[Story] Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red

Title: Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red
Author: Stupid_villain
Genre(s): Eastern Fantasy
Audience: PG
Main Lead: Female
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB 2   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 8
Number of Chapters: 242
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Medium
Date of First Release: September 5, 2018
Date of Last Update: July 31, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1M
Number of Reviews: 55
She was robbed from her mother’s arms and sold for the Righteous sect of Light, At the age of eight.
There, she was trained, brainwashed, used and manipulated for years, so she could assume the revered tower maiden status as a puppet.
Those years twisted her.
Time and time again. she bottled her madness into a facade.
Soon she got old and wasn’t needed anymore.
But before the day of her disposal, she found a demonic book.
‘Give your soul away, and live again in the flesh.’ The title said
She read it until the end and laughed. Laughed with unrestrained joy and happiness.
“My chance came mother, I don’t care who gave me this or with what intention but without this, I won’t ever have a chance of living”
With madness in her bloodshot eyes, she took hold of her dagger.
in one swift motion, she plunged it deep in her heart.


Lovelywuju17: Badass MC, I like her already~ It’s still 20 chapters, need more time to find out about the excitement she’ll give us. I hope there will be no plot twist. I want her to stay as evil. Keep going, author!

Imanyooel: The twist and turns of a woman seeking desperately the means to control her own destiny in a male dominated world is amazing, thank you for this use of fantasy to depict such a gory reality.

Lizanime: So far i find the story plot strange but i guess that´s because i read more romance then other novels but i guess i like it.The main character is weird but the whole gaining power by lust.

LordyKen: I have read till chapter 30 and will be stopping, my thoughts of this novel are
1) confusing
2) predictable
3) interesting start but gets boring later

seebittu: It’s creepy but fascinating, surprisingly like a breath of fresh even though you feel the writing is somewhat lacking, the story and MC is interesting enough to makeup for it.
I was casually checking out due it’s enticing name(of webnovel) before realising i’m in need of more chapters.
Keep it up Author!!!👍😊

Wreshi: This story began so low key and Has morphed into an exciting, witty, shocking, unpredictable, tale. One thing for sure, you’ll never be bored. The characters are lively,and interesting. This is certainly a good read for rainy days and tedious shifts.

RensT: Story is so good, usually people who try to write a character that uses plots within plots end up complicating the story so much that it just becomes confusing but this one is truly amazing and can still be followed without losing your mind.
Love the storyline & development and of course I’m a fan of the cultivation genre so that’s also a plus!

EvilJawaWizard: I do like the prospect of the book read up to ch67
I like how you don’t have her justify her evilness like self defense she is just pure evil and following her choice of cultivation. Idk what direction she going to go.

Bert_Ryan_Lim: It was fun and has no boring moments. The characters are interesting but would like to have more detailed love scenes! The forbidden affair between brother and sister is kinda weird but also intriguing!

Happy_Duck: The protagonist is a very different one than usual. She is not one of the the cowardly women we usually are given. Another thing to note is the word lust is in the title If you want to read about a beautiful pure girl -look elsewhere. She may be beautiful but she is is no prude. She knows what she wants from the very beginning. And she has fun along the way.

fan2fan: Love how this story is not a reincarnation novella. The plot is so interesting, I couldn’t stop reading. Much better grammar and writing than many stories I’ve seen on here.
Overall just a nice break away from a female lead being interested in only romance. I am definitely enjoying the luxurious season of unrestrained energy from the book.

Sanchi94: The overall setting of the story reminds of the popular TV show Game of thrones it’s similar in some aspects but not exactly identical. It’s a fresh breath of sir for now as the MC is not your typical ‘righteous’ kind of a person. Yes the plot is kind of overused but the difference of the attitudes of the characters makes a whole lot of changes to the story.
I haven’t read far but this is definitely an interesting read.

AnonCultivator: This is book is unique in a way that it is unpredictable I’m always shocked at the development. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the MC. A true strong female lead. Though the story is interesting I doubt it would be as good if she wasn’t the MC. The author is very aware of the certain tropes used in other novels and does play on them to an extent but it does not hinder the uniqueness of the novel. For example the secrecy of the MC’s birth and her being the daughter of a general and such . Though there are cheesy trope used altogether the book is a fresh of breath compared to the overwhelming amount of subpar female lead web novels . The only thing keeping this book from being perfect is that there is not much variety to the MC , you can always tell she’s gonna come out as the winner. This keeps it from developing and can bore at times. Though the author does seem to be working on the MC at least based on the recent chapters and I’m looking forward to the MC developing.

NyanFabulous: Read all the chapters in 3 days, have been enjoying it a lot.
Cool story, characters and world building, including kingdom building…
There are still some grammar errors and some caused by distraction but they have been diminishing so I don’t really see a problem.
Only thing that i find a little annoying isn’t the grammar errors but the punctuation ones, those are really important, if you could pay a little more attention to them, since they are really essential for the telling of a story and the reader’s impression of it… would be a great boost to this novel.
In conclusion, great work, pls don’t look at my criticism as somethhing bad because that wasn’t my intention and keep on doing what you do.
You have something really good here, keep up :3
Cheers 😉

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020

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