[Story] Runes of Hecate

Title: Runes of Hecate
Author: yoursexypotato
Genre(s): Fantasy
Tags: Magic, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Brotherhood, SwordAndMagic, Mage, Tragedy
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Male
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 1   SWB 2   || TQ 3   SV 2   ||  Overall: 9
Number of Chapters: 167
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: January 21, 2019
Date of Last Update: December 26, 2019
VB Reviewed? Yes
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 43
A mage is a person born with magic.
But having magic does not mean that a mage could immediately wield an element to his heart’s content. He needs to awaken first.
Join our protagonist, Aeon Morgan, a 19-year-old unawakened mage, as he enters the Magic Academy in search of the secrets to awakening.


Prosalmon: Quality read. Refreshingly well written and in depth with great character building. Loving this story so far. Absolutely worth the read. Get on it

Daoist_of_Infinity: Hello this book is amazing it has great character development while have seriousness with a sprinkle of comedy. One of the best books I’ve read this year.

Naisyn: I love how the author make the side characters shine too. The development of the world, characters, and story, compliment each other well. You wont fet surprised as to how one managed to do a certain skill bexause it was explained properly.

fantasy_land: Can I just say this is one kind of the story that I have read here? The plot is amazing, it glides the readers smoothly through the read. The character development and writing proficiency is just great, couldn’t find a single error.
5 stars for it. Of course, this one goes straight to my library.

lets_get_this_rice: First thing I want to say is *HIDDEN GEM* and secondly, is that this is one of those magic novels who really know how it should go. Non of that *Mc plot armour saves the world with -49 health* but PROPER WRITING! The beautifully described environment, and the simple, yet intriguing first chapters already sets you of to a great start. Please, do keep it up! 🙂
Love the kind of personality you have given MC. This goes straight to fav!

Bomiku: I’ve read the first 5 chapters, and I was instantly hooked. Honestly, I wasnt really expecting anything big, but his content really surprised me. For a new entry, I can say that this has a lot of potential to be a good novel. For those who have doubts in reading this novel, you should really try, it is worth it.

ismolbean: There are times when authors know too much about their plot, they tend to forget even the smallest details that might make a big difference when telling a story. The thing that I love the most about this one is how well the words are being used altogether to make sure the readers fully understand what the author is trying to portray in the story. Good job, author! Keep it up! Looking forward to more chapters!! To anyone who might be reading the reviews at the moment and haven’t read this one, please do read!! 🙂

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 53.
A coming of age, magic academy story with a non-caster as the main character, in our own far future to boot. It’s not unique, but it’s usually the setup for a good read. This story is no exception.
Rather than going for the kiddie version this story revolves around students from their late teens to their early twenties, which gives it more of a feeling of a military magic academy. It isn’t, not really, but there’s a lot of combat going on.
You’ll have to trudge through a dozen or so chapters with shaky English before those problems mostly are ironed out. The random use of present and past tense peters out and the story stabilises around the past one.
For the entirely of the 50+ chapters published thus far a problem with head hopping persists. This despite my feeling the story is supposed to be written in third person limited point of view.
There are also some occasions of flashbacks that probably would have been better told straight, and here and there major scene shifts don’t follow the logical chapter structure.
Yes, it’s irritating, but the tale told is so good you should forgive these blemishes.
Now for the stars.
Writing: Four stars. As seen above my negative comments were all about the writing, but it’s still good enough for four stars.
Updates: Five stars. Mass dumping of chapters followed by regular updates.
Story: Five stars. You did see my comment about this being a really good story, didn’t you?
Character: Five stars. Mostly staple fantasy archetypes, but all done right. Perfect for a story of high adventure with the odd sequence of hilarious humour splashed in.
World: Five stars. I’d argue that the setting in this story is the best character of them all. And I mean character. The bloody world has a personality of its own.
Lastly, if you’re looking for a western style high fantasy with system then start reading! And no, this isn’t litrpg, so no status displays splashed all over the pages.

drefond: Writing Quality: Normal, detailed.
Stability of Updates: Standard.
Story Development: Sorry, the protagonist just follows what the author wants. Forcing the plot to go the way he wants, which makes many situations that were preventable occur, the protagonist despite having “suffered” because of his own recklessness remains reckless and even this punishment has a very weak effect, since, not It makes a difference (I would prefer that he had lost the game to enter the magic academy, and had entered the military academy, would bring more weight in history), so the training arc is horrible, shows nothing new, and when it arrives at the arch of great change of great importance to the protagonist who also randomly creates a sword technique and (as random as) has a burst in its magical constitution without reason, effort and without showing the limit of ancient constitution, meaningless things and that despite want to put some logic, the logic itself is flawed (because the hell they were in a forest full of animals stronger than them, acting strangely, grouping etc, and not only not reporting when they did not run away, that is, when they went to run away, he coincidentally finds stronger animals that will kill them, then the protagonist who was “sleeping” wakes up and finds a way with things easily), then when going to report the It happens that they choose the fastest among them to be snorted, the protagonist, so he arrives at the right time to do the right thing bla bla bla.
abstract: protagonist and author with heroin syndrome, nobody dies. not to a differentiation between stronger and weaker, since the protagonist defeats or manages to escape everything, the classification of bad mages does not limit and continually make people who are not at the level do things above their level, the teachers who they should be smart and knowledgeable act childish and inexperienced (going out into a clearly foreign forest and unable to escape when they get into trouble, but the protagonist manages to shiver with anger and pay no attention to the sores etc., while less experienced students stay calm )
Character Design: One-dimensional
World Background: Complete But Relatively Fragile And Shallow
It would be nice if the author read The Avalon Of Five Elements, there is a good reaction to what happens when you see something giving a lot of ****, although you have the same problem of not giving time for the protagonist to grow up alone, so there are many excuses for him to have Several bursts and even more to defeat opponents that he clearly cannot, good example of giving time to the protagonist are in city of sin and invincible salamanter.

Story Post Last Updated: October 11, 2020

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