[Story] Love, Tale

Title: Love, Tale
Author: 4ola_aina
Genre(s): Romance Fiction
Tags: Modern, Adventure, strong male lead, strong female lead, wealthy mc, Kind Male Lead
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Hiatus/Dropped
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB 1   || TQ 2   SV 1   ||  Overall: 7
Number of Chapters: 121
Chapter Length: Short
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: January 24, 2019
Date of Last Update: August 26, 2020
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 817.7K
Number of Reviews: 37
Strikingly beautiful young Tale is a girl whose hearts longs for adventure, love, excitement and all the beauty of this world. Find out what happens when she finally finds the courage to leave the four walls of an office into an intriguing world she had always only dreamed of with a man she isn’t sure knows exactly what he wants.
Zhang Su Yan is the heir to the biggest civil engineering company in all of China, the only son of his parents and a carefree human deep down. He finds himself in Africa, on Nigerian soil to break grounds with the government of the country. He had dealt with a past love that had left a scar and was content with his life as it was, or so he thought.
The boy within him takes over when he meets with a stubborn accountant with a shrewd head for business. A black skin goddess, who wanted nothing more than to live a life full of beautiful moments and memories.
Find out what happens when this two discover the price for desire, risk, adventure…and maybe, Love.


ShinSungumi: I found the novel truly captivating, and the characters were well-written. The detailing and the grammar was fine too! Keep up with the good work!

good_witch: This story is just going to keep getting better, I feel like the author is aiming at story one can cuddle up with and this is definitely it. The male lead isnt arrogant even if he could clearly be, a little impatient. Then there is Tale, all the way from a far off country. Cant wait to see how the two cultures blend into each other.

moleypotato: The story has an interesting start. A Nigerian and Chinese pair excites me! I’m still on the earlier chaps but im already curious on how would their drastic cultures affect their budding relationship. The world background is a good and well crafted one. Good job and keep the updates going author! Godbless.

Primate: A very good book series for a beginner actually. Love your use of english words in the mix with the world background. Very good. And your characters are perfectly done. Good job. And I’m having the feeling that you are writing from the first person’s view which was you. I might be wrong but the novel seems like you are writing about yourself which is very interesting. Great novel.

chonnie: What I love about this is that it’s a novel featuring an interracial relationship! It’s great to have that kind of diversity even within a platform that’s already pretty diverse.
The writing in terms of punctuation and vocabulary needs a little work. Maybe a proofreader or application can help you with that.
It starts out as a meet-cute, and that’s generally the entire tone of the novel. It’s a light, read; no need to bust your brains over intense symbolism or petty drama. It’s a nice refresher for when you’re overwhelmed by face slapping.
Kudos to the author and happy writing!!

CailinMatthews: Just a guy waltzing in a girl’s sheltered life…
… if only it were that easy.
So far, I like the idea of the story. I haven’t read much of the development but I’d like to hear more from the male main character. I can read the female’s thoughts but not so much of the male’s. Like what he thought of her actions after spending time with her and why he wants to be around her more. I get the initial attraction but I’d just find it sweeter to know his thoughts as well.
Overall, it’s a single lady’s dream romantic encounter. I know I’ve daydreamed something similar.

_escapist: HIII! This story is really good, it’s very light and gives off the Wattpad vibes in my opinion which is a good thing since it’s rare to see novels like this in Webnovel, I really like how you describe the characters and have them communicate realistically, with a few frank remarks from the FL yet still she acts kindly when it comes to meeting a stranger on a spur of the moment. This novel is very light and easy to read and for that, I give you two thumbs up, I can see the time and effort you’ve put in here and I like it particularly because they did not come from the same socialite circle and culture, nice plot, keep going! I’ll add it in my library and read it after my classes, thank you very much! I’m looking forward to every chapter!

tiansheng: First I need to say that it’s mischievous of you to create more Asian boy dreams in the heads of the poor girls that will fall prey to your story. I’m kidding.
Writing quality is pretty good. Some mistakes here and there that can be corrected with a bit of editing, but nothing that prevents my ability to enjoy the story.
The story progresses steadily, and the beginning can easily be related to (I can relate). So far, the main character is compelling, but I don’t have much to say about world background at the moment (then again I’m a sucker for fantasy, so I’m probably biased).
It’s a bit soon for me to judge the plot, but I believe your story has a lot of potential for those interested in romance fiction. (like me :D)
Best of luck!

vchan: I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I’m more of a silent reader because sometimes I read all the way through and not comment. As for my thoughts I had a lot of mixed emotions. The story was great, don’t get me wrong!! I only had trouble in the beginning with ML since we didn’t know him well and out of nowhere he comes for dinner lmao but trust me, keep going and it gets better because we see more of the character building for ML and MF bud. It’s a Chinese story too and was interesting because it world built a little around Nigeria as well.
I really like how the updates are frequent, it really makes me able to enjoy and await more chapters to come in the future!! Since I’m new to this site, reviewing and finding new works are a great plus. Don’t hesitate to read 😀

Lovelywuju17: Hai, this is my review. (^u^)/
Writing: It’s not bad. You need to check the misspell words and capitalized letters and quotations. Coma and dots. It’s quite important. You need to clean it up a bit. I recommend you to find an editor, or you can use Grammarly for misspelling. It struggles, yes, especially for details, just like in my novel.
Story: It keeps getting interesting along the way. But, sometimes you describe it well, sometimes not. You need to work on more on how the characters express themselves. It’s too straightforward or if that is your intention. Just like the first thirty chapters of my novel (Haha) Well, I see a room to improve.
Stability: Take your time and made a schedule for weeks, like how many chapters you want to post. You don’t need to force yourself to post it every day. If you are sick or drained of ideas, just post a chapter no chapter for today. The reader will understand.
But if you want to attract more readers, well, every day is a must, just don’t torture yourself like me. #dead
Character Design: Quite a lot of diversity there, Nigerian, Chinese even Korean I think? It’s quite funny when they interact with each other. Oh, I suggest you should NOT put a sarcasm among each other rase. For example, I see a sentence when FL said about Chinese is short to the ML. Damn. I know it’s a stereotype and she’s not intended to say it like that. But, uhh…
Well, I’m not Chinese but if the people origin from Chinese reading this. It’s quite offensive. I suggest you research about the cultures and characteristics of the countries. Watch how you describe them.
World Background: I just want to ask, sorry if I’m wrong. The setting is it in Nigeria? I just need to confirm it. Haha, because that’s how I imagine it. I’ve never been to Nigeria before. But, I have a friend in Ghana. I hope you can put a more interesting culture from your country there.
Keep good work! I know you can do better! 😀

Story Post Last Updated: October 17, 2020


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