[Story] Legend of the Gunslinger Mage

Title: Legend of the Gunslinger Mage
Author: ImBloo
Genre(s): Video Games
Tags: Game Elements, Virtual Reality, Second Chance, MMORPG, Fantasy, Vengeance
Audience: PG-13
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 82
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: October 22, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 14, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 3M
Number of Reviews: 232
In 2042, the Virtual Reality game Epoch of Liberty (EoL) is a worldwide phenomenon, with a player base of 500 million and an in-game economy comparable to Russia.
Mahn Li, the top player of the guild Scourge, was betrayed by his closest friend Fatty Fu – murdered in the real world. The in-game business was tied with the real-world business. And business, as they say, was war. Mahn Li was simply another casualty…
… Until he inexplicably woke up in the body of his 22-year-old self – one week before EoL went live.
“Is this my second chance?” He asked himself: “What should I do?”
“Should I find a job? A real one? Be a good, productive member of society? Live a meaningful life? Forget about the 10 years of my life lost in endless battles in a virtual world?”
“F*CK THAT!!!”
“I’m gonna wreck all the bastards responsible for my death! And Fatty Fu! Wait until I get my hands on your slimy neck!”
Aiding Mahn Li on his quest for vengeance is his knowledge of the future. Using it, he will get the sickest, baddest gears in the game! The most powerful of them all is an artifact that is a little bit out of place in this fantasy-themed game.
A gun.


Lucas_Wagner: It’s a great novel so far. Takes he whole reincarnation thing to another level. I like how the MC thinks and acts. Shows how one can develop themselves to achieve a goal.

NotStupidReader: I really like this VR based novel, especially the world building of this novel. I recommend every reader that likes solid world building to don’t miss this novel.

Solen: This is some quality work. Love it! Totally awesome plot and I love the fact that the author actually writes something that resembles actual decisions made by a human. It’s great, keep up the good work!

Xythil: The story has good plot development and good speed of events. He isn’t totally overpowered like killing all five beta players in one ambush of some sort.

nintendo248: This story isn’t too big on original ideas bit it’s still fun to read. The MC is pretty relatable, the other characters are understandable, abd the motivations of his enemies are realistic.

(second) The general premise may seem a bit cliched, but that’s fine, there is a reason that there are so many books with the same basic plot. What this one brings that others don’t is a realistic feel to how the MC should approach the world, no perfect memory of everything, no super op plot armor, no fawning women.
The story is good, the writing is great, the update schedule is a little shaky but the author is trying to stabilize it.

Garret: It really stands out from the rest of the novels with similar premise. And i like how the author puts effort into making it more realistic and the characters feel real with their own conscience and personality which is missing in most gaming novels. wish there were at least 1 chapters per day. shame.

TalenX: A writer with a deep commitment to quality over quantity of chapters, has managed to create a sweeping and immersive world with characters that have some significant depth. Although I struggled a bit to get through the initial few chapters and the introduction was a touch weak, that later chapters have significant hooks that can drag you deep into the story.
My only complaint is that this story updates slowly, which can be crushing for a story which relies on character driven hooks to keep the reader immersed.

R_T_G: Bloo has done has a fantastic job with this story so far.
He has kept his main character from being too OP although the character utilizes his game knowledge fairly well.
As the title suggests he aquires his gun early on as we go he learns more of the intricacies of it and uses them to his advantage.
Keep up the great work Bloo!!

Blackvision: An evaluation of a lived reader and an inspired author!
At first, I found it a bit cliché with the same plot that the MC was betrayed in the most irritating way having even taken his wife with the excuse of, “I had no choice, he threatened my father …”, finally, from chapter 5 onwards , I noticed great improvements and although it is a bit annoying to have to be cases of arrogance and slap in the face, the novel presents a well-developed storyline and very interesting background that makes the reader want to follow more and more to see how far This will do. Overall, your novel is good and has improved a lot, keep it up!

Seuss03: Clarification, I put update stability at 5 stars to upgrade the review to 3 stars, as 2.5 seemed lacking. If I end up leaving the novel, I’ll likely take that back.
Firstly, it is difficult to start. The writing is honestly kind of rough. I mostly am sticking around to see how well the premise pays off. I caught up in a few hours, skip the 0 volume as that’s not necessary. The conversations are a bit stilted and the MC is a huge ass as well. Fights are okay, if somewhat difficult to follow, occasionally. I’m really only here for VR games and magic guns. Which is good as the real world isn’t touched on much in the first 55 chapters so far. I’m able to give a novel 100+ chapters before I take off, unless it’s exceptionally bad, but I’m still hanging around. Hopefully it gets to some of the fun ideas of the author soon.

Grizzlykin: Be mindful l this review is early in the book. Cpt39 I believe so what I say might be different later on.
So far so good, the story is intresting and the pace perfectly readable.
The main character at the moment lack a bit of character, how should I say that, he is rather bland. The only thing we have is a small sens of vengeance and nothing much more. There is the sense of pressed by time because of the health of his family but we don’t know much about it.
That said this chapter I was just reading is a start at developing his social life outside the game. Therefore I expect the character to me more flesh out soon enough I’m not too worried about all this 🙂
The other negative point is the lack of information about the world. The world in the game was barely introduced and I am sure he is going to be more fleshed out with more time but it could you use a bit more info in my opinion. Still as I said we are early in the story so I expect things to develop later on ^^
The outside world was barely talked about and “mouse” the MC’s friend was not heard about since that phone call.
Anyway, so far I am loving it, really looking forward to the next part of this story.

FujiCigarette: Writing quality 5/5 – no complaints here, its well written enough that i just read on with no problems at all
Stability of updates 4/5 – good daily updates with some days for rest
Story development 4/5 – it has been done before, time travel/revenge/vrmmorpg trope but this looks fairly well thought out and im looking forward because it has the potential to be one of those long running webnovels
Character design 4/5 – good characters, while i still havent seen a character i hate or love, and its still early on, the way the npc’s and character talks are great, there are some villainous character early on that seem generic but well see later on if that changes
World background – oh, good old earth with advanced tech(basically the future) with a widespread vrmmorpg game that is newly launched, as well as a very develop game system which i applaud the author for.
got high views for this novel as im a fan of the genre, but for some they might see this as some copycat because it has been done a lot before, there are two famous KR ones, as well as a few chinese novels this story was based on. but im liking it because its not a translated work, but an honest to god english webnovel….added to library

ur_stupidity: So I always like to try new original stuff. And this one caught my eye. While I am getting tired of revenge reincarnation plots. Especially in video game genre cus it loses a lot of the awe and wonder cus the MC already knows everything. It intrigues me cus it’s a magic class and has a gun. Almost all the damn stupid game one are so martial arts or sword oriented. Cliche clones. But this one has potential like overgeared and if the secondary character development and world is developed properly even with LMS. It’s all about variety and personalization of the characters (not just MC). So far. It’s looking very good. And quite logical. I am hoping for some more depth to both the in game and out game world which was hinted at with the friend and family relations and strong reality base of the game with NPCS. Magic gun cross over has so much potential for unique skills and abilities and problem solving.
To the author. Plz plz be as creative as possible and remember to make us smile and cry and laugh with and at the characters. Action doesn’t make a good novel, depth and creativity does.

Story Post Last Updated: October 6, 2020


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