[Story] Monster Integration

Title: Monster Integration
Author: AnWan
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Monsters, Adventure, Action, Sword, Sci-Fi, Romance
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 1   SV 1   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 1128
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: January 15, 2019
Date of Last Update: October 11, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 8M
Number of Reviews: 802
In the world where Humans and Monster’s form a bond and fight together, the world where both Evolve together to get stronger.
Walk with Micheal as he starts his adventures with his Silver Sparrow, overcomes countless obstacle and adversaries to fulfill his greatest Dreams.


hidden_cloud: Good story to read but the authors first language is not English. Really interesting plot but the first 10 or so chapters are not edited but don’t let that put you off as a editor now fixing the mistakes. Well worth a look if your interested in summoning beasts in a tech world. Looking forward to see how it continues.

asdfg12: This story would benefit greatly from being worked on by an editor. Other than that issue I like this book. The characters are well thought out and well written. The world building is vivid and exciting. I hope that the author can keep up with the pace of new chapter releases.

Ace135: It’s a really good book with a far more grounded/realistic protagonist for the setting. It’s great to see that while the protagonist has his unique points they aren’t excessive or overpowered and there are people at the same and even lower levels that can beat him. Can’t wait for more

passwortknacker: The hideous English used to write this novel is so catastrophic, that it destroys any kind of atmosphere, ******* or interest that it tries really hard to build up. The sad thing is, that I would actually enjoy the story, if the writing style would not make it absolutely unreadable… please get a capable editor, who can actually speak English, as fast as possible.

Jeff_Lavac: My second review for this story.
I don’t know why I’m still reading this. I could handle the poor grammar but the amount of times I’ve seen the wrong names used is astounding.
But to be fair the names can very well be interchangeable, they are mostly interchangeable. Its hard to comprehend the love interest here, he met Rachael, Sarah’s sister, once before she fell for him. Jill or either of the twins would have made a better pairing.
I don’t know how much more I will read of this.
The romance tag is an afterthought, MC while he gets stronger he’s constantly bellow the bar. What you would think is foreshadowing is just forgotten plots points.

Wrafting: Fantastic story and very interesting. I like the uniqueness of this monster training where the monster and the human fuse together and through this give bonuses to each other. This is a bit of a slower story. This is not a story that goes from being and ant to the ruler of the world in less than 150 chapters. I highly suggest reading it and bearing with the small editing issues that they author has at the start of the LN. He does start to get better at it around chapter 20 and then gets an editor to start editing it at about chapter 36. After that the editing gets really good.

Dewranko: The story plot is good, the world background is sufficient enough to provide some ideas on which stage of development it is in. The methods of refining mana is unique, the integration with monsters i believe is lifted from that Demon story thing.
Really, if i wanted to enjoy it more, a fleshier world lore, better character development, and of course, better english writing skills. Currently it is barely at the level of what a Primary 3 student can do, and even I at that age could do what P6s could do.
Really, either you get an editor with better literature and english skills than you do, or you work on your grammar, tenses, and all that good stuff. Or just proofread if you don’t.

Aita: A world where everyone can bond with a monster, gaining the most loyal and trustworthy soulmate anyone could wish for. An adventure of a boy who trusted his fate to a mutated sparrow monster, one which is considered one of the lowest level bloodline, hinting lots of hardships about breaking future bottlenecks. Without any background support, relying on their own luck, efforts and on each other they fight their way to the top.
The world background is exciting, a little bit similar with “Swallowed Star’s”.
There are no problems about updates.
The story development and the characters are good.
But the grammar is severely lacking. In the first 30 chapters it is barely better than any google translation attempts. Later it becomes better, but it’s still frustrating. The power levels and names are switch or incorrectly written/translated so it is confusing many times, and this is really bad. If at least there would be no such mistakes, the incorrect grammar wouldn’t be so troublesome. And sometimes there is a little lack in connecting descriptions/ parts between some story developments, so this novel will make use of the reader’s fantasy and imagination 🙂
The funny thing is that despite all of these problems/ mistakes, I read all of the published chapters…
The story is quite good with lots twists and turns, killing and romance (no harem, thank God, finally another more down to earth fantasy novel – I mean relationships and strength development as much as fantasy can be considered down to earth:) ),so it keeps my interest.
If the author can find someone to do a throughout check and correct these problems, it would turn into a very good and enjoyable novel.
And I hope the Author won’t drop it halfway, it has a really good potential. So, do your best dear Author!

Seth_Toney: The story is decent, pokemon themed concept but the author hates the MC something fierce, kid made a down right stupid choice that from the world perspective makes NO sense. MC also chooses ‘the road less traveled’ to help fix his obviously bad choice in starting partners this would have been fine if the author had left the MC average or above somewhere else but NO. Mana capacity, refining, everything that defines this worlds cultivation cycle literally laughs at the kid. Yes he has exceptional willpower and discipline but gets him no better than last place. As the story progresses you realize that many of the decisions he makes confuse people, because from their worlds perspective it makes no fucking sense, why would you give up a MUCH better monster, try to overcome their peak by cultivating yourself so that Ashlyn can benefit from your symbiotic relationship, and deliberately hamstring yourself every chance you get? Next the romance tag, who the HELL lied to you and told you ANY part of your story was romantic or even implied the potential for romance when every female character either makes a smarter life choice and thus gets better opportunities, realizes this man has no life ahead of him since both he and his partner have no talent, or hate him for the very choices he makes?
Okay so the premise is good, I love the life partners, the power structure, the female characters and other social interactions, the detailed and refined world setting, even the struggle the MC faces. But the impossible circumstance, tue severe lack of power progression, the lack of romantic progress, and the POS excuse for editing…

AdurnaK: Grammar needs major reviewing including syntax, misplaced words and faulty proofreading (e.g. faulty words such as ‘minister’ instead of ‘monster’). Please fix the grammar since as it is it is not worth going premium. Furthermore, descriptions lack depth and color. Needless repetition of simple words make the writing seem inept or deeply disrespectful to readers.
Nonetheless, the story develops at an okay pace. There are no for the genre odd jumps in power and it is possible to feel how the protagonist starts understanding things better and develops his skills. Other relatively organic growth is seen as the MC gets to know more people and thus gets a better grip on both his immediate surroundings and the world. Interactions are often however bland surface level affairs, where little though seems to be given by the MC apart from if they gained something and if they like the other person. Rare is the moment when any reflections about motives are given.
Speaking of motives, the MCs motives are a bland affair with little development. It seems like the author decided to do a Pokémon and just point them at a competition and then see what happens. That is fine for a start, but as the story progresses there is need of developing the why and the implications. That is not done. We see no added depth to the MC, nor do we see any growth.
This is really too bad since the world the story takes place in seems like a marvel of magic and adventure, filled with interesting organisations with individual interests that still don’t act like complete assholes. Additionally, the mix of magic and technology might make for interesting world-building and something to add depth to social structure (for example why are the organisations like they are), and it would be interesting to see a characters growth and exploration of this world.

Pommona: As a avid Pokémon fan, I loves stories that have monster element in it. This novel answer that need, however it fail in its trainer element. The author try to make his trainer walk in the unique path. The path that normal trainers choose to avoided or failed midway. But the reason that M.C. manage to success is (in my opinion) not logical. His will power is stronger than 90% of the population (who choose the same technique) – because he want to be a champion and the fear he experience in his childhood. Just 2 of these reasons push him ahead of those 90% who fail midway. Unbelievable.
I love that he put a great important to his bird, but the first monster can decided a person’s fate. By choosing an extremely low level monster as his first partner, he jinx himself to be just a low level trainer. And what make me feels complicated is that his family’s future is depend on him! His lovely mother and father’s (who are in debt because the invasion of monster horde) – situation could improve a lot if he choose high grade monster (which is available for him because he is a topper in his class) but no, his foundation is bad, his mana is low, his mana absorption rate is also low and he has to purify his mana manually while the other can do it automatically.
Too many set back to the point that I have to drop it. But I have to say that their character’s interaction is pretty good. Except when their are sound effect in the scene. Seriously, the siren sound “SIREN SIREN” is lame

AzureWolf: This story has interesting concepts but, the grammar is really atrocious. There are other stories on this site that are even worse then this, however, I’m not going to be nice because of this. I understand that some people keep saying in the comments that the writing quality gets better at ch 18 or around ch 32. In the end I could not drag my self across the floor to reach such chapters.
One of the main points I don’t understand about the author is why if he has an editor already, just ask him to redo all your previous chapters. The author is dragging away potential readers due to not editing his starting chapters.
Point 2. I feel like I’m reading a children’s book due to all the sound effects. These sound effects take away from a story unless a child is reading them because most children don’t know what most stuff sound like. That is why most children’s books have the cow goes “moo” or the sheep goes “baa”. It gives kids a 3 in 1 training. Training their vocals, reading comprehension and their understanding of what stuff sounds like.
Point 2b. As an ***** with the understanding of the English language and sounds. I feel offended when I see a written sound effect. I know what a sword sound makes when it hits something with different densities. It just irks me because its like the author is saying “This is what it sound like to me and you should believe me.” No… I don’t believe sirens go “siren…siren” or swords go “slice” like their talking. Even the sound effects are off putting.
Point 3: The cultivation is strange. I understand that being Original in concept is what authors should do. However, the cultivation with the steam punk vib (engine) and cultivation just don’t mix well. I like the part about the soul-bonding, but, it could have been better executed.
Point 4: The animals are puppets as far as I can tell. The start of the novel it shows the personality of the creatures and that was a good start, however, right as the soul binding was completed It was like the creatures them selves don’t have their own thoughts anymore. It is more along the line as the people turn them into puppets then project their emotions into their soul-bonded puppet to be more like the host.
Point 5: The MC does not have a solid goal. Yes, he wants to be in that championship thing but that does not make him insane about doing the most efficient cultivation training which most people fail at. The reason I do not believe this is due to the fact he lived a very normal life with his family. No sane person would tarnish such a thing. If the story showed he had a desire to be recognized due to certain bad pasts then I would believe it more.
There are other points I could point out. But I don’t know if the author can even read English so adding anymore would just be a waste of time for me and the reader of this wall of text.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020


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