[Story] Under The Veil of Night

Title: Under The Veil of Night
Author: Sorahana
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Tags: slow romance, strong lead, Secret Identity, Action, school, Fight, Slow Pace, Modern, Adventure
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Complete
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 11
Number of Chapters: 737
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: February 14, 2019
Date of Last Update: September 25, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 4M
Number of Reviews: 402
Kanae Nali lives in a city known as the “City of Crime.” The city only follows one law: only the strongest can live. Citizens are divided according to their clans, groups, gangs, and normal civilians.
Fighting is normal, death is inevitable, and extortion is common.
From outside, Kanae appears to be a regular High School Student who tries to live a normal school life. However, unbeknownst to many, her ordinary life is not as simple as it seems.


Rahan06: I was curious first. So i checked the story. But i have to say it’s really amazing though it’s early to say . So full of mystery . It’s fun to read. I think people should try to read this one. Your works are really amazing. The mc is independent , strong and mysterious. Ohhh man wan to read more. Hope you update more.

MAsteri: This is one of the best books I’ve ever read in terms of story development. The story is pretty slow at first, but it keeps u anticipating and guessing everything, which makes it so much better when u actually read what happens. There is quite a few grammatical errors, but with the help of editors in later chapters, the problem has been reduced a lot. Good job author!

Hisame_Yui: The story that you made is always so original and in addition to that I really like how the female protagonist that you made cause to be honest I really like a strong female lead who is independent. The plot was interesting and match up well with the characters. Keep on continuing the story because your dear readers are eager to know the continuation of it. 😁

SidheFire: I like everything about this novel. The FL is badass, the ML is badass, all the Side Characters are badass and extremely well described. The romance between the FL and the ML is going at a extremely steady pace, that is borderline slow. I’m at chapter 298 and they still technically have not started the romance. But the way their feels are written makes sense, is not forced, and feels real, so I don’t mind the wait.
I 100% recommend this book.

oKairi: The story starts with a slow pacing but gradually reveal details in describing the world in many ways like in the character’s perspective on how they see things or even in the setting on what and how life is for them. The information you’re presented is enough for the moment and yet, efficiently tells each character’s background in small hints here and there. Details in telling it is simple but concise, and one can easily see the shape of everything through imagination for it is not too much unlike other stories that are either too vague or too many character information. Another that I appreciate about it is the plot doesn’t move fast, it gives you certain ideas on how it will probably go and doesn’t leave the readers in the dust. Read this story and you will not regret it. The author is also kinda new in making stories so you will surely find some words that sometimes feel feel out of place but she has improved greatly compared to her other work. Let’s support her and be a good reader.

zombiee: One of the finest novel here. The author has great grip on background, story development, characters development, suspense and has a unique and interesting way of story telling. I have read her earlier novel FBFB which was good too. But this one surpassed my expectations. I know some of you might think about grammatical errors which are many but I am sure that readers like me who are peculiar about grammar will agree that it’s story, background, characters and everything keeps you hooked up so much that you forget about those errors. That’s the speciality of this author which caught me by surprise. I am a genuine fan now after reading till now. I hope the author keeps up the good work and wish you a bright future ahead!! Keep rising and shining!!

BuruxXxRynna: I’ll admit, this book is an absolute page turner. It is pretty rough in the beginning, some grammar misha** and blunders, but if you drive through it, it gets fixed along the way so it’s not all miswritten.
This book is heartwarming, tear jerking, and suspenseful. You’ll want to root for the characters, cheer for the good guys, cry for the mistreated, and shout at the slow development of the main characters romance. The romance is slow paced so you can savor it, it’s a great touch but also a bit upsetting.
Either way, this book is absolutely fantastic. It’s having me between hanging on the edge of my seat and falling off it. I can’t get enough. I want to say that the updates are slow but that’s not true. I just can’t wait for more.
So I highly recommend this book if your looking for, action, adventure, comedy, slight drama, and absolute explosive chapters, so please read and enjoy. 😉

Ritssss: From the first couple chapters, I became hooked. This story focuses on a society were people are living based on strength, position, and money. I absolutely loved the development between Kevin and Kaene. It is a slowly growing romance of 2 of the strongest people. Kaene is witty, strong, powerful female while killer typing skills. Kevin is a strong, quiet, and has that do not mess with me vibe. He is the boss and clan head.
With progress, you see development in both of their lives, their interactions with others and values that they hold close.
What I loved most was Kaene as a badass female protagonist and admired her strength. If you like that kind of protagonist, you will love this book.
The writer does have some writing errors, but they do not deter from the content of the book.
Warning: it might seem like it progresses slowly, but the wait for a really good chapter always pays off.

Darkmishas: This story is very well developed with complex plots & characters. It has a slow start in volume 1 with Kanae the FL being in school & introduction to the ML Kevin & side characters. Kanae as Rei is the leader of fighting group that goes on missions to earn income & status. Her fighting ability & adaptability is off the charts. She keeps her identity secret from everyone but her group & become a legend. I love Kanae character. She is super badass fighter that had to go thru life & death situation to survive all on her own. However soon she develops friends & allies & falls in love with the ML but is unable to claim due to status & problems of the Underworld.
The ML Kevin is part of the Underwood clan that fighting to keep his status as Head of the clan. Kevin & Kanae have an intriguing relationship & past that involves the government .
There are lots of battles & awesome fighting scenes. I love the banter between the 2 main groups. The only lacking thing is the romance. It’s slowly very slowly develop for our 2 MCs. We have some hints & showing of it thru out the book but not much. Only thru patiently reading toward the later part when Kanae is revealed as Rei does Kevin become shameless & show us some dog food. However don’t expect much as the author keeps it rated G. Still waiting for a kiss…
Overall, its a great story with action packed fights, plot twists, & slow romance. It’s has minor grammar issues but an awesome read.

Fantasyqueen: Imagine drinking a 100 year old wine and drinking a newly brewed wine immediately after! You’ll be addicted to the 100 year old wine’s taste. Sorahana’s novels are like that. In between the cliche plots like rebirth, stepsister and fiance cheating behind their backs, forced marriages, dominating Male lead who cares zero for the female lead’s opinion and just bulldozes on, Sorahana’s novels are like a breath of fresh air. Her characters are all very relatable, yet very mysterious making you abandon everything else and keep reading it and it only. I was recently introduced to 2 of her novels and I’ve become her diehard fan.
A super interesting plot and nice development of story. There are no dull or boring moments and you’ll feel like sitting on the edge of your seat in a movie theater waiting for what comes next. Only drawback is the grammar, but it can be ignored among all the plus points.
A good editor can change the novel into an even better reading experience. 😊

Miriku: This is actually different from the other novel written by sorahana-tono.. Its partially a fact and fiction though the genre says its magical realism.. But the difference from other novels that ive read so far is that this novel brings you into it. Its not the kind of plot that everyone likes like that of jealous ml and hardheaded fl. Its the opposite.
So far, the FL is in slow pace of giving her true character in the story same as the ML, and we dont even know who the ML is in this novel cause there are a lot of boys, handsome boys i add. Though i want Kevin to be the ML but we dont know until we reach the chapter that states that.. Hahhaha.. I like the FL, a typical teenager with good grades even though shes always sleeps in the class.. Very smart…very intriguing… The chapters says that our FL is poor living in a hut but we dont know the hidden talent behind the act. Sorahana-tono our author is very quite, minimal and not gives the readers full blast, well wheres the surprise if she gives that.. Hahhah.. I lovehow the ML portrays.. Cool but not too cold.. Also typical wise boy.. Hahaha..
Ive already love this novel. Ill support this and other novels written by sorahana-tono.. Thank you so much dear author.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020


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