[Story] Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

Title: Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty
Author: XiaoMeeHee
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: Mature, Power Couple, Love, Comedy, Friendship
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 417
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: December 25, 2018
Date of Last Update: June 3, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 12M
Number of Reviews: 2031
What do you do when your family abandons you? Do you start to hide?
Xu Mey wasn’t the one to hide. The only thing she hid from the world was her real self. Seemingly, a timid girl was terrifying inside but only a few knew about it.
She was running for revenge. For every wound that she received, she had a burning desire to pay back ten folds.
Ye Jie was heartbroken. He had a perfect life for the world but only he knew what he was trying to hide even from himself.
At first, Xu Mey was just his interest. A girl who popped up in his life out of nowhere and yet wreaked havoc.
But he soon realized that she had walls built around her heart keeping the world at bay.
Losing love once felt enough to him but with a certain someone’s appearance, a lot is intended to bring a change.
What will happen when she’ll alter his idea of love?
Will he be able to shatter the thick walls around her heart?
She’ll shatter him?
Life shattered her into pieces. Will his love be able to pick up those broken pieces?


Beauty96: I was skeptical of reading this novel at first but when I started it, I binge read it in one go. It’s too good. The character description, development, background design, everything. Especially, I adore jie and Mey as a couple.
Keep writing 👍

2482: Mysterious and cold hearted female falls in love with her husband which was not part of her plan . Interesting story with a good plot , both leads has complicated background making them a good match

Erin_Mcshane: Do not get me wrong, yes i gave a fairly low rating but i really like this book. The main characters in this book make you think hard about your own life in a large picture. I have only read less then 50 chapters and i am in love with the MC and ML. They way they interact and talk to each other will make you think about love, life, and your feeling. I will keep reading because i want to know where their loves take them.

Miacasas: I’m really loving this novel. I love it’s characters and their relationships. So much love between friends. And the way they support each other. I’m definitely reading this to the end.

(second) This is a beautiful story. I am enjoying it very much. I like how both leads are broken but are trying to heal each other. It seems like no matter what they will always try to work things together. I really recommend this story. I guarantee you’ll love it.

MounikaGanapathi: Mr. CEO loves the devilish beauty is one of the best novel in my library. Thank you for the author for giving us a beautiful novel. It tells about the love, life, about the situations, sadness, etc. Most important thing is, it tells us the idea how to see life in a positive way. Thanks alot once again. I really like the novel alot 🙂

IamLovelyeLLe: What I love in this novel is you can learn many things about life and love wherein in every chapter there is always life and love lesson. It is very enjoyable to read as it is relatable. You can relate to the experiences of the characters especially in their love experiences.

Shriya_: A very nice story and the author tends to relate thing which is very much understandable. I think this story shows human emotions clearly. I like how the story goes. There is no instant romance the leads gradually develop their feelings for each other.

vinivishnu: An interesting beautiful story…A novel with romance,suspense, mystery, friendship.. It’s is an all in one package.Another wonderful thing is the way of writing ,it’s amazing .Im a fan of yous dear author.Your thoughts and theories are really awesome.Both ML and FL are strong characters.love to Xumey and Ye jie

kreader: Love the story. overall the plot is great with interesting and mysterious character background that hooked me. At first I thought it would be the normal girl meet boy fell in love immediately kinda story. However I was semi right cuz the main female character drew me in with her innocent and devious side of hers which made me addicted to the story.
Keep it up author😁

sakura_belle: I love the story. Not your typical arrange marriage romance novel.. first novel i have encountered where the characters took their time knowing each other prior any physical intimacies.. i just love how their relationship develops chapter after chapter. Their interactions that are so touching and heartfelt.😌😌

dantine: It is a good novel gives you that vibe …you can easily relate to out daily lives you wanna know what happens next that anxiety that this novel brings you is thrilling.. I love how the live story is created slowly pace by pace ….i love how XU Met is Frank and blunt and Ah Jie the way he thinks and sweet talks it’s good …i really recommend this novel for you to read

Blackrose76: It’s a refreshing story of two people truly learning to love. It has a few life lesson tidbits thrown in but they go along with the story and I love the anime references as well. It’s definitely worth the read.

racketyrecounter: The story and the plot is very interesting with sufficient focus on character development and growth, perfect for a read. The usage of real emotions and fears make it comparable with real life as well.

csaf: CEO in the title is a little cliché, but from my experience we should not judge the book by its cover. This novel is a good example of this. The characters are extremely well built and history unfolds at the right speed. The novel is very well written. Congratulations to the Author.

devoid_of_fun: I love how the author uses their words; which makes the story interesting and you can basically learn all the proverbs in this world. Also the story is deep and meaningful which makes me think about things I never thought I would think about.. I also love the characters and their bonds with each other😍😘

_STFU_: This story has the perfect amount of everything. Romance, misunderstandings, one-sided love, exes, mystery, friends, family and so much more. There’s no need to think about it. Just put it in your library.
All of the stories I’ve made a review are worth your while. I assure you that much. All of the stories I’ve made a review are worth your while. I assure you that much. All of the stories I’ve made a review are worth your while. I assure you that much.

Jyoti88988: Though I have read many novels in webnovel this particular novel is exceptional. I really thought that it would be same as other novels but now that I am going through this journey with Xu Mey, Ye Jie & my sweet author my opinion is completely changed. This novel is worth your time. I would like to recommend readers who have not read it yet to give it a try I guarantee you won’t regret. And surely would fall in love with the characters. Love you author… 😘

forurose: At first I thought it will be boring but looking at the reviews I tried it. After reading 10-15 chapters I slowly fell in love with the main characters. Strong yet vulnerable, Loving yet cunning….I love the way they are described. I am happy that an reading it. Give it a try if you are interested in slow and steady love.

AiHikari: It’s not like typical story that focusing on revenge plot or super MC and ML.
It’s a story about two imperfect individuals married each other and try to work on their marriage. The journey to know their spouse’s nature, to build a trust and love is so lovely to read and make them more human than other novels.
What I love about this story is lean more to literature and each chapter had their own ‘Quote of the day’s ‘.

SniperGirl: If you are fed up of the same old web novels.. but love the cheesy plot line.. this book is perfect for you! It’s different from the others because of the lovely writing style the author has.. she relates all her characters feelings through such random quotes and every last one of them will leave you thinking before you move on with the story.. and the plot line makes sense with just the right amount of drama..! The romance is slow paced because that’s what the story asks for and this book actually has a proper wedding between the characters unlike the quick trip to civil affairs bureau BS in EVERY other novel out there!
Hope you enjoy your time reading ‘cause I surely did! 🙂

LivLyf_52: It’s a very informative story on how to handle relationships and how to handle a family. A great twists and mystery enveloped in this story made it so interesting each time you read. Descriptions of each character are very clear. The flow and phasing are really fast. No boring moments. It will make you really fall in love with the characters. The relationship between friends and families are somewhat strong and deep that will surely inspire you to have and build that kind of relationship with your own family and friends. I salute the author.

mrivera: I love the story development. Well presented. It eggs you to run to the next page. From beginning the build up of interest, excitement continue consistently to rise up….each character portrays a relationship at its best, understanding and accepting one another’s flaws as part of what makes the person whole. It also makes you wish this kind of friendship, romance can be reality in today’s era. Thank you. Cant wait for the next update.

JiJi: The character development for the leads in this story is one of the worst I’ve ever read in a webnovel. The FL showed such promise in the beginning, she was strong, she had a past and she grew from it. But it was all don’t hill from there from the moment that she got together with the ML and started to “open up”. She became so dependent and lowkey pathetic. ML wasn’t any better as he kept making dumber and dumber decision as the story progressed.

I guess the only saving grace of this story are the side characters whom I actually prefer more so than the two leads. They had more dimension and positive character growth to them that the ML and FL. Not gonna lie sometimes I skipped past the ML and FL dialogue to get to the side character storylines. It’s more interesting.

Vastenerada: I was waiting to read more chapters before reviewing the novel, but there’s no need for that. Great novel author, different point of view from another romance novels, though I’m not very fond of romance novels (I get bored quickly) yours is really keeping my interest, not because a complicated plot or because that big drama novels it’s just because I always end each chapter with a nice smile on my face. Thanks for that. I’ll recommend it to my friends. Keep on writing 😊😊😊😊

Zero_Kiryu_: Seriously it’s an awesome story my first comment was on the novel ‘the famous painter is CEO’s wife’ and this one the story line the characters and everything it’s just so damm perfect, even if u r a silent reader the story will surely make u at least one time to comment its awesome I really like no wait love the FL and the ML as well specially Xu Mey and specially her friends and his brother in law he is also a awesome character and Ye Jie he is also someone not to sneeze at overall all the character plays a awesome and significant role, I am just waiting for his reaction when he finds out about her actual job. Its actually a pretty interesting story from the beginning not a part should be missed. I am really not good with writing reviews and stuff but I’ll say this all the characters r awesome the story line is awesome, background and everything. Can’t wait for more and pls don’t end it soon it’s so awesome.

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020


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