[Story] Classmancers – A MOBA Esport Story

Title: Classmancers – A MOBA Esport Story
Author: DarkClaymore
Genre(s): Competitive Sports
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 59
Date of First Release: July 7, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 19, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 3   PD 2   CF 1   ||   RL 1   CL 3  ||  Overall: 10
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 365 K
Number of Reviews: 24
Yuel’s life changes when Classmancers rolls into his life, a MOBA video game that’s growing into an official sport. Even with the fitness of a slug, he can finally enjoy a team sport to the fullest!
Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived. None of his peers take the game as seriously and his ruthless tactics only further discourage them from playing.
Fed up with playing alone in the game’s toxic online mode, he sets out to find like-minded teammates. That’s when he meets Lars, an energetic goof with godlike mechanical skill. With Yuel’s brains and Lars’s brawn, they form a dynamic duo and aim for Classmancers’ pro scene.
But first, they must conquer the competitive scenes of middle school and high school. There, they’ll come face to face with the truth: they’re not the only talented players around.
Between Aegis, a leader who boasts absolute defense, and Athena, a fox who wraps enemies around her finger, many obstacles await Yuel and Lars on the thorny road to the top.


YeXuilsLife: Give me moreee this story is amazing and the development goes very well. As a LoL player I enjoy the thought process and learning each of the characters backgrounds and how it impacts there playing. If you enjoy a book about playing games and becoming the best with your friends then this is the book for you.

rg1400: its a brilliant story may take a few more chapters to attract many more readers but will surely be popular before long. MOBA esports are still new to many people. So, its acceptable that this story takes its time to succeed. its rich in content, excitement and overall totally worth its penny.

AoGuang: Truly a great story with a lot of untapped potential. The story, so far, has shown that the main character, Yuel, is strong and not invincible, which is a redeeming quality as it allows alot of different and unique situations. The characters are all different in there own rights. Overall its a great story and has many ways that author can take it

daoist_om: The novel has an almost professional feel, even though it is not my type of novel, I will definitely check it out for future updates, the characters have a motivation and more importantly, they feel real. The mc might come off as a bit of douche in the initial chapters but that’s ok, and world building is very good. and I feel like there is a conspiracy behind the pushing of this game to the mainstream schools if you like gaming novels then this is a must for you to check it out.

Louontopolku: Wonderful and very deep character background, development and interaction in a normal way. This sets the standard very high and makes a big difference to many novels which only follow the viewpoint of the main character. The game that is being played in the novel is based on DotA and LoL, which makes it easier to follow the story. The world background gives a small minus as it isn’t brought up that much, but I guess it isn’t possible either as it would be similar, if not identical to Earth.
Simply a wonderful read if you have the patience to wait for updates, as the chapters are also quite long!

Doohie: First off this is really well written. Writing about MOBA’s can get tricky because you risk a massive info dump, but I think the author has done a great job of it while keeping it interesting.
I like the character types, but I feel they are too rigid in their archetype, I would have liked a little more gray and less black/white. Still that is fine and the archetype for the mc is particularly interesting. My real problem with the characters is their age vs how they behave/talk, they definitely behave/talk above their age.
I hope the author continues doing such a good job and we get to see a really good coming of age story.

xWinter: As a Master’s (Top 500) League of Legends player in Season 8, I would think I have an edge over other readers in this certain type of genre, so here are my two cents on the novel.
The novel itself is great, I thoroughly enjoyed each of the chapters. Good writing along with good pacing makes the story an interesting read. It has decent enough characters and game backstory to make it enjoyable.
The story does seem unrealistic to a certain sense. I think a good MOBA story boils down to how much the author itself understands the genre of MOBA’s. Although he does explain the basic nitty-gritty of game mechanics, he fails to mention any important or groundbreaking that players with more skill would notice, and that will have an effect on how far the novel can progress linearly.
It’s fine since these guys are middle schoolers and are still learning about the game, but if he wants to bring this novel from a lighthearted read to an actual quality MOBA novel, it’s going to take a lot of work.
Overall, still a good read. There’s no other MOBA novel to compare this to, so I guess it is a staple. There are things that could be improved, but the things the author does writes, he does correctly.

Story Post Last Updated: March 20, 2019

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