[Story] Rogue Immortal: Immortal Rise From The Coffin, Back To Zero.

Title: Rogue Immortal: Immortal Rise From The Coffin, Back To Zero.
Author: DrunkenShadow
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Male
Status: Complete
VB Assessment Score: PDE 2   CDD 1   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 84
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: October 18, 2018
Date of Last Update: October 26, 2018
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 734.3K
Number of Reviews: 27
An immortal who dominated multiple realms, who experienced everything except Family love, killed countless enemies, destroyed schemes, betrayals,…………..bored of living.
Hmm, bored of living, what should I do? Everyone I know became dust in the river of time finally unable to endure anymore he sealed himself inside the coffin.
When he woke up, he was in the higher realm unlocking a Rogue Immortal System assisting him to become a Rogue Immortal from scratch/zero.
There would be a lot of X-rated scenes. I warned you so it’s up to you now.
Don’t curse me later and I hold Grudges.


Creatureman: I think the story is very interesting and the new take on the system and how it use to be a human is cool. I dont know if there are other novels out there but this is a first for me at least. With the system being once human and messing with the mc when ever he curses it or insults it is kinda funny. Not sure if it was once female or not but it might have been seeing the slight theme of the story. Also on the whole debate about him being childish I can see it working because hes been around for awhile according to the author and is extremely bored **** for crying out loud he sealed himself out of boredom and when he wakes up he’s surronded by people who don’t have as much experience. I would act childish as well and mess with them. One thing that does confuse me is that it seems to senser a lot of the words within the story and when I say a lot I just mean it seems to senser words it shouldn’t. You rated the story 17 and older so I wonder why it sensors stuff? Well thats my review and I might of missed some stuff oh well. But if I got anything wrong let me know.

ImBloo: My honest thoughts:
Writing quality: 3/5
– Incorrect use of Punctuation. A lot of words in the middle of the sentences are capitalized.
– Strange and inconsistent use of single quotes and double quotes: ‘World’, ”Moon Light”, ‘Sky’. Sometimes conversations don’t get quotes. Other times, action descriptions are put in quotes: ”After she jumped down from the bed Ye Ruoxie didn’t panic, but adjusted her dress and hair, afterward she looked at the fainted maid.” You should work out a rule and stick with it.
Story 3/5
– Spirit, Array, Awakening, etc. The story seems to require some knowledge of xianxia or wuxia tropes and concepts. But you should restrain yourself. Don’t throw new terminologies left and right without context or explanation.
Character 2/5
– I don’t like any of the characters. They don’t seem to have any motivation or personality. But that’s just me.
World BG 3/5 (?)
– The world is confusing. Cultivation is the norm here, but you referenced KFC and so on.

TheMDmaster11: Imma keep it simple. The english is ok. I am currently caught up to the chapter which is 33 and after the mc’s cultivation gets sealed the element of cultivation goes bye bye, it might return idk. The mc starts going the shameless and pervert path after the mc wakes up.
The system kind of annoys me ( that’s just me )
It title of the novel says rogue immortal but he quickly goes from immortal to mortal in jiffy.
I hope you consider the mc’s backstory too. I saw you mention that everyone has their own views on what an immortal is but I don’t think there are too many differences when people refer to a immortal in a cultivation novel. (not forcing my ideals on you since you seem take most of the things as forcing one’s ideal upon you)
The mc should have a hint of pride since he was an immortal. In some chapter it states that his mother in law smacked his butt which i don’t find funny (that’s just me)
I am not trying to force my ideals upon you but just imagine you stay at the peak of the world killing your foes and when you go into an eternal slumber and wake up, you don’t start behaving like a child do you?
I find it boring when ( that’s just me again since the author might start replying with some aggressive reply about how i am forcing my ideals upon him ) the novel is a cultivation novel and in 10 chapters you don’t see the mc cultivating since he has such knowledge about cultivation.
The system to give him some things related to cultivation too.
This is just a suggestion : i think you should change the ” headmaster ” to ” headmistress ” (not forcing my ideals just a suggestion)
People might not like harem so you should probably try to remind yourself that and not be like ” you think other women fingering mc is bad ? no ” I think people who are more realistic find harem and your wife being with other women bad.
The headmaster or the head “mistress” seems like a pervert too (i know it is a build up so the mc can fuk both woman) I hope not all the immortals are pervert lmao.

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020

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