[Story] Can you mend my broken heart?

Title: Can you mend my broken heart? 
Author: niharikabol
Genre(s): Romance Fiction
Audience: G
Main Lead: Female
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 58
Date of First Release: February 9, 201
Date of Last Update: March 18, 2019
VB Assessment Score: TQ 3   PD 2   CF 2   ||   RL 1   CL 2  ||  Overall: 10
VB Reviewed? No
Number of Views: 440.8 K
Number of Reviews: 85
Tears were streaming down her cheeks. But even in pain she still looked beautiful. Her hair was messy with strands falling all over her face. She was a nobody for him, but her tears were shaking him to the core. The moment he saw her wiping her tears with her sleeves he felt a lump in his throat. “Why is she affecting me so much?”, he wondered. And in the next moment, he called the flight attendant and asked for some water and tissues for the damsel in distress.
He was himself surprised with his own actions. He was a man of few words who considered women ‘morally repugnant’.
‘Chivalry’ was so not him.
He quickly pulled her to his side. He took out his handkerchief immediately and tried dabbing on her wound with utmost care like she was the most fragile thing on the world. Although the wound not that serious, she had bled quite a bit and he was really worried to see that. When he dabbed in the area where the cut was bit deep, she winced in pain and grabbed his arm. Seeing her like this he literally felt bad for letting her leave alone. He had no idea that such a thing would happen.
He wrapped his left arm around her waist and brought her close to inspect her wound properly. The moment he pulled her close, her heart skipped a beat. His musky smell and his touch was too much for her to handle. For a moment she just wanted to surrender herself, so she immediately took a step back and said,
“It’s ok, I will take care of it”.


SMK08: The chemistry is sizzling between the FL and the two leads. I like the fact that I can’t make up my mind about which guy to root for. The story is heartwarmingly delightful. Awaiting the next chapters eagerly!

zetsubouaichan: The story got me hooked from the first chapter! The writing style and flow are beautiful, and it was delightful to read. The short chapter makes it feel more comfortable to read.
Akira sounded like an interesting character, and I’d love to see what will happen to her. Of course, I’m also waiting for the romance between the leads!

Ananya026: This is a beautiful story. The writer’s way of writing is amazing and the story keeps u gripped. The scenes are perfectly explained. It’s different than others. A must read.

Ishita23: Loved this novel and fell in love with Akira’s character. Brilliant plot and writing is just flawless with a few glitches here and there. But the smooth flow of the story makes up for it. Hope this romance continues, just can’t wait for the next chapter.
Keep writing 👍

SouthToiletWizard: Relatable contemporary love story. Plays out like a Kdrama in my opinion. Ladies give it a read. Guys it’s not terribly fluffy romance that makes me cringe give it a chance you might like it.

BAJJ: Writing Quality: The writing style of the author is too straightforward which makes the flow break. Also, if you ever noticed, that these “she did this” “she did that” is too overused. It’s more of a show than tell. I put some few points in the comment section (check c1). Regardless, I like how author narrates the story and the change of POV’s.
Stability of Updates: 5 star! consistent update, albeit short
Story Development: It’s quite cute how this story is progressing. I only reached c14 and could tell that its a slowpace story. So, at c14, I only grasped a little information about MC and her situation.
Character Design: here, I’m still confused about character design as the characters still acting out of character. So, I’m tight lipped regarding this matter.
World Background: it’s obviously modern even with no further explanation.
Overall, story is good not intriguing. Recommended for light-hearted people. Keep up the good work and always seek for improvement. Don’t rush, work more on the quality. Goodluck!

wanny98: The book is fine. The characters are cute and the romance and drama is coming. The only thing might be that right now the FL has cried a bit too much and seems to be trying too hard to be independent. Hopefully i will like her better as time goes on. And im on the akiraxvikrum ship and want it to sail.

veronicapurcell3: Compelling and brilliantly written fated love building story. I’m liking Akira’s character so far. I’m not a romance fan, but any powerful character driven story will win me over. Perfect pacing and end hooks. Keep writing. Look forward to more updates.

Take_the_Moon: Positive Points: A good narration; good character development; narration of different points of view; I see a hint of a strong woman in the novel; The ML also seems to have a complex and interesting character.
Negative Points: Explain about the world fund, for example, who is the dominant power in this world, United States? China? Canada? Is it the real world or parallel world? Some inconsistencies in the character, such as a strong and responsible female character, but who does stupid things, like leaving the younger brother home alone to go and meet up with her boyfriend in Singapore. This does not make much sense with her personality.
In general: This is a story with a lot of potentials! Particularly I think the author is very good at introducing the characters and feelings with subtle, a particular phrase enchanted me “a girl who compares the price of the yogurt when going to buy, but did not hesitate to spend 3,700 USD on a plane ticket”, this was very subtle, but it showed that disrupted state of the female character, who is a woman who does not have much money to spend freely, but because of the chaos of her mind she spent that large amount of money.
Anyway, I do not know if I’m going to follow the novel until the end, because I’m not much of a fan of very distressing romance, but I’ll follow it as far as I can.
So romantic girls on duty, I highly recommend this novel.

devil123bdbxnznjzj: The story is so amazing .Once i read one chapter i was hooked . I just couldn’t keep myself off the app. I hope you continue to make more chapters and finish the book . love the way that the characters are so connected to one and another and how they don’t even know eachother but are already so friendly and how the FL and ML are so alike bur so different at the same time . Keep up the good work author..❤❤❤😘😘

tiansheng: There are many romance fictions on this website. Perhaps they can even compete with the system novels in terms of quantity. But those with writing like yours are few and far between.
So how is your writing? Irresistible.
Stability of updates? If anyone complains about more than forty chapters in less than a month…let me smack them across the cheeks. There is nothing wrong with the occasional break if you can maintain such a ratio between speed and quality (but please make the chapters a bit longer…just a bit? I’m worried I will be out of drugs really soon T_T).
I also have a feeling that your story will be more grounded than many of those out there. Which gives it a different appeal.
Best of luck. You got yourself a new fan.

CailinMatthews: I have to say I really enjoyed reading this.
The author wrote emotions thoroughly. Expressing the girl’s pain was just the right amount. I feel for this girl. I feel like I would have done the surprise if ir was me in her situation so to read about how it turned out was heartbreaking. I sympathized with her so much, I was mad at the person who caused it. I want to rip him to shreds. I don’t even care that I don’t know him that well (he had very little screen time), I don’t even want to know him.
*deep breathe*
So, okay… Raymond. The guy has great empathy which is rare. I’m glad someone like him was by her side during the aftermath. All of their interactions were cute.
I have to say Vikram sure knows how to mark his territory. I couldn’t blame Raymond for thinking that way. The guy is crafty.
That’s how far I read it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the story. The flow is really good. We’re getting to know the characters little by little which I like because it’s easier to understand that way instead of a fast paced book.
I do suggest to give this a try.
Good luck, dear author!

StenDuring: This review is part of a review swap and valid as of chapter 32.
A pretty standard romance love ******** set in the world of the gaming industry. Sounds bad? Not really.
Three main chars, two males and one female. The main deviation from your standard love ******** is that by chapter 32 we still don’t have a relationship with one part trying to get in between. Why? Because the two men just can’t decide if they’re the determined businessmen they are of if they’re scared middle school students fearful of the first experience of first love.
The female lead, however, works out just fine. She took a major emotional hit, gathered the shattered pieces of herself together and moved on. I can believe in her.
You’ll have to like romance stories to like this one. It’s romance, with all the drawbacks and advantages that comes with the genre, and apart from being slow as hell this story sticks to the rules.
1) One part romantic interest
2) One part money
3) One part creational drive
and get exactly the kind of illusion we can believe in unless we look too closely. In other words a romance.
Now for the stars.
Writing: Four stars. It’s not problematic enough to stand in the way of the story, or I would have shaved another star. Shaky handling of tenses, wavering between third person limited and third person omniscient and quite a few grammar errors combined with random usage of ‘him’ and ‘her’ detracts from the reading experience.
Updates: Five stars. Mostly mass updates. Rock solid.
Story: Five stars. I like slow pacing. It’s progressing perfectly fine for a high schoo romance. Problem being that these people are adults. The price in this review will be paind in the character departement.
Character: Four stars. Did I mention high school romance? While the female lead is well portrayed both male leads have taped a sign with the text: “I’m really a succesful ***** with a personal drive of my own. I promise.” to their teenaged foreheads. The reason I’m not yanking two stars is that they both strictly, and in a belivable way, act out their teenaged selves. Side characters are well made.
World: Four stars. There’s not very much of it, and it quite honestly isn’t needed all that much. We’re here for the romance, not for the grandiose setting. What’s there is experienced by the characters rather than displayed in huge infodumps.
Lastly, if you can get over men in their twenties acting out their teenaged insecurities, then you’ll be treated to a very cute love story which is still in its beginning.

Story Post Last Updated: March 18, 2019

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