[Story] Slayer of Kings

Title: Slayer of Kings
Author: Dark_Reality
Genre(s): Fantasy
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 1   SWB 1   || TQ 3   SV 1   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 62
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: August 24, 2018
Date of Last Update: November 28, 2018
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 507.5K
Number of Reviews: 16
This story follows the journey of Leo an assassin who got killed by his friend turned enemy. Leo was never afraid of death. He died after living a life filled with pain and loss, however, Leo soon wakes up in a new world after his death.
Leo gathers more information about this new world. While on the journey he crosses path with someone who had changed his life. That person is none other than his friend turned enemy and the person who killed him, Cao. That is not all he soon finds out even though they both died at the same time Cao in this new world is much stronger than him to where he nearly kills Leo, but moments before Cao lands the final blow Leo gets teleported away from the battlefield. The only thing Leo saw was a strange symbol through his hazy eyes.
Leo wakes up once again. This time it’s in his own room back at the village which was the first place he went to in this new world. He notices a black and white rectangle on his right arm.
Leo’s mind becomes muddled by mysteries. How did he reach this new world? How did Cao arrive here? How is Cao much stronger than he is? How did he escape from Cao? What was that symbol he saw before he got teleported? What were those two rectangles on his right arm?
Filled with mysteries Leo sets out to find answers, but an unexpected encounter leads him to meet a girl named, Mia. A charming, strong and determined girl through her Leo gets to know about The Shadow Claw Organization. A group of people who helps others in need, however on the inside, they are killers and spies who will do anything as long as they get money. The helping mentality is a cover-up for the real truth.
Leo soon finds out they are not as simple as he thought they were.


Night_317: Well, this is a really good original novel.
It’s a novel in which I’m able to understand the characters. By chapter 27 as a reader, we know about the goals and weaknesses of each member of the main cast. It’s great seeing that their lives are not revolved around the MC’s.
I also really like that the world feels alive with things happening around it not related to the characters. The world and characters feel alive each with their own goals and weaknesses. I’m looking forward on seeing them achieve their goals and overcome their weaknesses. The WIKI was a really good idea.
The world building is good and the writing quality gets better the more you read. All in all I highly recommend this novel.

HavenlyJeep: – The story is slow-paced, but in a good way. However, there’s not much to be found in each individual chapters, as Leo currently stays in one place with no interesting development YET.
– Leo, as a character, has a distinct personality. He does what he wants, and seems to be exude a bit of an Anti-Hero vibe to him. The other characters seem to be less interesting.
– I like the descriptions the author used to describe the surroundings. Enough to get the readers know where and what he’s doing.
*Just a suggestion, ignore it if you want:
— I think you need to add more suspense and ******* into the chapters. Add more stakes and conflicts. Because in the initial chapters, there’s not much of a hook for the readers to get invested into the story.

Skully_: Originality – 5/5 For this site cultivation stories are very common. But this story is quite different. Its a cross between Natural Born Killers and a Cultivation Master Fighting
Story – 3/5 There is a great story buried beneath the info dump. I can see it in the Authors imagination but it is really struggling to be communicated in the text. The problem is the writing style. I will give examples and suggestions after the categories.
Characters – 2/5 There is an MC, an Antagonist and side characters. The MC is not well defined, I understand he is a master, young in appearance, an expert. But I know little about his goals, motivation or personality. A weak to strong MC can be much more appealing than a straight up Master. But that is for the Author to determine.
The antagonist has an issue that he is MC focused or obsessed. I advise you create a personality, motivations and goals for the Antagonist. His life does not revolve around the MC unless the MC stands in his way for a vital objective. OR he stands in the MCs way for his objective. At the moment I cannot tell. Cao just hunts the MC. For Reasons.
Flow – 1/5 The flow is terrible. It’s an infodump. There is conversation but it is poorly written. There is a description of people and places. But the way it is delivered in massively long sentences which are not well thought out. These are not genius sentences, the language is poor. What could have been said with four words uses twenty. And its repetitive. …[Examples excerpted]

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020

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