[Story] Starbound: A Space Odyssey

Title: Starbound: A Space Odyssey
Author: ArthurHFSS
Genre(s): Science Fiction
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 95
Date of First Release: November 4, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 19, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 3   PD 2   CF 1   ||   RL 1   CL 3  ||  Overall: 10
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 172.3 K
Number of Reviews: 8
As red tentacles burst from the ground, the whole planet trembled and fell into chaos.
It was the beginning….the beginning of the end.
Earth was destroyed with the attack of the mysterious creature.
The Terrene Protectorate, the defenders of the universe, were left in shambles after the attack on Earth.
Only a few people were able to flee from the planet before its complete destruction.
John Connor, an 18 years old fresh graduate Protector, was one of those lucky enough to survive and escape.
Armed only with his dubious expertise and a few tools, he will have to avoid the dangers the universe without the Terrene Protectorate can offer, repair his ship, restore the symbol of a defunct organisation and carry the burdens of the fate of the world that lies on his shoulders.
Surviving in this turbulent era won’t be easy for our inexperienced John Connor.
With the end of the Terrene Protectorate, numerous factions that were once dormant, will rise and start to fight for power. Outlaws, fanatics, greedy corporations, and governments, the conflict of interests of those groups and factions will lead to an incredible amount of deaths.
Follow John Connor as he explores the wonders of the endless universe, and discover how harsh and unforgiving reality can be.


VVee_35: This is a good story. It was well written and I connected with John because the way you explained what he was doing and going through. This is definitely a good read if your into this genre! Keep up the good work!

UnliMegane: Wild megane-ojisan spotted! It used Review! It’s super effective!
Hey, it’s a sci-fi fanfic which actually got me hankering to play the game it’s based on lol. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the work.
The work you put in with introducing the overall setting and lore is worthy of applause. And the fanfic itself is engaging enough. The grammar is good. It just has some hiccups occasionally, but not enough to detract from the reading experience.
All in all, a stellar read. Great job!

GabrielDetchans: Simply amazing! I am not a great fan of fanfiction novels but this one is stunningly well made. I really don’t understand why this marvelous novel don’t have more reviews. Come on readers! If you appreciate this work then do a review. Its only five minutes of your time and you would be encouraging the Author to continue to work hard!
Extensive World Background descriptions and lore. Good Character Design; they feel lifelike and interesting. The story develop nicely and there is a balanced mix of action and discovery.
The stability of updates is great and the writing quality its above the average novel.
I totally recommend this novel to everyone who loves science fiction.

Nyanmato: Please excuse my poor english,
This is the second starbound fanfic i’ve ever read, and if you’re tired of those wuxia, cultivator, and those narcissistic prick then i shall say this novel may be perfect for you. And don’t worry if you not familiar with the lore or never play starbound before, the author kindly covered and explained it all (and chucklefish may gain another starbound player).
So far, The story is following the canon, with a bit spice of lore and interstellar conflict. And i can’t be amazed of how underrated this novel is, i mean it’s not everyday you can read sci-fi fanfic in this website.
But to be honest, starbound lore is full of hole, the overpowered personal warping and teleportation, the races background, device mechanism, and i hope the author explain the outpost in details, i mean a dimensional HUB is should be gigantic, sprawling cities, advanced ship in the port, armory of advanced tech, or maybe that’s why they call it “outpost”.
I think The author should add his own lore, or fill it with crossover or better yet maybe mods, i’m sure it will give him the idea to progress the story other than the canon. Other than that it’s all good, just need a bit of realism. And i love this novel, hope you the best.
I don’t mean to act bossy, and cocky. But if you found this review offending then please send me letter, i will apologize properly.

Story Post Last Updated: March 20, 2019

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