[Story] The Fairy And The Demon King

Title: The Fairy And The Demon King (new version: The Fairy And The Demon King Definitive Version)
Author: Kojou5 (formerly Gahira)
Genre(s): Fantasy
Audience: G
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 1   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 6
Number of Chapters: 34 (3 on new version)
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: January 3, 2019
Date of Last Update: July 18, 2019 (on new version)
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 123.3K
Number of Reviews: 6
Fairies, demons, wars and one hell of a demon king!
After picking on the hero, the demon king somehow gets lost in a place called the forest of death! There he meets Ignea, a beautiful fairy ant the two embark on an adventure together as the dawn of a holy war comes near!
In this world of gods and devils just who will prove to be the strongest?
A story of romance, bad puns and many game and tv references!
Come on, I know it caught your eye since you clicked on it so stop wandering and take your time to read it!


Sapphirechelsea237: The novel is hilarious and the characters are very well and uniquely designed! A few mistakes here and there but it does not break the flow. Overall it’s a nice story! 🙂

PoppyQueen: I read some chapters of your story and really liked it. The characters were very diverse and defined. The imagery was up to the point as I could imagine the characters as mentioned. Overall, a good read and definitely recommendable.

KittenSnips: I think it is a nice read even though there is quite a few spelling errors. The characters are interesting and the story has easy going humor. When giving descriptions it takes a decent imagination. So that needs work. Otherwise if you like a really fast paced story then this could be one of the few I’d recommend. It’s a decent story.

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020

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