[Story] I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I’m Gay!

Title: I Was Reincarnated Into A Harem Game As A Villain, Please Stay Away I’m Gay!
Author: Transparency
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: bl, Yaoi, System, Reincarnation
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 8
Number of Chapters: 147
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: August 22, 2018
Date of Last Update: October 30, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 134
I reincarnated into a harem game that my best friend loved, my past memories are of a young gay man that was killed tragically by a drunk driver. I am now Yuki Aikyo a young aristocrat in the Romance Fantasy ++ universe. Follow me as I try and find romantic capture targets, avoid the pitfalls of pretty women and try to make it to high school.


multiplex: This story really surprised me from the very beginning, mainly since it’s BL and you get that perspective as the main character, the characters and interactions are well thought out and fleshed out, kibbles is great and the system with the hearts is very intriguing, so overall a very good delevoping novel which just needs some of the earlier chapters to be edited

Eee_Sss: The writing quality is very good ,the story developes in a even pace not to fast or too slow. The characters are three dimentional and their feelings and actions are clear and well written. An enjoyable story🙂

Ti0: It is da best. Finally an Isekai genre story without a painfully weak character or a broken op MC. The character’s personality isn’t annoying, and the character is quite relatable. Not boring either. Favorite original cause I can’t decide on one absolute favorite.

Jameslewood: This book is actually quite great. It hooked me in from the start and I don’t even really read much. A few typos but they weren’t distracting from the story. The concept of story with a gay main character that doesn’t turn into night of the living dicks is a breath of fresh air from the state of the internet and pop culture these days. It keeps a good balance and it stays interesting. I read it in the morning and find myself thinking back to it in the afternoon. It also has its funny moments. Recommend!

DiegoPedroso: Nice story, but kind predictable, not that i care, in fact i kinda enjoy it. Ther’s a lot room to improve, but it’s a nice novel.
I don’t quite dig harem or BL novels, but at least for the moment i didn’t read anything that made me cringe…

Invisiblevoice: Sometimes funny, sometimes tear jerking. I just have to say the common genre of reincarnation in an harem game with a system takes a 180° turn with the way the author it’s writing the story. One moment you’re laughing and the other crying wanting to hug the poor mc, you can love some characters and want to strangle others. It’s deep. The kind of book which would make you have a lot of complex feelings.

Sea_of_Umbrellas: The writing quality, although not anything special, is better than 90% the originals on here. 4.2 stars, but since I can’t do that, 4 stars. I’m not going to swindle people who see this, who’re looking for good writing. The stability of updates, there’s like 160 chaps. The story development, honestly, for romance novels and stuff like that, is fine. Not too slow, not too fast. But, lol, you just had to introduce a god who accidentally blew up his universe to try and make the mc more pitiful, and introduce a system. Nope. Overused. Other than that, fine so far. The character design… lol. Three things to describe about him- oppressed, and gay, bullied for unreasonable things. Author, try harder. His “character” is the exact same as all the other gay transmigrator MCs , except he also is lacking critical thinking skills. He isn’t bad to the point of the Wuxia protagonists, where everything they say is justice. World Background… Academy, Fantasy, Kings and Medieval Stuff… Expected of a Otome Game transmigration novel. Average.
Oh, I don’t hate this novel. I just wasted my time, and am venting my emotions by wasting more time. Good day.
Lol. Gonna like this because definitely no one else will, this is a 3.6 star score after all. Man, I spent 8 minutes writing this.

krysth: I love the whole idea for the story. Esp having an MC with a different sexual orientation! Considering the novels I’ve been reading lately with similar premises– this is a breath of fresh air.
There were a few points where I got a bit confused because of some errors but nothing too big. I can’t get too technical with the whole plot/char dev/world bg rating but the author does a pretty good job in doing so, given that it’s kind of a lighthearted read.
Overall, a great job. Huzzah to our hardworking author \o/

Stucky: It’s an amazing book, I promise that you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading it. I really enjoy how the characters have their own development and don’t just rely on the main character. Overall this story is an fantastic and interesting read with lots of twists and turns.

Wh0m3: One of the better story that I have read, a few spelling mistakes here and there but it doesn’t take anything away from the story as a whole. Love the characters and their developments. For me the BL part of the story really takes a backseat and I feel that that is a good approach as it focus more on other aspect that makes it truly a hidden gem.

Hana123: Okay. First of all I would like to say this book is really a great book. It tells us the mc development from his childhood to his teenage years and hopefully it will continue to his *****hood and his love life story.. Please make it happen author-nim…. This book also taught us about friendship and loyalty and how nasty the world is. So much scheming just to satisfy themselves. They use justice as a mean to quench their thirst of blood and war. This book also brought you on waves of emotions alongside the mc. You can feel the happiness, rage, hopelesness, sadness and many more emotions. You can also ship the mc with anyone you want😆 but i hope this book will not end up with harem genre.. I really hope the mc, yuki akiyo can settle down with only one person in his life.. It’s better that way for me.. And I have my own ml too.. Just not sure if he’s gonna be the one or not. Anyway, aside the bl, this is such a good book. I really recommend it. There are also rooms for improvements and hopefully this book will get what it deserves.😊😊😊

flakey0629: A boy is reincarnated. He has reincarnated into the world of a Harem Game and into a character that is villain. And yes, like the story says, the boy is gay.
However, knowing the fate of the villain, the boy (MC) will try to avoid the disastrous fate of the villain and hopefully lead a nice calm voice by avoiding any girls such as his fiancee.
The boy’s personality coupled with his insights and attempts of avoiding “death flags” makes his character and story very cute. Moreover, some of the scenarios and interactions with the other characters are very warm and sweet.
Part of me hopes this MC will have a special someone or a lot of someones who will dote on him and make tenderhearted scenes with.
I look forward to reading about how the character grows up, develop, and also the situations he’ll encounter.

unbridledartist: I must say I really enjoy this story. I wake up every morning and find 1 or 2 new chapters posted and read them immediately.
I like how the main character is brought into a world and then romance is all but thrown out the window. Yes, the main character is gay but he has other more important things to worry about. Romance is not a needed aspect of this story to keep it flowing. It is nice to speculate who the MC will end up with and k have a few theories but I will keep those to myself.
In the meantime, I have been inspired to write my own novel for this site/app!
I look forward to reading more!

MilkOfCow: I’ve meant to write a review for this since a couple of weeks ago. This is absolutely a must read if you like to be emotionally invested in a story. Everything here is very well written and I binged the first 50 chapters or so. The only problem that I have with this series so far, and it’s a small complaint, is that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the number of serious situations the MC deals with. It has slowed down my reading to 1-2 chapters a day. Feel bad cause I was talking with the author in an earlier chapters an fully expect to be finished that day to leave a review, but TBH I really downloaded this app to read baisic dumb stories where the MC slaps some faces and does whatever they please. This story is so much more than that and I wouldn’t mind buying this off the shelf in a book store. 10 out of 10 would recommend

Thatfrenchguy: This truly is a hidden gem.
The title might have startled you, but I assure you it has much more to it than the love affairs in a harem game, and the BL present in it is always on the soft side, which should make it enjoyable even for those of you that do not partake in shounen ai.
Besides, there is real adventure in it, a quite decent world building (with notably a consistent magic theory) and, last but not least, character development!
Pease give it a try, rate, review, maybe even drop some Power Stones, and have Webnovel notice this pearl!

sunnydaze3: A great read. One of my favorites on webnovel right now. The story is interesting and the premise of the world/universe is unique as well. I like how, despite being a ‘reincarnated into a game’ novel, the story isn’t only about the MC running around with prior knowledge and destroying everything. All the characters have been built pretty realistically.
Some are strong, some are weak, some are immature and stubborn, but the most important thing isn’t their traits, it’s how naturally the chatacters interact with each other. The characters have been developing at a steady pace, and, even for the characters I personally dislike, I see them slowly changing or getting blurbs of text to explain their actions. On another note, it’s rare to see a BL novel that doesn’t focus too heavily on the actual romance. I really enjoy how easily the author includes the BL aspects throughout the novel without making anything feel forced. So far, the novel is planned to only have 4 volumes, but I strongly hope that, even with the lack of time, the introduction of the male lead doesn’t rush the story awkwardly. The only negatives I can think of, is that the writing quality gets spotty here and there. A few times, some words will be missing or I have to reread a paragraph to make more sense of it. Overall, great story. I’d definitely recommend it. Also, author, if you see this, kyaaaaaa ily keep up the good work! You’re a hero bringing quality BL to webnovel!

TheComicGeek1054: Pretty good and engaging. But world building could use some work. There isn’t much info about the characters while they were in the game. Yuki who has supposedly played the game still has to unlock alot of things without any idea about the characters stats to raise lovemeter. Could use some editing, but other than the homonyms being used instead of the right words understanding it isn’t too hard. Overall I like it

PineappleLadySama: I really like this story.The characters are easy to connect with and makes you think of them as real people even though some are based off of popular tropes.They just need a little more character development and boom!
The story pulled me in with the concept,not just because it’s about a gay person reincarnated in a harem game but also because being gay is a part of them and not their whole personality.
Some family,friends and even mentors of mine are LGBT so I usually tolerate some stories at best and drop them at worst when the story is showing some disturbing thoughts on what they think a gay person is like.
So yeah,The story pulled me in and the story,characters and world background made me stay.

Suzykay: I didnt expect this to be a good read. Couldnt keep myself from turning the next page. It’s a light read with unexpected well written characters and world development. Although the author mentioned there was no yaoi, I couldnt help imagining ‘what if…’ all the time lol.

iiBELLONii: I really love this story and I especially love Yuki’s character. I also love the fact that equal amount of focus and effort is being put into the other characters. I’m new on webnovel but I realised that it doesn’t have a lot of bl novels. Your novel is amazing and I’ve noticed that so far your mc doesn’t conform to the stereotypes that have been set up by the society for the gay community and I really love that. Keep up the good work author-sama!!

ludytanaka:Just looking for random read and found this hidden gem. Everything is on the right track. After reading up to chapter 110. I can say that this story is the my heart number one novel on this website.
I also love that I cannot just guess what will happen next. The plot is nicely created and very interesting too. Really love this work! Each chapter is a delight to read and the source of incrutiating pain (because we have to wait for the next chapter).

PrincessMelodi: The story development is great, many events going on, keeping us very interested! The words used are very comfortable and easy while reading, although they may be a few mistakes here and there, nothing to bad.
The characters are very lovable as much as villains are easily triggering. A lot of exciting development with characters keeping us hoping, along with several heart breaking experiences that makes reading feel fresh.
All in all, I very much enjoy this and I am hoping for the best as I can see even better potential for this story

Tosharc: This story is great. The characters feel real. The world building is pretty good. The storyline has highs and low, comedy, tragedy, and light flirting. Some of the spelling is off with missing words in a few places or a few wrong words inserted. Overall the story draws you in and keeps you wanting more.

Soridida: I really like this book even if it isn’t as romantic as I hoped it would have been. Yuki is so lovable that I read the whole thing in almost one sitting. There are some grammar mistakes in chapters like misspelling and repeated word in sentence. The flow of the story is brilliant with many unexpected reversals. While Yuki’s path is difficult, I am hoping for his romance to start soon!

SKrr: This is a pretty good story! Good parts of funny and dramatic. How the author writes these characters is done very well. They have personality and makes you become really attached to them! Or get irritated from certain characters. The story moves away from the usual BL cliches or reincarnating into a otome game cliches. Plus, even though the book is in the BL genre, the author doesn’t shove it down your throat that the MC is gay. It’s put in a more natural way, heck sometimes I even forget this is a BL. It’s more focused on the fantasy and action aspect, while the romance aspect is still developing, we don’t know who’s the male lead at this moment in time.
A warning here is the author is a bit heartless, the plot armor isn’t too strong here. But kept their promise on what this story was focusing on.
Some questions I have and I would like to know more about is why Vance and Tama(i think that’s the name)are enemies. Are they fighting over anything? I’d like to see more world development and how magic works in depth, can the MC improve how he uses magic? Can he discover new spells instead of buying them? Are there any magic theories that can get him a deeper understanding in his magic type?
Also grammar and spelling are most fine, just spelling errors here and there. So I took a star off.

fat_mermaid: This is the first novel of the author and he is dyslexic and has attention deficit (in the verdde I’m not sure if they are the 2 or only one of them), which makes it much more difficult to write (well), but he created a novel BL that reached the top 40 and remained in the top 50 for a long time. The author still needs to mature in the creation of the characters as they react the situations, humor, way of seeing the world (not so light and innocent) and world-building is good, but lacked to explore it further. Because many readers did not vote for Spiritual Stones and the author had to work to support himself, the author had to close the novel sooner than he intended, then there were losses and a faster pace from the middle to the end. But the novel was meant to be something sweet and light (I think), if that was it, it was able to achieve its goal. Was it the best original story or BL I read? No, but it was good, better than most, even because it did not focus only on the love relationship, in fact in chapter 135 we do not even have true love development yet, so straight boys, do not be afraid and be preconceived (LGBTQ + some BLs written in asia that carry a bit and disguised bias and I notice when I read, I do not think it happens here, if it happens it should be so little that I did not even notice), there is magic and powers here so the boys who like fights and systems and these things should like, the girls also liked because of the dramas of MC life, yes I think that in the part of relationships and dramas we have a more feminine view, it is not perceptible to most people, but I feel it, maybe because the author is a girl (I looked at the instagram once and it had one or two pictures and I thought it was a girl, I’m sorry if I’m wrong).
The stability of the release fell because someone posted the chapters of the novel in other places as if it were the author, stealing the intellectual property of the author, bad for you who did this, think twice in the next, apologize, delete or give credit to the author and any money earned from it … give it to the right owner, who wrote it: Transparency. The fact that the author has to work to support himself and not to reach an agreement with Webnovel for this novel caused that the author had to reduce the amount that wrote and consequently launched chapters. Before that, the author launched at least 1 chapter per day and some extras, in this question I will give 5.
I did not give 5 because there are spaces for improvement in the novel and I am generally more judgmental when I evaluate the novels, but I am taking into account that the author is a beginner and has many difficulties and even managed to create a novel that I enjoyed reading.
Keep writing author, your next novels will be better and I hope you get a contarto soon, to do what you love.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020


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