for world background, I haven’t gathered much information about this futuristic setting of transits until now, but I’m sensing a bit of sociological meaning that the author wanted to attach to the transit and reincarnation system, from the whole upstream/downstream world thing, which will be something to hope for in my future readings. I’m quite a veteran of the whole webnovel industry so I’m speaking this from experience: the “reincarnation school” was at root to satisfy the unrealistic, childish wish of “I’m a fxxking loser but if I could go back I would lead a different life blabla”, and the transit/restart system was merely a hand of god to make the wish come true. Will be glad to see someone give it a better purpose.
Finally, since there’s quite an amount of business language in the novel and I’m a business school bachelor myself, I’m just gonna market-position this book anyway (just for fun)(nope): this book would be very unlikely to be a commercial success. The whole web novel industry thing started in China and I witnessed the process, and I know from the core now it’s even more market-focused and fast-food-ish than your western publishing/filmscripts industry thing, and this book is just too slow-paced and niche. But screw that. I just love rare dishes.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020


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