[Story] So What If I’m a Summoner Who Only Wants Fluffy Creatures?

Title: So What If I’m a Summoner Who Only Wants Fluffy Creatures?
Author: Neverender
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Magic
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 1   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 88
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: September 1, 2018
Date of Last Update: January 14, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 242.3K
Number of Reviews: 9
A year ago, having lost the golden retriever that had accompanied him for fifteen years of his life, a retired sixty-odd years old man decided to distract himself by trying his hand at the MMORPG Elysium Online. One year later, he’s now known as Aurelius, a Summoner who desires nothing else other than cute and fluffy creatures regardless of their actual strength. Due to his principle and tenacity for fluffy creature, Aurelius eventually obtained the [Holy Feathered Dragon] a high level creature that was considered inferior to it’s dark counterpart, the [World Ender Dragon]. However, soon after he had obtained the Holy Dragon, it was discovered that the strongest raid boss of the latest update, the [World Breaker Behemoth] is indeed, weak to those with [Holy] attribute.
And so, together with his guildmates and friends, Aurelius challenged the boss and after a difficult battle, finally defeated it and obtained the top spot of the fastest clear time for the boss. As they celebrate upon their victory, a rift opened up in the middle of the boss field and out of curiosity, Aurelius and the rest went on ahead and tried to interact with it. The result was that they were all suck into the rift and arrived in a parallel world.
Separated from the other, Aurelius found himself in a kingdom of humanoid creature with animal-like features such a ears and tails and that he himself, is the hero they have summoned to fight on their behalf. Determined to find his friends and protect these fluffy animal people, Aurelius now stand against the demon invasion with his various fluffy summoned creatures at his side.


m_n: The concept of the story is pretty interesting, but i dont like the way the MC being nerfed by losing creatures he can summon and the way he get back the creatures in quite convinient way. Next, we have it where low leveled enemies are capable of killing an high level player. I mean what is the point of mentioning the levels if they do not matter. I think this story would be better if the main character being an overpowered character from the start or a story about MMORPG summoner collecting monster (not transported to another world type of story)

Froschmo: Yo, fro here~~~!!!
This is interesting, an old man get a chance to experience excitement again lol. Its so funny reading his thought when he was just summoned to another world. Its logical and make sense, but at the same time so comical. You should add more old man features in the story, like his habit as old man, complaining about back ache, but realized that wasnt there anymore. The flow of story was too rushing I think, because I felt like the story was about to end when the demon champion appeared, but it is okay since the story started at a war. It is exciting to see battle immediately in the story. Just world background was still abit vague, the demon things, like where they came from hadnt been explained clearly, though it is still early chap, so maybe it will slowly unravel later. The game system, like the skill is okay, but Im still confused about MC’s class, he was summoner but can buff like an enchanter? Should the buff more for his familiar instead? Overall this story has good beginning, the narrative also easy to read, just the grammar is still a bit bad, you mixed the past tense and present tense, better use one consistently instead. Well, this story has good potential, keep the hard work!

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020

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