[Story] I Just Want To Live My Life: Flower and You

Title: Mistaken Soul : First (formerly I Just Want to Live My Life: Flower and You)
Author: Luna1777 (formerly Lovelywuju17)
Genre(s): Romance Fiction
Audience: NC-17
Main Lead: Female
Status: Deleted (supposedly being written per author message)
VB Assessment Score: PDE 1   CDD 2   SWB [–]   || TQ 3   SV [–]   ||  Overall: 6 (three factors from old assessment system)
Number of Chapters: 0 (formerly 147)
Chapter Length: Medium
Reading Level: Low
Date of First Release: December 15, 2018
Date of Last Update: March 18, 2019
VB Reviewed? No
Available on Platform(s): Webnovel
Number of Views: 1 M
Number of Reviews: 55
What would you do if your soul got transmigrated to another world which is very different from your original?
What would you do you if you need to start living as the original host body and pretend to be her for an entire life?
Would you be tired and keep the secret for yourself?
Would you accept living like them and move on from your previous life?
This is a story about two woman where their soul got swapped when they met an accident in each of their worlds.
Follow these two ladies to find out how their lives turn out to be.


Yahdeus: I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading this web novel. At first, it wasn’t my taste when it came to the setting but after sticking through and reading it I can def say that I will continue to read the rest of it! Great story and a very fun read. While there are a few grammar mistakes it is nothing that will stop you from understanding the story.

JuneChristina: So this novel is a little different from most transmigration novels. I would say it’s like a reverse transmigration novel. The opening is really good you get a clear picture of what happens to both parties.
The interaction with the two main leads are a bit fast for my taste, but that’s just my opinion. I like being pocketed before the pocket is opened. I would say if you looking for some 18+ action this is your novel. Best of luck author.

lets_get_it_rice: So hear me out..
The story has a past/present perspective which is something I am not very familiar with.
But even though it may be confusing in some areas, I really enjoyed reading it.
My third romance novel, so I be considered an expert in this field. BUT AUTHOR! We need to spice it up! Its…its to superficial 😦
I really liked the twists made between mc and the lover, and there are some parts which just had me laughing like some idiots, the problem lies in the weak romantic aspects!
Grammar is good, and I see you kept improving along the way(which is a huge plus in my book) however, there is something I always share with other authors. And that is to always strive to improve your vocabulary! It really increases the diversity of the story, and would help you with cac description and development.
Character design is on.the high end in my list, but vocab is a must! 🙂
Stability of updates are hella good. So I’ll give you some extra starts there.
Overal, I would give you a 4.5/5
But yeah, here’s a 5/5 for helping bring some diversity to my library😂 keep it up!

Chryiss: I read to the 20th chapter. The story moves pretty quickly. This isn’t a problem except that the romance is way too rushed and pretty commonly written where the couple get together and are all hugs and smiles. Even in the shotgun marriages, there’s a build up where the couple get to know one another and truly fall for each other.
The grammar in here is not the best, but that’s to be expected considering English isn’t your first language. The story is still understandable, but the incorrect grammar does make for some awkward reading. There’s also some misspellings.
The most interesting part in the story so far for me isn’t the romance, but the mission to make humans love flowers again. This the one unique factor in the story.
I think once the grammar is brushed up, and the couple’s development grows at a more believable pace, this could be a very good story.

CailinMatthews: Ah, reading this brings back memories. I think every author has gone through this phase.
Because this was how I used to write!
The idea and the overall plot both have good potential. I read a few chapters. I see a struggle in grammar (as previously noted by the author) as well as the flow of the story. There is definitely room for improvement.
Key points I want to emphasize:
> Verb tense.
Commonly, narratives are in past tense while the dialogues depend on the situation. The tense of a verb can confuse readers. It becomes hard to distinguish which one is actually past and which one is the present when the narrative contains both. They’re really important in dialogues too. The words the character spoke could be misinterpreted by the receiver (and the readers)
Consistency is key.
> The sequence
I get it. Every writer wants to lure readers in. The sequence of scenes is really important because readers could suddenly loose interest if it’s too long or too slow BUT there has to be ample time to explain the situation or to add some descriptive narrative. There are parts where I had a hard time picturing the scene like I needed a little more to completely understand it.
At the same time, a writer would like to keep a few things for a little mystery so some scenes are sped up a little in fear of a reader’s attention span. You don’t have to be. Details are good. It helps readers to get into the minds of the characters. To symphatize with them, to be happy for them… by focusing more on the scene transitions, readers might instead feel detached from the characters and lose interest. I remember struggling with this and realized… I didn’t know my characters that well. I just knew the surface and because of that, that’s what comes across while writing the story which is normal for a first draft but I’d advice to go back and add more of them once you do know them better.
> Actions speak louder than words
This is something I still want to improve on myself. The thought patter of a character could be too short or too much. It’s really up to the writer how much the readers need to know. It’s easy to say that a character is angry but how that character expresses the anger shows his/her personality.
This is a struggle. I know I do. I would go back and see I used a word mutliple times in one chapter. Learning more about vocabulary is a must. Thesaurus helps. Haha.
And that’s it. That was longer than I thought it was gonna be. Sorry ^^”
I didn’t read that far into the story. It’s in my library though so I’ll look forward to how you’ll polish it.
Have a good day!

SOobinaahh: I’m just going, to be honest here, at first I was interested in how you introduce the character, so I could easily know who and who was the character. When I read it, I thought ‘oh this is going to be transmigration novel, so I already expected it.’
At first, I was confused about how the story develops, but from how you wrote it. I think you don’t want to spoil anything and keep it minimum so the reader could find out later in the future chapters. And I guess it, right.
I bet they switch bodies, the other girl is still alive and live in the world of FL.
For the romance, because I like fast pace romance and R-18 (haha) it was satisfying for me. I don’t know much about love, but with my current boyfriend we more like best friends. But from my perspective of the couple in the story, they were much like an old couple (laugh).
ML: He was shameless, love teasing at his wife, his personality was confusing, sometimes nice and sometimes black belly? He was surprisingly weak when it come with his wife. I was wondering, is he a man? No. He just loves his wife, that’s all. In the current chapter I’m reading, I finally found out why his personality was like that. Poor him.
FL: How should I describe her? Easy-going? Shameless like her husband? And the author said that she loves money, well I could agree with that. She’s smart and loves to use other people for her benefit, especially her husband. But it’s always related to the money.
The humor was good I tell you, I laugh when he tried to help his wife went to labor.
The writing, I could easily digest. I’m not good at English my self, but I could read it no problem.
For overall, it was fluffy and light-read, it was a great novel to past time.
I’m still continuing the story and found out what the surprised author gives us later.
I could give this novel a chance, for people who want to read this novel and found the early chapter was confusing or boring. Wait until the end of Vol 1. The Vol.2 will get better~
Great novel 🙂

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 91.
We’re having a reverse reincarnation / transported to another world -story here. Basically this time it’s fantasyland going on a permanent visit to modern Japan.
It even adds a rather nice touch by having more than one name leaving fantasyland and arriving at the same place.
Did you notice ‘name’? There are dozens of names populating this story, but there are only two characters, and they sleep with each other.
When, or rather if, you manage to get past the wall created by atrocious English you’ll find a story which, for better or worse, more often than not is a slice-of-life excuse to make some time pass before our two main characters end up in bed again.
For all practical purposes this is something that walks a thin line between erotica and ****. The underlying romance is so superficial I’m wary of using the word romance. Sure, they even get kids together, and they use the word love all over the place, but throughout the 91 chapters I’ve read I’ve very seldom seen that love shine through.
The setting us supposedly modern Japan. There are som many errors with the version of Japan described I won’t even attempt to point them out. There’s a gripe-thread on the forums (this site) on why we shouldn’t maul Chinese names. This story does that to the society of Japan from the Meiji Restauration and onwards.
There is very little real plot, which would have been fine for a slice-of-life story, which this to a certain degree is, but when plot-threads do occur they’re often interrupted by random flashbacks or side-character scenes. I just can’t understand why.
Now for the stars:
Writing: Two stars. This is an assault on the English language. The story is written in first and third person omniscient and limited point of view. It’s written in the past, present and infinitive tenses randomly inserted and very often in the same sentence. Homonyms are used all over the place, which is kinda fun the first time, but not for close to 100 chapters.
As a reader you’re not reading the story; you’re deciphering it. Yes, it’s a bloody mess.
Updates: Four stars. Frequent updates but with holes in the schedule which aren’t always accounted for.
Story: Three stars. There are just too many of them intertwined with each other and too often blocking each other. What could have been perfectly fine story arc gets interrupted by side characters going down memory lane reminiscing about golden school days for an entire chapter at a time.
Character: Three stars. Basically it’s a four star female lead, a three star male lead and a two star card-board everything else. Every side character needs their names stapled to their foreheads, or you won’t know whos’s doing what.
World: Two stars. When a story is placed in an existing setting, then that setting should have been researched first. I’m absolutely fine with creating a Frank Miller version of Japan — if we as readers are told that in advance. Here, as the Dark Knight doesn’t walk the streets of Tokyo, we’ll expect a Japan that mostly conforms to the reality we know of. Add that, just as with side characters, we really need the labels telling us where a scene is set to actually know where it is set.
Lastly, this story is in desperate need of an editor. The disposition needs a through rework as well and at least a thin layer of personality should e added to the characters. Mostly it suffers from horrible English.

Story Post Last Updated: October 16, 2020


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